• big rob

    The fight was funny but when he she took his clothes off it went nasty and to be honest I cannot fight a naked man

    • jazzy

      Actually, the guy pulled her top off

    • Artemissia Ford

      Heck yeah lol it was a no go after the clothes came off

    • Bobby Mclaurin

      So you just going to let him kick your ass

    • Kara Foxx

      Don’t be ignorant calling her a he/she then end by calling her a man. She is a transsexual woman. Period. TG women have had to fight their whole lives just to be left alone and have equal rights. Enough is enough. If you do not care to respect or learn how to address people then just mind your own business. And do not get upset like these ridiculous supposed “straight” men just because someone is proud and can school you.

      • 4ThWardGA

        He should have shut his damn mouth he was talking like he could fight,you ride Marta expect ignorant fools on there if the gay guy would have ignored it,it would have been over but I respect LGBT people they deserve rights though but this could have been avoided

      • tmac

        That person is a men anyway you look et that men will never be a women no metter what you do to your body or think god made that person a men just facts

        • Andy Salas

          And even though evolution granted you a brain, you’ll never get to use it.

          • wes

            Since when do women have dicks, Andy Salas?

          • Real

            hmmm hermaphrodite and this Woman on here has Gender Dysphoria. Google it..

          • Tasha Butler

            But this is not the case with this one. I respect anyone’s choice to make themselves “woman-like” but there are parts of a man that will never be a woman… therefore a man! I hate topics like this because emotions always run high!

          • dagr8

            A man will never be a woman and a woman dam show can’t be a man. .at the end of the day, that was 4 men fighting. .These people on here is retards

          • winnona

            Spoken like the #1 retard…

          • Mia Maffia

            “These people on here is retards”
            No – YOU are the retard.

          • wes

            You and I know, and everyone here knows, that isn’t the case here.

          • Nofag

            And even though you dont say it …we know yall gay…andy, roberto….and kara probably another trannie…and stop sayin they women…4 men fighting…

          • winnona

            And another idiot speaks up…that’s all your comment is worth.

          • Real


        • Real

          You stupid bitch. She is a woman.

          • Block

            A man that’s all no woman and will never be don’t care how many dicks he suck and fuck nasty gay bastard

        • Eric LoBianco

          I think pointing things out negatively just shows alot of insecurity it becomes pointless talking and commenting to these ignorant people. Worried more about someone elses image rather then their own after making such obvious statements that hold no true value. You can speak on biology all day but the mental is just as if not more important and should be treated with respect as well. If someone wants to be a woman or consider themselves a woman it’s their lives and they should do what makes them the happiest. Putting someone down for doing something that makes them happy and doesn’t directly affect shows what kind of morals those kinds of people have. Do unto others……

        • Mia Maffia

          I’d rather be an transgender than an illiterate fuck that can’t spell..

      • LoveHigh

        Women had to fight?? Not understanding, I thought I just watched a fight between four guys!

        • Andy Salas

          Educate yourself.

          • Tasha Butler

            my sincerest prayer has been lifted for you…

          • X Wolffang


        • Destro Williams

          I swear,i dont know what tha hell she talkin bout,& i dont thank she do either lol

        • jusblaize

          Only thing manly about half the niggas out here is they dicks, it’s the only part of them that they feel is important enough to use, everyone deserves respect, and them trans genders females handled them wanna be hard asses, period.

          • Andrew L

            It’s amazing how ignorant some of you are,Truly sad. I don’t care who won the fight I’ll even say it was an even fight since I don’t wanna take sides on a fight because it doesn’t solve anything but that’s not to say I don’t get the reasoning behind the transgendered women fighting back , she was standing up for herself and her friend. Anybody here saying he/she or calling that transgendered women a man or anything derogatory take a big look at yourself as a person and realize some of your deepest darkest moments and think to yourself for a second maybe just maybe it’s something you don’t understand but that doesn’t make it any less real for that person…I’m a gay male and although always having been apart of the popular crowd I know first hand what hate feels like being gay. I think a lot of you are disgusting human beings for talking the sh%t you do because although that’s not someone you know “it could be” it could be a “son a brother a sister a daughter a mother a father” the list goes on …so the next time you hate on someone think if that’s truly what person you wanna be and if it is I pity you for being that way.

          • dagr8

            We can tell u gay, and u don’t make sense….it’s sad how you think that being a girl with a penis is normal…I pray for you people because it’s a shame smdh

          • Applelonia

            I agree with u on that one . There’s a mental problem there & God doesn’t make mistakes with sex . There are deformities & homosexuality is one .

          • Lace

            Im just sitting here like “wtf” at people like you, why do you have the time to judge someone else because they want to be who they want to be…. Do you use makeup? hair products? name brand clothes? well thats messed up cause you want to look a certain way that god didnt make you… DOES THAT SOUND RIGHT????? no!!! everyone is who they are or are growing to be what they want to become. I believe in a fair honest god. Thats not going to be a judgmental ass hole, but thats full of forgiveness and love. People need to get a better understanding cause this is jaw droopingly stupid

          • truthbetold77

            you said “I believe in fair honest god” so did God not know what he was doing when He made them men? He does forgive, He does love and He also is a God of wrath who speaks about how HE feels when it comes to abominations. So when you speak on “god” as you say using a lower case “g” that could mean anything, even polytheism but the God of the Bible if you believe in it has set a standard and He will judge according to His word.

          • Gordon Andres

            He without sin cast the first stone. Everyone need to stop speaking for God and pray for everyone. If you’re a child of God then focus on your own personal relationship with him. If you’re not gonna pray for them or help them then Mind your business and leave God out of this. Go be straight nobody cares cause I’m sure you have sins we dont know about….youre probably worst than the lgbt community

          • Damario Cintron

            We now know ur gay!

          • winnona

            First of all, your username is a LIE. You have told no “truth” that I can see yet. HOW can any of you so-called “Christians” deign to speak for God?? All you do is translate a MAN-WRITTEN book to suit whatever agenda YOU want to promote [matter of fact that same book was used to justify slavery, as well as the subjugation of women]…you cannot show ANY documentation of ANYONE who has shared words with a deity.

          • kittykungfu


          • ES Stargardt


          • Itellthetruthtoyourface

            Better answer in this site!

          • MBACAB

            Sooo God has a penis? So he pees…and procreates with said balls?

          • Native American

            Every time ignorant people doesn’t accept something that nature -not God- created, it’s all attributed to their god because it’s either “bad” or “not normal”. God doesn’t exist, it’s like believing in fairies, or Santa Claus. God created nothing. We humans are who we are because that’s how we are born. Nature makes no mistakes; as some people are born black or white, others are born with different sexual preferences, or mentally challenged, or disabled. They didn’t choose to be like that. Homosexuality, heterosexuality, transgenderism, etc is how people are. Black, white, Asian, Latino, undocumented, poor, happy, beautiful, etc that’s how people are. People deserve respect regardless of their conditions. This country has a long way to go and the root of the problem is the lack of education. The USA is still a developing country, still a so-called “third world country” in its core and the mindset of many of its inhabitants, it’s still many years behind on human rights. Respect others if you expect the same. It’s so simple.

          • Damario Cintron

            U sound fucn stupid! Nature created black n white?

          • Mia Maffia

            .. You sound stupid. Learn to spell

          • Rik Harper

            your stupid if you think his misspelling wasn’t intentional. it’s called short hand catch up to this century

          • Tommy Lee Gordon Sr.

            Color is determined by how much Medline in your skin to pfotect from the sun go to school or take Anthology 101 educate yourself before you speak

          • Guest

            hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha MELINE you said, I’m pissing in my pants! Wouldn’t be better if you say melanin? how could such an ignorant person like you know anything about right or wrong about anything??? go back to school, maybe you come back less idiot!

          • Itellthetruthtoyourface

            MEDLINE you said, I’m pissing in my pants! Wouldn’t be better if you say
            melanin? how could such an ignorant person like you know anything about
            right or wrong about anything??? go back to school, maybe you come back
            less idiot!

          • amberbellini

            Thank you for that, you just made my day.

          • Rik Harper

            how can you finish all that with “respect others if ou expect the same” after disrespecting every Christian and what they believe by saying God doesn’t exist. if you lived by your own word you would have kept that you yourself. your no better than the ignorant people on here disrespecting transgenders for being who they want to be. and Yes I’m straight and yes I Believe in God. i just don’t hate ANYONE thats the real issue. everyone nitpicking but at the end of the day this whole feed is about who can be more hateful you all suck…

          • Itellthetruthtoyourface

            I agree with Native American, he’s not alone here, god doesn’t exist, and world would be a wonderful place if everyone was so intelligent as he is and could open up the face eyes and see. First benefit: no more war!

          • Itellthetruthtoyourface

            Best comment here! I agree on every word…

          • Mika

            Right, you are, indeed! Right, you are! The sooner “they” get it, the better!

          • me

            That is correct…God doesn’t make mistakes and He has made everyone differently. People don’t CHOOSE this lifestyle. God made them exactly how he wanted to. Did you ever think God made different people different ways so people go through life learning different things? Maybe we are all here to teach everyone we know or come in contact with, a lesson.

          • Tommy Lee Gordon Sr.

            God destroyed a city for homosexuality. A person have freewill. If you choose a god than that is you. l serve Father and he will never change so man up take responsibility of your action Every one have right to thier beliefs a gay person will never be my spiritual LEADER

          • me

            And who exactly said that God was gay???

          • Varonica

            Doesn’t your bible say Judge not less ye be judged? and to let people do what they will, for they will have to answer for it one day, not saying I am doing wrong, I love everyone for being human. I can’t help it God made me this way too see just how evil people can be in the name of Good. You need to read the bible againn, it says nothing about people like me. It’s ignorant people like you who don’t even understand God or what the bible means. You just spit hate.

          • Samirah Johnstone

            God destroyed Sodom not for homosexuality but for lack of hospitality. But you believe the idiot pastors who have no more knowledge of the Bible, Torah or Qur’an than a speck of dust.

          • amberbellini

            While i have my misgivings about Christianity, I appreciate your response and its sensibility, you are much more level headed than I am.

          • Comedian Pt

            and so he wanted the angels to fck the virgins and that a sin if they wasnt married shut the fck up with the stupid made up stories GAY PRIDE

          • kbmharper

            You assume the knowledge gained from these people was from a pastor. Also you are being very condescending and disrespectful. What you are doing is creating mess, which is one of the reasons Muslims like the ones in my family have such a hard time.

          • Samirah Johnstone

            I’m being condescending and disrespectful? And creating a mess? Hmmm, I don’t think so. You see, I used to be a ministry team leader in a conservative Christian denomination and I was born intersex. When it came to light that I was an “abomination” as determined by the pastors of the local association and supported by members of the national group, I was removed from my position.

            I became Muslim shortly after (following over 4 years of serious study). I have studied scriptures, I have spoken with experts and professors, I have followed the teachings. You are the one being disrespectful since you don’t know me and yet you presume to speak for me and tell me what I am.

          • kbmharper

            Unfortunately, you are allowing your reality to be projected unto the rest of us. My pastor is not an idiot, and for you to throw that term out there was condescending and disrespectful. I made no assumptions about you personally, only that terms like “idiot” in reference to a pastor is one of the main reason there is such a mess and misconceptions when it comes to Muslims in America. In response to your experience, I pray that our congregation would have done better, for you are not an abomination and it is sad that anyone Christian or otherwise would put a label on anyone.

          • Samirah Johnstone

            I never said your pastor was an idiot. I said there are idiot pastors. And you can’t deny that. Just like I say most members of Congress are corrupt and useless, not all of them but a healthy majority are. The same with this. I would never say all pastors are idiots, as I work with the interfaith council at my work and we deal with many pastors, rabbis, imams, etc. who are truly wonderful people. So your assumption was wrong on that.

            My original response was in nature of Tommy Lee Gordon’s comments that were frankly FAR more condescending and useless to actual discussion than mine. I said that he listens to idiot pastors and Fox News talking heads that have no clue what they are talking about. Is that understood? I never used it as a pure blanket statement that ALL pastors are idiots. Just ones that don’t know what their scriptures actually say and mean, they choose instead to interpret them for hate.

          • kbmharper

            Like idiot imams? The ones who don’t know the Quran?

          • Samirah Johnstone

            Oh, there are PLENTY of idiot Imams and pseudo-scholars in Islam as well. They violate the Qur’an’s teachings just like idiot pastors and rabbis screw up with the Bible and Torah and so forth. We call those people “Sheikh Google” as a standing joke.

            So see, I will call out idiocy wherever I see it. There’s a saying in Islam…Islam is perfect though Muslims are not.

          • I know the truth.

            Well if god destroyed A city for gayness .. I know that Jesus healed his accuser ear when they came to get him and take him.. One of his followers had cut off the ear. But Jesus said no and healed it.
            So I follow Jesus because he is true.
            What ever god y’all follow is a destroyer. I love Jesus and believe in him. So I fear none . I’m not scared of your god.

          • Comedian Pt


          • SAMANTHA


          • Comedian Pt

            bitch shut the fck up thats a lie and what the fck does fighting have to do with some fake ass bible story

          • GET FUCKING REAL

            the gay city is NYC and SF and its still on the map soo shut the fuck up ok ..and go back to your ghetto judgmental life with your cheating wife AND YOUR MISTAKES U CALL YOUR KIDS AND SHUT THE HELL UP GOD LOVES GAYS BECAUSE IF HE DIDNT THEY WOULD ALL BE DEAD AND NON EXSITING ..

          • Shannon

            What city was that? Please tell me. Because if you are speaking of that made up story with Sodom and Gomorrah you are repeating something you have not studied. Even if the text were real and it happened, God has always detest rape. Men were raping each other for the longest. Any act of sexual violence has always been an act against humanity. That is why the city was destroyed, there was no stopping men from raping each other. Just like there is no stopping of fornication and pedophilia, that is why christ came to save us. Now since you said god destroyed a city are you aware the two women that left that city to go to Zoar, slept with their father, I mean would you get so drunk and sleep with your daughter? Not unless you are sicko, my point is the bible then can’t speak for the times we are in now. You are already being led by the biggest bigot of them all. Yourself. You are entitled to your opinion but please focus on intellect.

          • Rhohan McGawn

            I 100% subscribe to your arguement Except that “people dont choose this lifestyle”. Homosexuality is either genetics or lifestyle

          • me

            I cannot agree with it’s a lifestyle like it’s a choice. I don’t honestly know of anyone that would choose to have to go through the things that happen to them like what happened in the video here. Nobody would choose to life a life of being bullied , beat up or anything like that. There are people that are confused, scared, or taught that it is wrong and decide to come out later in life. That is not a choice, that is finally being who they were born to be.

          • Nia


          • vante

            Yes HE will, not you…so therefore this should not even be an issue to you. Stop judging and spread love like the Son Of God, Jesus .. you do remember him right he hung with the drunkards and whoremongers and still showed them Love. So to the God that you speak of its only obtainable through Christ, so you and every other “Christian” might want to check there walk with Christ before you judge anyone gay straight black or white

          • ES Stargardt

            Well I believe that if there are any judgements to be made then they would be made by god and not you. What you should get your small mind around is that judgements are never a good thing and anyone who is truly spiritual doesnt make them.

          • Damario Cintron

            Lace stfu!! Brand name clothes got nothin to do with a man who was born a man tryin to be a bitch!! That shit aint normal n god didnt create adam n steve n if the whole world was like this then we wouldnt have a future cuz theyll be no more pro creation! And those that condone it are just as bad!

          • Mia Maffia

            People shouldn’t discriminate against anyone.
            It wasn’t long ago that black people had to sit at the back of the bus and didn’t have equal rights.
            Everyone understands it’s not okay to treat people like that anymore so why do you think it’s acceptable to talk about trans people like that?

          • Cracker Crusher

            Not to get into this ‘nothing’ topic..but..are you giving homosexuality the same power as slavery? Meaning.. Are you even trying to compare the two? How could you? Better yet..How Dare You? You can sleep with whomever or whatever you like..IDGAF..but to compare the struggle of homosexuality to slavery..Its just absolutely ABSURD!!

          • Rik Harper

            I agree with you whole 100% no one sailed to some homosexual country to steal a nation and force them to work and mate, beat and hang them for the fuck of it, and then give them a so-called “freedom” that centuries later is still not Equal to the so_called Natives of this country dishing out these “equal rights”

          • Ismilealot22

            Agreed! !!!!

          • amber bellini

            Could you just commit your third felony already, and get a life sentence, and do us all a favor. Oh, and when you get there, you will be someone’s bitch.

          • sab

            And my opinion in “seek and you shall find” is seek and you shall find the love for yourself, the love for humanity, and the love for your heavenly father in your life time. And for them to change there bodies to love there selfs. They’re being true to their selfs and that’s courage.

          • Kingpin

            I am trying to figure all of you confused people. Talking about God, but being confused about what He created vs. people have a rights. Talking about one discriminating another while some discriminate themselves. God created everything perfect and gave us choose, but these choices are limited. If He wanted you to be a male or a female, you would be. He gave no one power and strength to change that. If we humans had that power we would be instinct by now. If everyone wanted to be a gay or transsexual all the sudden where would that lead us? How many generations can gays survive? Can gays create life? I don’t think so. We are who we are, we make our choices, but this don’t mean we have a right to them or that this choices are right. Certain things are accepted, but this don’t mean they are right. How can you discriminate against someone if they discriminate themselves? If they didn’t, they wouldn’t hate themself so much that they need to change to something or someone they are not. Since you do choose that, you discriminate against God. Are you trying say you are better than Him? That he made a mistake and you a gums need to change that? Think twice before you say we have rights. We have rights to do what is right. And what gays do or transsexual isn’t right, but the rest of normal people just accepted the fact that they are people out there who aren’t happy with themselves and they choose wrong to feel better about themself. God did no harm to no one and he was tortured and killed for our sins. So please do tell me what rights do we have? You have a right to be happy, to do good, to help others, to smile, to love, to reproduce. Not to redesign, not to kill, not hate, not to judge. Those are your choices, but they don’t mean they are right. You will answer for them. Live happy and in peace. Love your enemy, if they slap you in the face, give them the other chick.

          • Jens Holvoet

            you just judged gays and transsexuals by saying that it “isn’t right”, and then you say that God doesn’t give you the right to judge, who is teaching you all this nonsense?

          • Rik Harper

            dude did you even read what you just wrote? the man says it aint right. thats his opinion not a judgement and God does allow opinions. if your gonna make a point try to make sense first

          • Jens Holvoet

            saying something “isn’t right” is judging it, it’s the same thing as saying that “dyeing your hair” isn’t right, who are you to say what someone else can or can’t do? I didn’t hurt anyone by changing the color of my hair, so what makes you think I did something “wrong”?

          • ES Stargardt

            Amen. I am frightened by a host of misguided comments and more disturbed by how many are coming from women.

          • Nia

            It’s called discernment

          • Tim Hunter

            Oh, really? God doesn’t make mistakes with sex? How do you explain hermaphrodites then? You know…people born with both sets of genitalia? Or how about people with Klinefelter syndrome, who have XXY chromosomes, males who present as females? Well? Mighty big of you to speak for god.

          • Damario Cintron

            Tim gods only mistake was allowing dumb ass fucks like you to exist! Hermaphrodites is a deformation due to genes and incest and and a bunch of other sicknessess not god! God created the 1st humans perfect then it was left up to us you act like god kept creating humans after adam and eve! Ps. Not adam and steve! If all the gay n lesbian n trans community had it there way we wouldnt have a future cuz there would no longer be procreation! And that is exactly what the devil wants he want ppl like you to condone gay marriages and sex changes he wants the end of humanity and dumb fucks like you are willing to let satan have it!!

          • Clarity

            U speak of incest….. If Adam and Eve were the first humans. And they had children. Didn’t their children need to procreate with each other to make more people? So if that’s indeed true then we are all the product of incest. Right?

          • me

            You are a damn idiot.

          • Jens Holvoet

            so if God creates humans perfect (perfect like you???), then who created all the people that aren’t “perfect”, oh I get it, the devil did

          • EmbarrassedForYou

            You are a freak.

          • True Christian

            #1 you spell god with a Capital G unless you’re referring to idols.. #2 true bible scholars understand that Adam & Eve weren’t the 1st people on the earth. if you read the bible, there were other people around when they left the Garden.. #3 the bible says in John 3:16 that “whosover” therby indicating that anyone has a right to heaven as long as they believe. Finally, as Dr. King said it best.. “injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere.” Just as wearing a hood for marketing purposes didn’t change the Trayvon Martin case.. we might want to realize that we are gonig to be the ones to send us back to the civil rights error.” You don’t see white folks doin the same thing and they created God to be white.. I guess if God was black.. all our ass would be doomed.. there are bigger issues.. since you really spiritual.. the bible talks of the mark of the beast “666” why not go after visa for being the roman 6 (VI) Sigma (6) and the final 6 (A)…

          • Rik Harper

            little harsh on the insults but point well said. if homosexuality is not a deformity than lets not compare it to hermaphrodites thats more disrespect than Damario blaming God for Tim hunters ignorant point of view

          • Tim Hunter

            God, you are so stupid that it is a wonder you even know how to breathe.
            Hail Satan and all that.

          • scat

            You are so ridiculously stupid it amazes me you can breathe! Hermaphrodites were caused by incest? And your biology degree is from where?

          • winnona

            You’re right…God doesn’t make mistakes, and HE made these trans*women (and all others) JUST WHO/WHAT THEY ARE…

          • Kingpin

            God didn’t creat the transsexuals. They did that. They redesign themself. Obviously they think God made a mistake and that they are better than Him so they decided to change that. This is a choice these people made not God’s creation. How dare you put Gods name on humans stupidity? If He wanted that person to be a female, He would make sure she was a female. He made him a man for a reason and I’m sure the reason wasn’t for him to change himself to a woman.

          • Jens Holvoet

            I like the way you assume that God would do this or that, I recommend you to study how the world and science really works, people who know absolutely nothing about a particular subject usually tend to drag God into the discussion, it’s easier to assume what God would do then to actually study a subject and form an objective opinion based on facts, by the way, if you would take the time to get to know transgender people, you would maybe, just maybe, learn to understand how they feel and why they feel that way, so rather than being judgemental, you would become an understanding person, then you can say “God gave me the ability to get know other people and understand them”

          • Trisha Shakur Allinopse

            yeah your right i agree wth you

          • Keiko

            The ignorance, lack of wisdom, and stupidity coming from people is amazing. Not only does this video display a greater problem among Americans, it also displays lack of respect toward another human being. What gives anyone the right to intrude on another human beings life? America being the war mongering country that it is, this is no surprise to the rest of the world when these kinds of things are seen on video. Do you know what we are taught about black Americans? They tell us they are stupid, uneducated, have no culture, and are extremely violent. I know better after living in America for 5 years this not to be true, but then people accentuate the issue with this madness and then these derogatory commentaries only fuels the rumor mill. If only you who would behave in such a manner would stop and think for a minute? Who else is watching me, who else is reading what I post? It does affect what the rest of the world thinks about America and particularly African Americans. Negativity, bad news, they travel faster than a sand storm. Think about it….

          • winnona

            So you think that people were created WITHOUT God’s hand in their MINDS??? IF you had any EDUCATION at all (Google is great and READING is fundamental), you’d know something about Gender Identity Dysphoria and the FACT that individuals are BORN that way, even to [and including] the size of the brain]. So tell me again (with your having NO medical authority) how “God had no hand” in how they gender identify…YOU know nothing.

            WHAT person would WILLINGLY put themselves in a position to draw attacks from people like you (who all too often use “religion” as their weapon to justify such actions) by CHOICE???!! Now THAT would be crazy, when it would be so much simpler to CHOOSE to go along with everyone else and avoid the abuse. SMDH @ your stupidity.

          • true christian

            How do you explain “eunichs” in the bible.. some of them helped to usher the cause

          • Arabic

            You need to go back to school,,, home schooling definitely didn’t work!

          • Twentyfour

            So blindness, heart and lung problems at birth, are meh but “God” bat’s 100% when it comes to gender ay…. I swear some people are a special kind of “FOH”! So what about the millions of people born inter-sexed, people born XXY or AIS? Your God is f*cking up the numbers somewhere…Perhaps while he works on that you should pray for a more expensive education. Either that or your logic may be proof of some deformities as well.

          • Damario Cintron

            You dick god created humans once the rest was up to us! Heart problems lung problems at birth any deformation at birth is due to the prenatal care of parents due to the foods we eat the drugs we put in our systems due to genes being passed down due to incest! I love how yall clowns keep acting like God is still creating ppl out of dirt nowadays!adam n eve was a 1 time deal we procreate from that point on! Are monkeys still evolving into ppl? The devil has everyone right where he wants them(FOOLED)

          • me

            Wow….you just sound dumber and dumber. Everything has to do with incest??? Really? I’m assuming that you are a product of your sister also being your mom….
            Just sit down and shut up. This conversation is apparently too much for you to handle.

          • Jo

            I never heard anything so stupid! You saying Adam and Eve was a one time deal? That means we all came from the same two people??? That immediately would be incest since they can only pop out children with their two genes! And also people are evolving more and more everyday! Monkeys wouldn’t turn into a human overnight, nor in a single persons lifespan. Please do everyone a favor and STFU!!!

          • scat

            You just can’t stop spewing your ignorance can you? My gosh, have some pride

          • Twentyfour

            Man shut the fuck up you brain dead idiot! This has got to be the dumbest comment I have ever read online ever! And LOL @ the at the idiots who co-signed it. What the hell is a “Dick God” ? The only clown here was whomever gave you a damn diploma! (if you even have one) Quit quoting half-assed shit from that bible and do some real research, otherwise quit typing. If the rest was up to us then why so butt hurt about it? Wait, so God’s plan with us and “dirt” was a one time deal and to question this logic is the act of the devil??? I don’t condone the dumb bitch taking her clothes off on the train for no reason but I swear fucktards like shouldn’t be allowed in public either!

          • Victoria

            you are socially retarded

          • James Lee Presser Jr

            Homosexuality is not a deformity you stupid idiot!

          • Bri

            Please don’t involve god that has nothing to do with god ppl just have sicknesses but I do not believe they r born that way or they where made that way I have plenty of gay friends that where not always gay so please save that god does not make ppl that way

          • Ramirez

            Because “god” doesn’t exist.

          • Charlie Bolton

            stupid fool. I am gay, and it’s not a choice thicko. until you know what you are speaking about shut up !

          • Ramirez

            LMAO and this is why I am athiest. Ignorant. Okay, let’s legally recognize the fact that there are people physically born with ambiguous or mismatched genitalia then and make a third gender option for them. No? Why, because God only wants males and females? Okay. So either he makes mistakes or you recognize that your binary of male and female is an illusion.

          • cleva

            Oh Hi God.

            “sex” describes only body parts, gender describes the manner in which one lives. Gender is a social construct like race. Society tells you what girls like or how boys should be behave. Read a book

          • Tommy Lee Gordon Sr.

            Don’t blame God for your choice that is freewill

          • Samirah Johnstone

            Oh really? Okay, how do you explain intersex people then idiot? What about people born with both male and female chromosomes? You should keep your trap shut if you are too unintelligent to get into a real discussion. Learn some science. God made me how I am for a reason, that is between me and God. Not you or anyone else Apple idiot.

          • ES Stargardt

            Are you transgender? Then how do you know how they feel?

          • aroundthewayJ

            Ignorance and stupidity is another

          • Lace

            Its sad your so Ignorant!

          • Nate Curtis

            Dude you sound ridiculous. It shouldn’t matter whether a person is gay, straight, transgender, white, black, yellow etc. Point being…everyone has the right to be who, or whatever they choose to be, and not have to worry about ignorant, uneducated people degrading them….just to draw attention or to make themselves feel better. While it may not be normal to call yourself a female and have male parts….it’s no more normal to call or bring attention to these things in public, just because YOU may be uncomfortable. It’s called grow up, or shut up!!

          • Varonica

            I am transgender, and I have had to put up with being harassed by idiots who are disrespectful because they were raised by ignorant assholes who didn’t teach their children manners and that it’s ok to make fun of others who were born with a defect. These are the same people who make fun of disabled people. But it makes me feel better to know Karma will kick them in the teeth one day. I am human and that is all that matters, I have a mother and a father just like you, well not like you, my family loves me enough not have taught me to be a sad excuse for a person to make fun of those who were born different, bet your family are proud of their jerk who probably beats his wife and kids.

          • Nate Curtis

            Wtf are you talking about????? If you read my statement properly, you would see that your comment to me Is indeed unwarranted. I wasn’t condoning those 2 so called men, fighting and name calling with the transgender. I was saying it was wrong and pretty sad. Fyi…I don’t have any fuckin children and am gay. Next time slow your roll and read what is written. Not everyone is bad, or an asshole!!!

          • happysexy&married

            Ya need to get ova ya self dont b mad cause yall are messed up in the heads it called freedom of speech educated or not everone can state the own point of view shoot i aint perfect or gay and i know only god can judge but yall fags are forceing it get ova it ya self no one has to aceept u but u do u booboo

          • jessica kelly

            The only defect I see is your stupidity. It is amazing that bigoted people like you think that freedom of speech means you can say any ole thing you please. Freedom of Speech does not mean you can spew slander,libel, hate speech,obscenities and so much more. It also does not mean that people are not allowed to call you out for your bullshit. It does mean that the government can not punish you for your bullshit! The only ones that need to get over themselves is hate mongers like you!

          • Dru Pearce

            Actually that’s exactly what freedom of speech means. You’re thinking of common decency.

          • Hector Encinas

            Freedom of speech, something many Americans don’t quite understand. Legally, you can say whatever you want, for all we’re concerned, you can say you want all Black people dead, that’s fine. What is a problem with some opinions is the fact that a lot of people have a problem with it. While you can legally say that you want all black people gone, people will call you racist and stop talking to you. That’s the same thing with gay rights, you can legally say you don’t like gay people, but other people will have a problem with that. There is no such thing as a respected differing opinion.

          • Sangye Choga Martin

            educated or NOT … case in point. However I don’t see the merit in protecting stupid. Freedom of speech does not have to equal freedom of discrimination and hatred

          • Cour

            shut up nate. veronica was obviously replying to the ignorant post before you. humanity needs to grow the fuck up.

          • Newageoutlaws

            It’s not that they were transgender? Every transgender person I have meet also try to draw attention to themselves with over the top behavior. That not just transgender, but also gay/homosexual men, and lesbian women. I don’t hate them just their unbelievable behavior. I know several people who are transgender and don’t have any problems because they don’t care or acknowledge dum ass shit from others. Just don’t feed into it and they can’t have onesided arugement.

          • Stanley Gear

            Not All Is Alike So Don’t Judge

          • Cour

            lgbt are not afraid to be wild and express themselves. you hate their behavior because you wish you were as free as they are.

          • whatever

            Or, you know, they could be like me and not be over the top. What a hugely generalized statement. This is the same bullshit closet bigots spout. “I ain’t knockin’ them gays but I don’t like how they’re so flamboyant”

            Not every damn transgender person or gay person is overly flamboyant. Holy shit. And even if they are, who the fuck cares? I see heterosexual couples flaunting their sexuality EVERYWHERE and no one says shit.

          • jessica kelly

            Exactly and so what if someone is flamboyant maybe thats their personality. I have met many straight people who are loud and obnoxious but we don’t go around saying its because their straight. I’ve also found that most people who act like that are using it as a defense mechanism.

          • yea I said it

            You don’t have a fucking defect. You was not born with spinal bifida or some other deformity. Your so fucking full of shit. You are not a fucking women. Karma my ass I’m a real women . Keep waiting on karma while I enjoy reality.

          • ES Stargardt

            Well… you have to live as the angry and clearly disturbed female that you are so… I guess karma is working already. Enjoy YOUR reality.

          • Nia


          • aroundthewayJ

            The reality is your grammar is 3rd grade level. Next.

          • Shannon

            Your ignorance is so prevalent. MLK fought for equal rights of all men and women. My father spent his whole life judging people now he spends his old days fighting to see. We mustn’t judge our brothers and sisters. We must accept them and move forward.

          • Stanley Gear


          • VT

            Real women can be completely ignorant too.

          • Stanley Gear

            You Are So Right And Wanna Be Real Mens As Well

          • coco

            Yes I said it. You are an embarrassment to the female race. You need to not only go back to school to learn how to grammatically spell correctly, but someone also needs to educate your little pea sized brain.

          • mingo

            “Grammatically spell correctly” you’re retarded. Grammar has nothing to do with spelling. Likewise, spelling has nothing to do with grammar. Before you chose to educate someone, please educate yourself.

          • Cour

            don’t call people retarded, asshole.

          • mingo

            Sorry dumb fuck. I should’ve said dumb fuck. Gives mentally challenged individuals a bad name. So you sir/madam are a fucking dumb fuck!! How does that sit in your ass??

          • Cour

            hahahaha. grow up!

          • jessica kelly

            considering the grammar and spelling were off I would side with her but you on the other hand are an asshat for using the R word!

          • anthony929

            No, you’re not, you’re a stupid cunt.

          • Frankiigii

            I agree she’s nasty. But since I think I can infer that you’re supportive of treating TG and women in general with respect, can we stop using gross slang for female genitalia as an insult?

          • Q

            First off, science has proven that homosexuality IS genetic, and thus it makes sense that transgender is a genetic variation as well. I’m personally asexual, so I feel the same to gays as I do to straights: and that’s ‘leave me alone, and do whatever you want’. I don’t believe in gender bias or bigotry, even though my mother’s family (not her, but her sister/brothers/mum) are red-neck bigots. And it really pisses me off to see idiots just spout that ‘it’s not natural’. Homosexuality exists in thousands of species in nature, homophobia only in one. Some animals also change gender through their lives, and some species are hermaphroditic.

          • javy150

            Yeah ok, but what’s with the rant on homosexuality?. Those people are transsexuals, NOT gays. Transsexuals are extremely offended when they’re called gay.

          • uh duh

            Lol you are only about 50% correct.

          • B

            Scientist haven’t proved being transgendered is genetic they are still working on that and I’m not even sure if they’ve done enough studies to prove being gay is genetic.

          • Aaron Hudson

            who are you fucking dr. phil?

          • maybewecan2

            You are so uneducated about homsexuality and how the world has tried to fix this disorder. Whether you would like to call it a disorder or not doesn’t matter because it is noted in the DSM for those who know what that is. I am going to school to be a psychologist and honestly you don’t if someone raped these young men when they were young or not and messed them up in the head or whatever. If you have a son I pity him if it were to happen because you would be a coldhearted person and with people like those that were on that train abusing them men regardless of what they are , God created them just like he did you and for your information people are born with it.

          • sigh

            You do realize that once upon a time wanting to be free rather than a slave, was considered a mental disorder in the DSM/ that women were given hysterectomies as part of treating “hysteria” as per DSM ( never mind so many other so called “disorders long ago removed because logic prevailed.) In other words it’s a book created by a certain class of people using it against others to keep many labeled and in their place. Sure there are actual things in there, but have a read through it and see how many people including yourself can fit into various so called “disorders”. Oh ya you’re studying to be psychologist so you’ve learned that………….right? I’m saddened to learn that you either haven’t had that few hours of LGBTQ training in school yet or you were asleep during it based on what you’ve said here. “busing them men regardless of what they are” (please if you ever graduate, stick with working at Wally World or Mc Ds)

          • Cour

            gross. and so disrespectful. varonica is completely correct about parents neglecting to teach their children how to be real human beings with hearts and emotions. this world is completely insane.

          • jessica kelly

            There have been scientific studies done back in the 50’s and 60’s on children who were born hermaphrodites. Back then the parent would choose what sex that child would be right after birth and have the operation to make them what they wanted. They no longer do this because most of the time these children not knowing about their condition would grow up depressed and confused because they felt they didnt fit their body. That they were truly the wrong sex. So you see you are born with an inner sense of who you are sexually and mother nature does not always get it right!

          • B

            You can’t compare a hermaphordites situation with a transgendered persons situation. Hermaphordites are born with both sexual organs and now of days they let the child turn 18 and allow them to choose which one they feel like they should be. Transgendered people are born either male or female. And I believe Mother Nature and god and science always gets it right

          • Sangye Choga Martin

            you a real stupid woman … now that’s reality for you – ignorant scared anonymous trash

          • Shut the fuck up

            Perfect example of a close minded, idiotic bigot. Yeah, that’s reality though. People like you swarm in droves acting like your reality is the best one.

            You’re not a woman. Not a being of love and a caregiver. You’re a waste of space and an issue. That’s all. Your woman card is revoked, bitch.

          • Mp

            Actually if you did research you would find out it is a birth defect.. Happens in the womb kinda like how you didn’t choose to be stupid! People don’t choose to be transgender you fuckkng idiots

          • ES Stargardt

            Amen. What is more are these close minded individuals hell bent on delivering their own judgements based on personal insecurities and issues as the word of god. Ummm… gay, straight, black, white, trans, not… all I know is that as long as people are happy and full of love… MY god doesn’t mind.

          • Stanley Gear


          • bebebeebeebbe

            Your a tranny not born with a defect you tool. Imagine people who are born with disabilitys actually feel and you decide your not happy with your sexuality and feel.sorry for yourself…

          • ☾R♻⚡H R☆INB⚛WTR⚙N

            bebebeebeebbe: As a transgender woman born with a disability, I have sufficient authority to tell you to go fuck yourself, you stupid bigot.

          • Cheryl Brown

            Seems like there is a lot of hate going on here. Nobody deserves to be targeted by anyone for being what society deems different. We could live in the Middle East and be put to death for believing in Christianity and not Muslim or for marrying a man for love and not by arrangement or be that 9 yr old girl getting her genitals mutated to where she has no sexual feeling so she is nothing but a thing of pleasure for her future husband. People should read more stories like these and then they will see what real haneous civil injustice is.

          • shellywho

            Oh yes it does matter when we have little boy running around seeing sick shit like this confusing our youth the shit is nasty flat out that’s why God said man shall not sleep with man wth u think he made women for ? Oh my bad I hope u don’t think he made man to act and dress like a woman defeats the purpose of making woman so take the TG, Bi, Gay shit else where and be a damn leader women don’t lead!

          • Nate Curtis

            So what you’re saying and seem to be focused on is the fact that the two guys, transgender, were men dressed like women, and they shouldn’t have been. What about the two assholes that thought it would be ok to name call, bully and mistreat??? Didn’t hear shit about that in your wack ass comment. See it’s ignorant people like you, who turn a blind eye to what the real issue and problem is. I hope and pray that you don’t ever have children, that decide they are gay or transgender, and have that shit happen to them. I can hear you now… “Well you should be that way anyway, cause it’s wrong, and nasty, and immoral. God didn’t create you that way, so you deserve to have the shit beat outta you, and people making fun of you, hmmmmph”. And wtf is that dumb statement about women don’t lead….lmao. Hmmmm….Hilary Clinton WILL be this country’s next leader. Women don’t lead LOL, unbelievable!!!!!

          • Mr Pragmatic

            Don’t bring God into this with a judgemental statement and end it with profane language. This fight was senseless and any Christian who thinks this is funny or ok needs to check their walk with Christ. Let God judge sin, let us only correct out of love and show love. As far as the youth are concern, it’s negative statements that causes confusing and note that it’s a spiritual warfare not carnal. Whether one supports the LGBT community is irrelevant in this cause, it’s about respecting Gods creation, the Trans. Women might have been created man and chose to become what they are now however God still created them period so respect them b/c He loves them regardless. I also find that those who go out their way to mess with them are insecure in their sexuality themselves. All in all don’t speak for God if your walk isn’t right; out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks so if God is in your heart, you speak truth yes but Love, compassion and Godly correction in love not judgemental.

          • ES Stargardt


          • Carol Steele

            Nobody “chooses” to be transgender, let’s get rid of that fallacy straight away. When did you “choose” to be a male – oh, that’s right you didn’t – you’ve always known that you were male. Well, guess what, transgender women have always known that they were female and transgender men have always known that they were men – period.

          • ES Stargardt

            @Shellywho … you are an ignorant fool… your mentality is exactly what’s wrong with this world. Well you can’t argue with the unintelligent especially when they choose to be a bigot. I always find it most interesting coming from the African American community. I mean… it wasn’t so very long ago that they were treated the very same way. Think about it.

          • aroundthewayJ

            As exemplified by your 3rd grade level grammar, most people who spew out this kind of rhetoric are sadly ignorant and don’t know any better. Go re-read your bible and slow down at the part where it says the ONLY judge is God and how we are all his children and let other people live their lives. While you are at it, please retake English 101 because I literally had to reread this 3 times for it to make any sense. Its sad that out of this whole video the most horrific thing for that kid to see were transgendered people? How about three ignorant guys standing around on public transportation harassing people? How about brazen violence among black men? How about the lack of tolerance for other human beings and the message that its ok to harass and abuse people who are different from you? That message doesn’t disturb you at all but a transgendered person does? Wow. GTFOH.

          • Shannon

            I agree these guys were no different then trayvon Martin harass because of a stereotype. We will find that black people who are homophobes are becoming the new KKK. It’s amazing how god will turn the tables and show oppressed people how they really aren’t oppressed. Now it’s the same black people who wanted equal rights that are battling their own racisms. God is so kind to show us who we really are.

          • Nia

            Do you judge pedophiles???

          • aroundthewayJ

            Yes and the fact that you would compare pedophiles to two consenting adults actually makes me feel sorry for you.

          • Shannon

            God loves us all. Stop speaking for god we all have a different interpretation for who god is. This incident at the end of the day looked like four black people fighting. Now everyone go with god.

          • Nia

            Does god love pedophiles?

          • Guest

            OK Nia, What is wrong with you?! GOD is not a man that He should lie, neither the Son of Man that He should repent. When GOD said He made ALL men and said He loves us ALL, He meant it!!! Read; John 3:16 It is your finite little mind that can’t get pass the thought that GOD loves everybody; The sinner and the saint and everybody in between. Man hates. Not GOD and He can not lie. So stop trying to make Him out like you and /or look like you and your hateful nature!!! You need to repent for trying to call Him( GOD) a liar. He is incapable of hate. GOD loves the sinner; Not the sin. Also, stop comparing a pedophile with a consenting adult or with any transgender person just because you don’t understand or like them personally. Those are your issues. Not GOD’s. If GOD is not pleased with someone, I’m sure He is more than capable of handling His business. Your business is to love those who are unlovable and always pray for them. Matthew 5:44. I suggest you first pray for yourself. Can you do that Nia?!

          • Calvin375

            OK Nia, What is wrong with you?! GOD is not a man that He should lie, neither the Son of Man that He should repent. When GOD said He made ALL men and said He loves us ALL, He meant it!!! Read; John 3:16. It is your little finite mind that can’t get pass the thought that GOD loves everybody; The sinner and the saint and everybody in between. Man hates. Not GOD and He can not lie. So stop trying to make Him out like you and /or look like you and your hateful nature!!! You need to repent for trying to call Him( GOD) a liar. He is incapable of hate. GOD loves the sinner; Not the sin. Also, stop comparing a pedophile with a consenting adult or with any transgender person just because you don’t understand or like them personally. Those are your issues. Not GOD’s. If GOD is not pleased with someone, I’m sure He is more than capable of handling His business. Your business is to love those who are unlovable and always pray for them. Matthew 5:44. I suggest you first pray for yourself. Can you do that Nia?!

          • talaethon

            He loves all men….He hates their sins!!!

          • Aaron Hudson

            there ain’t no damn god.

          • ☾R♻⚡H R☆INB⚛WTR⚙N

            According to the Bible, God does in fact love pedophiles. He also loves rapists and incest. None of those, however, have anything to do with transgender people. Take your violent, abusive religion and shove it up your ass, bigot.

          • shannon

            Nia Pedophilia is the behavior lets use our commons sense here. Take your time because I don’t want you to miss out on this lesson. God love all his children. Pedophilia is a behavioral act. Pedophiles is a man made term to describe the behavior of the person that committed the crime. God still loves that person. The acts that person chose did not have anything to do with god. Just like your judgement on pedophiles is not entirely your fault. You heard it and saw some news story on it and now you are using that intellect in a thread that has nothing to do with the incident above. God loves you still regardless of your train of thought. Now go look in the mirror and ask god for forgiveness for judging pedophiles, ask god to help them to understand their behaviors. That bringing harm to children and violating them against their will is unacceptable. Ask god to teach you to understand bringing judgement to others is not compassionate or acceptable in any situation. Now ask yourself how are trangender people hurting you??? I need you to think before you type.

          • Toni

            Oh please the bible said man will not sleep with man an woman dummy which means man will not sleep with them at the same time. If you r going to quote the bible get it right.

          • Itellthetruthtoyourface

            In Europe, people get less and less religious, and respect increases day after day… Unfortunately religion and respect are not compatible!…

          • ☾R♻⚡H R☆INB⚛WTR⚙N

            Not all religions are incompatible with respect, but the religions dominating the West and Middle-East are.

          • Listentothetruth

            Shellywho I prefer to call you Shittywho, listen: God doesn’t exist, but these transgender do! Stop talking about your shitty imaginary friend, you schizophrenic bastard! you should be ashamed of that, instead…

          • Listentothetruth

            Shellywho I prefer to call you Shittywho, listen: God doesn’t exist, but
            these transgender do! Stop talking about your shitty imaginary friend,
            you schizophrenic bastard! You should be ashamed of that, instead…

          • Nia

            You are truly sick

          • Stanley Gear

            Well You Are Not God And Don’t Try And Make Decision For God Teach Your Children And Yhats All Needed

          • talaethon

            A M E N TO THIS @SHELLYWHO

          • Jorja Fox

            I’m a trans woman and I’m not attracted to men, many of us aren’t. Your gender identity is separate from your sexual orientation. If you follow one aspect of Jewish law the bible says you are bound to keep the whole law. I believe you are referring to a passage in Deuteronomy one of the 5 books of the law , do you do everything it tells you in those 5 books. Can you even name the 5 books ?

          • javy150

            You are a straight man with a fetish. There are numerous studies about it, it’s called autogynephilia( the arousal of straight men when they think of themselves as women). It’s no coincidence that about 70% of “trans”women” consider themselves ‘lesbians'(when in fact, the real lesbian population among those non-transsexual is less thatn 10%). Anyone with a brain can see you for who you are: a heterosexual man in a dress.

          • peter

            I’m a straight man. My girlfriend’s sister is trans. She went through years of counseling to make sure before surgery. It’s not a fetish, and please don’t diagnose and play doctor over internet comments. Trans people should be able to lead the lives they want to lead without harassment or fear. People discriminate against trans people in the US. It can be very difficult for trans people to find work and housing. Even if employers are not discriminating themselves, they are often too to afraid to take a stand so they won’t hire qualified trans people. And then, trans people have to fear for their lives when they walk to the grocery store or take a subway? In the US, Native-Americans were brutally exterminated and massacred for centuries ( it’s a truly horrible history). The original Chinese immigrants were stripped of rights, abused, cheated out of pay and treated awfully. Japanese-Americans families were sent to prison camps during WW2 ( but white german-americans were not). Blacks of course were enslaved and are still discriminated against, like many other groups in the US. Knowing our history, there’s no moral reason to brutalize trans folk. They are a people that deserve to share the same rights we should all have.

          • javy150

            Your girlfriend’s sister is no straight man, you got that right, she is a hyper-effeminate gay male who didn’t have the courage to accept himself as gay. Why is it that so-called ‘lesbian transwomen’ always CHOOSE not to transition completely but keep their penis, and those few who go ahead with full surgery identify as ‘straight women’. If it’s not a fetish, but in fact ‘gender disphoria’, why do so many of them CHOOSE to keep biologically male?.

          • this is what i think

            Please stop this hating please. I do not want to hurt anybody but all this getting everyone no where. Yes there is going to be arguments and conflict but if we put things into action FOR THE BETTER, then we won’t or even shouldn’t happen again. javy150 please stop trying to hurt other people’s feelings. yes they are facts but not necessary. The phrase, “if you have nothing good to say don’t say anything”, it means a lot in this context.

          • nuhidu

            i don’t no what the next generation

          • Jorja Fox

            I don’t get sexually aroused when I wear clothing according to the way I feel in side , there have been quite a few criticisms of Blanchard’s theory, for example he didn’t use non transexual controls

          • Jorja Fox

            There have been many criticisms of Blanchard’s flawed study . I don’t get aroused when I dress according to the way I feel inside.

          • Frankiigii

            The bible actually says that it’s better to be celibate (not have sex) but that if you can’t help yourself you should get married. If you really think women were created to be humped you’ve got problems. We are not sexual objects.

          • Cour

            that part of the bible was not even real. it was added years later by a stupid man who wanted to control population. god doesn’t give a shit. in fact, god doesn’t exist as an outside entity. you are god and so many lack this knowledge which is causing all this hatred. woman will lead everything very soon. women will lead with the perfect balance of power and understanding. men should never have become leaders.

          • sad

            Wow you were there when “god” said all that? Oh wait it’s ok for you to believe in a god based on what you think or believe(not based on actual knowledge because you met the person) but it’s not ok for another person to understand their reality to be something else?

          • you guys are hateful

            Shut up. Just shut up. Did you go through your entire childhood not seeing a gay person, or stuff like this? Cuz I can say that you probably didn’t. And yet here you are. Perfectly fine. How about that?

          • silent bob

            So it’s good if you wan’t to be who you want to and it’s not ok with others. But it’s bad when you talk what you think even when other people doesn’t like it? Oh wait, he is homofobic then, sorry

          • winnona

            You talk about praying when I’m sure you have no intimate knowledge of Christianity, with such a hateful reaction. People are BORN with the state of being that you “smdh” about…nothing could be more natural; do you REALLY think anyone would CHOOSE to live a manner that puts them at such risk for attacks such as this?? Reading is fundamental…you should try some of it. Stop trying to use religion to justify your hate and thinking to camouflage it with “prayers for you”…

          • Twentyfour

            And I pray for your education. Gender is decided between the ears (brain) Not between the legs. Any Gender Specialist with half a degree will confirm that. So save that remedial gay theory bullshit for the other retards who co-signed you. There’s life outside the bubble people there’s also books there!

          • Deborah Uknowitifuknowme

            pray for yourself first, before u HAVE A SON BORN A GIRL OR A GIRL BORN A SON…OR born simply GAY!!!… ure the reason it happens.. people like you HAVE TO BE SHOWN A LESSON.. God don’t play.. he has his rules, but does NOT GIVE U THE AUTHORITY OR JURISDICTION TO EXECUTE ANY JUDGEMENT!!!! “Hating people is the QUICKEST WAY to have them POPUP IN YOUR FAMILY!!”- Chris Rock

          • Ramirez

            Don’t bother praying for me. I’m athiest. Pray for your own goddamn self for thinking that your perspective not matching ours gives you the right to attack/harass someone.

          • Damario Cintron

            I agree! These fucn freaks be all in public acting flamboyant in ppl’s faces n they got dicks so no matter how dumb ignorant ppl word it there still dudes, cut the dick off and yup there still dudes!freaks of nature no freaks of there own doing! Being gay is one thing but being a flamboyant freak is another!

          • Mia Maffia

            It’s usually the ones that protest against homosexuality so strongly that are sucking dick behind closed doors.

          • Terrell MrTrouble Lorick

            Bro, you got to be gay cause you bringing your A game out to bash gay people if your not gay then what should it matter? You must got played by your boyfriend lol

          • EmbarrassedForYou

            Why don’t you just kill yourself immediately and do the world a favour you illiterate fucktard.

          • FatandFreaky

            Pray. Shit what is normal nowadays? No matter if a person is gay, straight , transgender, etc. Everyone deserves respect. Pray for those who feel that it is ok to disrespect those based off of different beliefs or folks living differently from themselves.

          • YAOI LOVER


          • Sweetnlow21

            But why do you care? How does the fact that she has a penis impact your life in any way shape or form? Does it pay your bills? Put food on your table? No?? So let them be who they wanna be.

          • bizzle

            Agreed. The path to he’ll is already set by their decision to be transgendered. GOD didn’t make you that way

          • Lord_Mithras

            Said the imbecile.

          • amber bellini

            It is normal, get over it, fuck your worthless prayer, and fuck Christianity..

          • Jody

            Agreed. I feel bad for the upcoming generations. We don’t have to have the same beliefs. But to think that changing you sexuality is normal baffles me.

          • VT

            You sound like Cliven Bundy…only you’re talking about transgendered people instead of ‘Negroes’ as Cliven would say. Grow some knowledge balls, okay.

          • Gab Winter

            Yeah as a Christian I feel great joy seeing someone harassed and assaulted for being who they are. As Jesus said, let those without sin throw the first stone. We Christians are sinless and are thus free to throw stones at others; since even if we sin daily, we repent at the end of the day and accepts Jesus Christ as our lord. Anyway, more people need to bring guns man!!! Shot it out in the packed train!!! YEEHAWW THE `MERICAN WAY!!

          • coco

            Dagr8 maybe you should start off by learning how to grammatically correctly express yourself before you make pathetically small minded comments. One can tell that you are one of those brainless small minded manipulated *cough* Christians.
            Too BSD those people still exist.
            *Christians* as those diselusioned people call themselves, have caused a lot of problems throughout time

          • dieleafsfansdie

            dagr8 – and we can tell that you are an uneducated, semi-literate, intolerant inbred hiding behind the bible to excuse your pathetic bigotry. Pray all you like. If there is a God, he will recognize what an intolerant imbecile who doesn’t give two sh*ts ‘what Jesus would do’ you are, and deal with you accordingly.

          • Guest

            Shut your mouth, you ignorant, uneducated scum,

          • Jama

            I don’t know who you think you’re praying to. Jesus don’t want to hear your hate.

          • SudaneseSam

            Dagr8 No need to tell us—it’s obvious you don’t understand because Andrew L’s sentence structure is clearly light years beyond what your puny mind can handle. I think you best return to school because your ignorance is stinking up the room like a bag of fetid flesh. I wonder if your ancestors would be proud to see you acting like such a fool. Get help.

          • AylaMarie

            I’m sorry, did you magically become the God of Normal? Didn’t think so, so why don’t you worry about what is “normal” for you, and leave everyone else’s “normal” alone.

          • jhon

            Hey Dumb fuck do you understand what transgender is its when a man or a woman gets a sex change meaning their body parts are changed so it is considered a woman if a man gets a sex change so She doesnt have a penis anymore and she isnt gay understand what it means before commenting you piece of shit. K thanks bye

          • javy150

            Actually transsexuals and gays don’t get along. Transpeople tend to be extremely homophobic and for them there’s no bigger insult than calling them gay. T#annies hate gay people because they accept themselves; t3annies want to force everybody to believe they’re real ‘women’, gay dudes don’t have that delusion.

          • Michael Olden

            I never PRAY for OLD bigots like you! …..But as said this is religion taught as HATE! What happens when you buy the PRO slavery side in USA!

          • malark

            You have got to be kidding me did we just watch the same video? because people should, first of all, not do this to a human being and second anyone and everyone has the right to be who they are and not be assaulted or treated unfairly. A reason why society can’t function they way it is supposed to, because of people like you who can’t accept other people for who they are, and I feel sorry for you. I know this is a lot of hate but some things need to be said because this is not right!

          • Sangye Choga Martin

            we can tell u illiterate

          • Grant Baumgardner

            i am completely sure that this was already covered in the post you replied to, but what a transgendered male to female means, child, is that she was born a guy, most likely found out around 4 or 5 that they were the wrong gender, and then later had surgery to get breasts to look more like a man from the outside. To get surgery to remove the penis, and replace with a vagina can be extremely expensive, and be non-funtioning, they are sterile, you think that she has a penis because she wants to? doubt it. It’s people like you that are the reason that trans people along with every other sexual or orientation are being harassed and bullied and turning to self-harm or suicide. I pray for you, because you have some much-needed research but God rest your soul that you will turn on it and resent it.

          • X Wolffang

            LOL”she” XD

          • Venessa

            Ya’ll need Jesus. A man born a man should remain a man.

          • Good doctor

            Yes truth.

          • muczschef

            there is no god wake up love knows no gender this is the proof this planet’s destiny shouldnt have been based on an adam-eve tale

          • Realist

            Yup your a psychologically fucked up person too. You like them need help. All y’all freaks need to stop trying to make seem like the regular, normal people have the issue because we don’t understand or even like y’all freaks of nature. Y’all are messed up period point blank!!!! Nobody needs to go out there way to try and understand something that’s crazy!!!! Y’all need to get help so YOU can understand RIGHT!! I knew even before you stated it that you were a gay man. You little bitch. Take off your panties and try understanding that you are a man and not a female. Y’all fuckers make my stomach turn!! Stop trying to turn the world around to your upside down, backwards, unrealistic, deformed, way of thinking!!! Y’all dumb asses need soooooooo much help it’s amazing……. If God were standing on this earth right now he’d be TOTALLY DISGUSTED AT ALL OF YALL!! HE’D PROBABLY KILL ALL YALL FREAKS!!!!!!!!!

          • Nene

            How is calling him a man derogatory? That’s what he is.

          • sergent tax


          • Ben

            NO. That shit was hella funny. I loved the part that one tranny was running over to the human and trying to do a sneak attack then fell on it’s ass. HAHAHA dumbass tranny

          • Jane

            This video is very hard to follow. Just because someone is using the wrong pronouns does not mean that they do not care, nor does it mean that they are uneducated. I truly have NO idea what even happened in this video, it is a total blur to me. Instead of lecturing people and putting them down, educate them. People will continue to be ignorant and passive if everyone calls them names instead of explaining how and why their language is cruel.

          • Yolanda

            How is referring to a transgendered woman a “he/man” derogatory? Whether he still has his pens or not, biologically, he’s a man. Until he can menstruate and give birth to a child, he should be addressed as such. It’s called life. There’s nothing derogatory about calling a man a “he”. JMO…

          • Nancy Keys

            I respect the gay people who are out in the open. You all are strong and brave for not hiding who you are. What I don’t like is the ones who think that just because they dress, or feel or get a sex change as a female, that they are “female”. If they want to be truthful and honest about being gay, be honest about the fact that they are not female, nor will they ever be. There are plenty of gay males who dress up as a women, but know they’re male. The transgender want people to accept them for who they are but they don’t even know who they are. Surely they are not the plastic surgery and make-up they hide behind.

          • Damario Cintron

            Only 1 tg was handling the other got beat up!

          • sergent tax


          • Jama

            You sound white.

        • Real

          You saw two women fighting two men. Transgender Citizens have to fight to been as who they are because of dumb ass N!@@er$ like you

          • KeepIt100%

            So you saying niggers aka black people are the reason transsexual have to fight??? No they have to fight 1. Because they or not satisfied with what God blessed them with at birth. God doesn’t make mistakes. He didnt make a boy and say oh shoot that was suppose to be a woman. 2. People need to learn to let people live their lives how they choose. What another man or woman has under they pants or skirts ddoes not affect my lifestyle at all. 3. You are a fucking moron, because race has NOTHING to do with this. Its not just “niggers” as u put it. Its ignorant ass people from every race just like you. :-) Respect is respect. Race, religion, sex, etc. does not matter. Only people that rascist or prejudice is probably just scared of whats different or either you JEALOUS! And just wondering, how you know the person who made that comment was black? Do you know them personally? Oh ok? Grow some balls. Anyone can type bullshit. I’d like to see you walk to a black person face and call them a nigger lol. They gon whip yo ass like you a nigger lol.

          • Eric LoBianco

            Why does niggers have to apply to black people alone I agree with what was previously said (educate yourselves) Your coming off stupid lol

          • X Wolffang

            calling men women is coming of stupid. LMAO!

          • yeah i said it and what


          • Mia Maffia

            Again, a few decades ago it was acceptable to say ‘calling a black man equal is stupid!!’ …
            Prejudice is wrong full stop.

          • Eric LoBianco

            Of??? lol enough said. And your referring to one thing which wasn’t relevant to the whole entire point which is let people do as they want and don’t be so judgmental…. You my friend have managed to show that you fit right in with the rest of the simpletons. Good Job

          • Honzol

            You people are crazy. I have a dream! A dream where the poor, wicked, and transgender are eliminated from our society. I dream of a perfect America where the scum has been identified, pacified and removed from this world.

          • Zan

            So I guess you’d be one of the first to be “removed from this world”, then….

          • Aj

            Well what about ppl born with both sexual organs, should they be removed as well, transgenders are born with one sexual organ that doesn’t match wat they were born as, so it takes years of treatments and surgery to correct… Please research things before u bash someone for being different, a father of a transgender woman, and proud of my child

          • Victoria

            Thanks Hitler

          • Terrell MrTrouble Lorick

            You are a disgusting person who are you to judge anyone. What makes you cowards even say this to people who see, breathe, eat, hear, and feel just like you.What? because their pursuit of happiness is different they dont deserve anything they all deserve to be exterminated You sir are a racist and should be placed on a island to rot

          • Cassie SJ

            Your god doesn’t make mistakes? What about babies who are born with cancer or horrible deformities? That’s on purpose? That’s part of the plan? Your god is an asshole. If it even existed to begin with. Which it doesn’t.

          • dsgr8

            U stupid 4 real

          • Happy14

            It shows how little about you know about God and this world. When God created man he gave us choice. It was the fall of man created sin. Because of our disobedience, it has opened the door for sin, and the things God would protect us from. God is no respect of man, he allows the sun to shine on the just and unjust. Unfortunately, because of our actions and acceptance of sin these illness and diseases happen to the just and unjust. If it weren’t for the blood of Jesus and the forgiving of our sins we would all die and go to hell. I pray that you find God because it’s is obvious that you need him. I am a Christian and I stand firm on my belief, Jesus loves all people. It’s crazy how we want everyone to accept us but we don’t first accept him.

          • Tim Hunter

            So he gave us free will – supposedly – but then punished us for using it. Right. Got it. Oh…and he created a human version of himself to be killed so that he could have a blood sacrifice to PAY HIMSELF for a debt that he, as the alleged creator of everything, would have had to invented in the first place. Makes perfect sense. Carry on.

          • Gordon Andres

            He without sin cast the first stone. Everyone need to stop speaking for God and pray for everyone if you’re a child of God and focus on your own personal relationship with him. Mind your business

          • Stephanie MsMarie Campisi

            Excuse you! Oh you must be one of those Illuminati devil worshipping type people! Don’t question God or what he does. Yes some things that happen may be harsh, hard to handle or believe but it’s all a part of his plan. Things aren’t done for you to be able to sit back & question it!!!!!!

          • Eric LoBianco

            So quick to target someone when you don’t even know how she meant it yet…. She said “your god” which could be seen as shes says the persons self-interpretation of god. Ignorant people always so quick to judge you think what she said is not ok, yet reply back calling someone a devil worshiper is ok than… H I L A R I O U S

          • Semaj Fiercefromtha’Ashes Phoe

            You’re right…God (Allah, Jehovah, Horus, Zeus, Buddha, Jupiter…whatever) makes no mistakes. It is just people like you, and countless others before you, who have misconstrued the Bible/Torah/whatever. Men wrote those books; God (or whatever) didn’t.

          • Monica Taylor

            I’m like this: It is so hard just trying to be yourself. Whether gay, straight, transgendered, whatever the situation may be, violence should not be tolerated. People have a right to make themselves happy. Freedom-the pursuit of happiness is one of the reasons this country was founded. It is especially disappointing that this is not just about hate, but another black on black crime. The “n” word being thrown around so freely…why? And why video this for the world to see how much we hate each other?

          • Eric LoBianco

            Someone with sense Example:#1 ^^^

          • Victoria

            I think your comments about trans people are very ignorant. ARE YOU GOD? Maybe trans people were his plan? Food for thought. By religion god doesn’t make mistakes right? so how did death, illness, mental disorders, gender identity issues and other “abnormalities” occur if not by god’s plan? Maybe let god speak for himself?

          • Rissa Williams

            This is a prime example why homosexual people don’t get recognized under certain civil rights only because white gays will still have the upper hand… NIGGER??? BUT it’ll fuck you up when someone calls u a FAGGOT… bitch do you not realize it an all black fight….lol You fuckin clown, you know where you headed at the end of this, get there soon rest well and soon bitch….lmmfao!!!!

          • X Wolffang

            LMAO! “women” sounds like bullshit. First of all they had penises, last time i checked a woman were born with a vagina. Idealism is astoundingly funny and so is political correctness. Don’t be mad when people call a spade a spade, it just makes y’all look crazy.

          • yeah i said it and what

            I seen all men fighting.i didn’t see no woman at all

          • anywho

            Clearly when the dick fell out it’s a man so four men where fighting and that Nigger shit played out get the fuck on wit that all u people who aren’t black wouldn’t even be here if it weren’t for the nigger read your byible whites can’t be dark skin!

        • winnona

          Think again, THEN educate yourself…this comment reveals the fact that you have no idea that there are more ways to live a life than YOURS.

          • X Wolffang

            Say educate yourself doesn’t make your emotional argument right LLS.

          • Jens Holvoet

            it’s not an emotional argument, it’s a fact, you do need to educate yourself, nobody blames you for the rubbish you are talking because you simply don’t seem to know any better

        • Shamara

          There are individuals in the world that were born with both male and femal sexual organs for example ovaries and testicles.. They are called hermaphordites. And often times when a baby is born this way, doctors let the parents decide which sex the baby will take on.. And most likely the parents almost always choose the wrong sex for their new baby. The boy grows up with a cut off penis, and the girl ends up with high levels of testosterone pumped into her system, and when they get older to realize what their sex is, it’s always the wrong one their parents have chosen for them… Some are lesbian/ gay, hermaphordites, transgendered, transsexual, bisexual, intergender. Asexual etc. not everyone that like the “opposite sex is gay” looks can be deceiving …

        • Ramirez

          Fuck you.

        • yeah i said it and what

          You did watch a fight with all men..I DIDN’T SEE NOT ONE WOMAN FIGHTING DID YOU?

        • VT

          This means you don’t understand.

        • VT

          Black people act like they don’t understand prejudice, fear, discrimination when perpetrated upon someone else by other black people. That’s shows a lack of awareness, a lack of historical knowledge, and worst, a lack of empathy.

        • coco

          Really lover high? What insanely heavy object dropped on your non existing brain?

        • Dalmax

          No hater……….you saw two guys pick on two trans women and then assault them. Don’t be so socially arrow minded that you can’t accept that not all people are born the way they will end up.
          And shame on this website for using lurid headlines to get readers.

        • Nancy Keys

          Thank You! They get it twisted and think they are “real” woman. They can not change what’s on the inside no matter how many dresses they wear. they’re “male”. Let them go to jail and see where they put them. They can’t give birth and they don’t come on menstrual cycles. If a man sleeps with another biologically born male than he is gay. To think they are straight but have gay sex is absurd, they like dick, simple as that. Aint nothing wrong with that but just be real with yourself.

        • Ms.B

          I’m sorry, they aren’t women. They will NEVER be able to bare children, or produce milk to feed their children. That’s only something a natural born woman can do. They are simply men who have artificial body parts! This fight was between four men.. Two of those men just happen to have female body parts. No I’m not hating, just stating facts!

      • Jerome

        I would love to see the day when a man supposedly turn themselves into a “woman”, then have a baby, on their own. no adoption and no funny business. just the way God made women to conceive babies. Till that can happen(which it never will) its wrong, wrong wrong. (This is rebellion in the highest)

        • Andy Salas

          God who? You mean your imaginary friend?

          • Destro Williams

            Thats y u in the shape u in now

          • Andy Salas

            I have never been more comfortable with who I am. Life is better without myth and superstition. If I wanted to have imaginary friends, they would kick your god’s ass any day just like these trans women did to those men.

          • mee1000

            Duhh they are still men..smh Sorry

          • Tee

            Please don’t disrespect God. You want people to respect you and your beliefs, be the first to give respect to others. You may actually teach them something and learn something as well. You can be homosexual, transgender…etc., that’s fine but don’t respond by disrespecting God or Christianity because others don’t agree with you. It makes your point mute.

          • OCD

            It’s moot, not mute

          • winnona

            I don’t see people like you in any better shape, using “religion” to justify your bigoted/hateful views.

          • Rissa Williams

            Agreed @Destro Williams….exactly why he’s damned, you’ve done your Christian duty spread the gospel… let go and let God

        • Real

          You must be the boy who got beat up in the video

          • foulmouth


        • shannon

          yep,, most of the gays are athiest also so dont bother saying that god shit to them

        • Angelina

          How about women who can’t have babies? are they not women because they unable to bear children? Women stop being able to have children after a certain age, do they stop being women then? How about a lady has cancer or something and has to get her reproductive organs removed is she not a fucking women then? That’s a ridiculous definition of what it is to be a women, if you don’t want to be judged for being an ignorant and cruel person then don’t judge someone for being who they want to be. If your god exists, why would (s)he make men who feel like they need to spend thousands of dollars, and a lifetime of being persecuted just to feel comfortable? god wouldn’t, so either god is an asshole, or made a mistake; made a mistake making evil dumb people.

          • tooreal4TV

            If you were born with a penis and testicles you are a male. If you have breast and a vagina then you are gemale. That will never change. Fact. U can have whatever surgery you want. At the end of the day, you DNA will still show you were born man or women. That does not mean transgender ppl should be disrespected. ALL HUMANS deserve to be disrespected and yes them transgender s should have whoop the shit out of those other men. Disrespect me and I would have done the same. #TEAMEVERYBODY ;-)

          • Tee

            People have free will…there are people who believe they should marry children also. There are people who believe there are monsters running around. There are people who believe Jews are evil and should be mass murdered. There are people who believe America is an evil place and should be destroyed. There are people who believe kidnapping 200 girls would help release terrorist from prison. There are people who believe that homosexual people are the devil. There are people who believe people of color are not human. The list goes on and on. God doesn’t make mistakes. Actually, in the book of Romans in the Bible it is explained. I don’t know how that feels and blessed I don’t they can’t help it but please don’t say God makes mistakes…He doesn’t.

          • Still laughing

            You forgot an option, or its a choice for the person to be that way that nobody made them make

      • Onelove

        Why should anyone keep their mouth shut when disrespected??? Standing up for yourself is the only way to earn respect. These 2 guys will probably think twice next time they wanna disrespect someone. If people staid quiet when disrespected we wouldn’t have come as far as we have now. There would probably still be slavery and women wouldn’t have rights.

        • ts

          When those kind of people come to Hawaii….then dumb assess get schooled by transsexuals here….they act like little bitches

      • noneya

        STFU you sexually correct person!! It’s a man……mkayy it has a dick!!

        • Andy Salas

          Please start using your brain at some point in your life. You owe it to mankind.

        • MrSwagger Wright

          It’s a man because of the dick.. well explain the beast.. if you wanna play it like that

        • Real

          TRANSEXUAL WOMAN!! Google it and learn something you bucktoothed monkey

          • Tuleetha M Mills


      • duke

        goofy bitch its a dick between them legs its a man nasty ass

        • angii

          there might be a dick between your legs, but that doesn’t make you a man. cowardly idiot picking on people who have greater troubles in life than you will ever be able to understand.

          • Britney Indeared

            actually, having a dick between yours legs is exactly what makes one’s sex male.

          • Real American

            You’re the only one I’ve seen in this whole damn comment section that makes any sense. Thanks for speakin the truth.

          • naruto

            i don’t care about what those people say is wrong to be gay is transsexual because lest say the truth and lest say what needed to be said because is wrong and the reason is that you will never see to animals of the same sex have sex together why is that is the only human race that does it why not the animal kingdom, you will never see any animal of any kingdom of the same sex have sex it will never happen the reason it happen with human is because is a diseases people should stop and think for a second is not that we just decided to dislike gay people just that is wrong.

          • Mia Maffia

            Homosexuality is found through out the animal kingdom ..
            The human race is the only place homophobia is found though.

          • Britney Indeared

            Many animals engage in homosexual activity,
            but not for the reasons we humans do. Usually it’s practice for future
            heterosexual activity, or to prevent rape, like female hyenas. There’s a
            difference between homosexual and lesbian/gay activity. There are no gay or
            lesbian animals.

      • CAKE

        What you just wrote was the stupidest thing I have ever read on the internet. Please kill yourself.

        • Patti cake

          Kara you do me a favor and kill your self cause your no good to your own self!!!!

      • DJ_Jivin_Johnny

        Oh shut the fuck up.

        • Tasha Butler


      • tyra sablan

        Thanks for this reply

      • Kim Thornton


      • Britney Indeared

        his dick flopped out, it’s a fuckin’ dude.

      • foulmouth

        you got em mad Kara… look at all those UPVOTES…

      • concreaned atlantian

        yes, you are right, this was certainly a hate crime and should be dealt as one. Those transsexual didn’t deserve to be attacked like that, and if it where me I would be speaking to my lawyer. There are so many barriers that black people have to cross and to have to deal with black on black hate crime will we ever rise?

      • Jay

        What rights? They can vote, buy a house, work, etc. no one is being ignorant, you mean he’s not being sensitive to the guy who wants to be a female’s feelings? Come on you know like I know no matter what they do they wont menstruate like a woman, have a baby like a woman, or genetically be a woman. I’m surprised women don’t take offense to guys calling themselves women.

        • concerned atlantiann

          the issue is not being able to have kids, cause some straight women chose not to have kids, the issue is human rights were not in the stone ages, a person should be able to act, dress and call themselves whatever they want it’s human rights, live and let live. One should not have to be threathen cause they are a certain way.

          • Andy

            Yea I have decided i am now a squirrel so everyone has to treat me as such and change the laws so I can marry a human.

        • Still laughing

          I most certainly do! I an soooooooooo tired of the lgbt movement. Not bc I hate gays or anything but bc it’s ridiculous that I have to “agree” with your lifestyle or I am somehow a bigot or ignorant. What is ignorant is all of these people saying gay people are “born” that way or transgendered people are born one way when they should have been the other. That is so ignorant because there is not any scientific or genetic data to support this thesis there is actually more ACTUAL evidence supporting the notion the lifestyle is a CHOICE. The gay rights movement is nothing more than people happy in their dysfunction who want the world to be happy for their dysfunctional asses as well….. you are not a different kind of person genetically just because of what you prefer sexually. So I prefer 3 Somes so now I need the right to marry more than one person so now the definition of marriage needs to change see that makes no sense.

      • Still laughing

        Ummmmmm Kara to be calling someone ignorant your not too knowledgeable yourself. If you break the word transsexual it does mean crossing into another gender meaning they can be considered a he she or a man. He can be called a man as well because he has male reproductive organs.

      • Harlem Kenosha Nectar

        A man could never be a women wholly. No matter how many surgeries they have undergone. Naturally, it’s impossible.

      • hi

        It is a man period.. As long as his DNA is man its a man…Transsexuals my ass

      • Nefertari White

        Why take you clothes off tho?

      • John


      • only1

        IF you was born with a phallus, you a dude, no matter what you may classify your self as.

      • Bruh bruh

        bitch shut the fuck up for real it is our right to accept or not these kind of people if we choose to not accept them for what they chose to be and not for what they are well we have to right to insult them as much as we want to make them realise how bad were their life choices …thank you come again

      • lettem know


      • Zel

        Regardless to how you address them, they are men. How can someone be addressed as something God didn’t make them? It doesn’t matter if one calls themselves a transsexual, they still are MEN. Don’t disrespect God by saying someone is a women and not. Thank you.

        • Jens Holvoet

          how can you disrespect God when there’s no proof that God exists?

      • Deborah Uknowitifuknowme

        NUFF SAID… them trashy dudes probably was ROCK HARD THE WHOLE TIME too.. fuckin idiots… LIVE AND LET LIVE.. before you get yo ass whooped by a girl!!!! real or fake!!! lmao

      • doz

        you sound silly

      • rudolf

        stop the bull with transsexual women, just call it what it is an he/she

      • Damario Cintron

        Nigga plz nigga had a dick which makes him a man no matter how you wanna word it! Ppl are so fucn lost!!

      • chicka

        Not a women its a man idgad how many surgeries u have ur a guy im sorry the gov can suppourt that shit but im not its a bunch of men fighting and 2 wit tits foh

      • Christopher Mobley

        kara you stupid bitch born a man you man bitch get it str8 no fucking gene stupid hoe go read a book and learn something you mentally defeated homosexual fucks. DEATH TO THE FAGS AND THE LESBO BITCHES

      • JJamiah

        Oh, please they are men.. HE, …. I don’t care what genital you change. Four men were fighting… I have a RIGHT to call a spade a spade.

      • Dee

        She is not a woman until she has a vagina….If she has a penis, transgender or not…she is a HE. It is not ignorance it is fact. Breast implants DO NOT make you a woman nor does dressing as one. Sorry to bust the bubble of those who think differently, but without a vagina, you are anything but a woman.

      • Realist

        Forget trans gender they are fuckin nuts period!!!! Ain’t no understanding those fools….. Yes WOMEN had to fight not freaks of nature!!!……. They are not women they are confused men that have psychological issues!!!!!!……. And they don’t deserve equal rights, are you kidding me???…… How can you give “something” equal rights that’s half man and half women????? That will never be equal. PERIOD. Those assholes need HELP!! PERIOD. The stupid shit you said “Kara Foxx” shows that your probably one of them too…… Understanding, equal rights my ass, get some help you unbalanced bastards! THERE IS NOTHING NATURAL ABOUT ANY OF YALL!!!!!!

      • AtoZ

        Pretty sure biology dictates that a X and a Y chromosome mean you’re a man. I’m not a rocket surgeon, but I think we can put this on the ‘obvious and irrefutable’ column. You can talk about artificial hormones and bone density all you like. A castrated penis, make up, and pills do not change your chromosomes to be a woman. Deal with it. They are a man.

        no one is saying they can’t have equal rights or be left alone, but calling them a ‘woman’ is factually incorrect, so cut the BS.

      • sergent tax


      • Comedian Pt

        a man

      • yea I said it

        Those nasty motherfuckers are not women. At All!!! Just cause your ass puts on a dress does not make your ass a women. They are fucking men. I saw a dick. That is a mana fucking man. Nithing will make it a women. Not a damned thing. Yea I am a women. A real women. We will mind our buisness when these motherfuckers stop posing as women.

      • Gooney

        Are u serious??

      • Riston

        Lmao @ this. I can get behind to extent gay men/gay women having their rights. But I refuse to have anyone tell me to refer to a transgendered individual as anything but the gender in which they were born. Call it ignorant. I don’t care. What I saw was 4 MEN in a fight. Fuck the surgery that allows you to “change” that.

      • Nia

        LIES the white man taught you!! Those are MEN!!

      • MOOKY



        Hey retard, that’s a dude. Accept it, you fucking retard. Stop advocating their perverted ways you fucked up retard.

      • djblade

        Thats a man dresss up in a women outfit dude.

      • Cammi Smith

        You must understand that people who say he/she ARE trying to be polite. They probably haven’t seen very many TG women in their lives and don’t know what is PC and what isn’t. It’s like white people that aren’t sure if they can say “black” around black people. I don’t hold it against them and call them ignorant. I just educate them.

      • Zzpop “The French Rebel Queen”

        He was a man. HE had a PENIS. Get over it

    • Patti Cake

      It went nasty when those looses desided to put there hands on the transgender girls!!!

    • TreAnthony

      LmBaO…they got their rocks off of fighting a “naked man”…

    • winnona

      There was NOTHING funny about this ASSAULT (because that’s exactly what it was, regardless of the fact that the two trans*women defended themselves)…it’s just such idiot attitudes such as YOURS that allows this sort of thing to continue happening. WHEN will you people learn that there is more to life than YOUR idea of how it should be lived, and people who are minding their OWN business should be left alone???

    • Ramirez

      Right because she totally fucking wanted to. FUCK you. Fucking cunt. You are what is nasty.

    • cleva

      nothing was funny about this. She is trans….so you call her a she.

      ignorance. smh

    • Champangelifeoftheparty Mckelv

      Made me wonder too why be on top of another naked man lol

    • ES Stargardt

      You are an idiot and your perspective should be limited to single word responses.

    • Joanne Dorlando

      Are you an asshole or what? You are Obviously the perpetrator instead of the victim of a violent action. ..the fight was funny???

    • jessicat

      Big rob its just an ignorant hill billy from the south, stupids yahoos!!

    • K Bitchie Richie

      You all are some of the most ignorant muthafuckers I ever heard speak… or fucking write! Trans women are WOMEN! They are not “trannies”… A fucking tranny is a person like me, a drag queen, a cross dresser, a MAN in a dress, a fuckimg fishy ass clown. If you’re going to have the balls to throw a fucking word, at least know what that muthafucker means… cause y’all sound straight up fucking stupid!

      I will say this, I’m damn proud of my trans* sisters in this film, they didn’t take your motherfucking lip…. They didn’t just set there and take your licks… They thumped your ass! Stupid hating fucking assholes… You ain’t men, youre goddamn Neanderthals… Stop dragging your knuckles, raise your IQ, or go back to the motherfucking cave you belong in.

    • Debbie Niemeyer

      you are the reason why the working poor should use more protection.

    • Kg

      Not a funny fight. It was a violent assault. What the hell is wrong with you?

    • Sangye Choga Martin

      “The fight was funny” … again case in point. This boy would likely be entertained by a paint by number set. Poor fool just needs some education.

    • equal.love15

      How was it funny? like at all? that was horrible.

  • Coolie J

    Why was the guy talking shit at the end, when he was getting his ass beat lol

  • Abercrombie & Fitch Co.

    “I have a house, a car, everything n*gga”….. As you’re on the TRAIN!!!!! I can’t take it…

    • IT’S_ ME_2014


    • Chynah Blaze

      Train systems have parking lots too… just saying #novalidity

    • ♕DaBandit Lansky☜

      i catch the train to work everday and i got a car

      • Mike Surreal

        yall continue to try to take up for that DUMB ass SICKO…who tripped up in his/ her LIES. LOOK at what that HE/SHE is wearing… you REALLY think he/ she is goin to/ from work, on that train? YALL NEED TO CUT THE BULLSHIT OUT!

    • foulmouth


  • goodkashSTL


  • Mo Diggidy

    That moment you watch a video and recognize someone in it….I’m dying over here!! This shit is hilarious!!!

    • Aww Man

      I thought I was the only

    • Amber S Worthy

      Who do you know in it?

      • Mo Diggidy

        Since the video involved transgenders, I feel this deserved an immediate response. Lol..I went to school with the brother of the guy with the braids who started the fight with that weak ass kick!! lmao..This is hilarious still!

        • foulmouth

          must have been a little *special*

  • jazzy

    Lmao, they though, the trannies could not fight, these so called straight boys gonna learn, they still dudes under that shit

  • Nubius Femi

    lmao those so called manly man got there ass wopped, lol

  • Nubius Femi

    pick you m…….fucking weave up lol

  • Roberto Jayare Cortez


    • Latif L. Summers

      I don’t know why straight Niggaz think Trannie or Gay men can’t fight. When the hell this idea came about because when i was growing up you knew not to mess with the gay guy that had the dress on….SMDH so I guess we have to re-teach these mofos…Drama, they just gotta hate on us.

      • Serae Hurd

        And in the end there still men. With equal strength as a straight man.

        • Jamie Montez

          So said women can’t be strong and defend for themselves? fuckin nigs

          • Mike B

            lol Not cant, but genetically there is a lesser chance. Call it misogyny if you want. Lmfao its called science, men are genetically built to be physically stronger. There is obviously exceptions but ignoring facts in the name of your insecurities is just sad.

          • Lick my cunt

            Light yourself on fucking fire

          • Christopher J Williams

            I hope Satan rapes your ass with a hot steel dildo you senseless bitch!!!

          • Antonia Chevale Andrews

            Your about the stupidest bitch in the world. That nig shit dont hurt anybody. Because yall punk ass white folks wont say that shit to our faces and the majority of yall funky nasty rotten mouth ass whites have more nigger blood in you then we do. So go cut your own tongue out before you die.

          • aa

            Ur a sad angry bitch.. You need a huge..

          • Mrs. Somebody

            And you need a spelling lesson!!! Hug H-U-G…. Sit down

          • Cognitive Dissonance

            Says the person using a coordination conjunction to start their sentence….

          • just me

            Its called auto correct stupid

          • Chris Ott

            It’s the intent behind your words, sweetie, not the words themselves. No one cares that you’re more indoctrinated, or use spell check on your computer more often than others. Sit down? Really? You don’t own anyone. Except for you.

          • Mrs. Somebody

            What? This doesn’t even make sense.. If you’re gonna try to clown someone, make sure ALL your words are spelled correctly….

          • blaze

            I agree and didnt back than whities came to us for the great pussy lol

          • Jorge Caicedo

            blaze, we still do…you know the saying “once you go white, you will say alright”..:)

          • deanna

            Why did the race card get pulled? You guys call us racist ..smh.

          • Clay

            I hate your my Race!!!!

          • Andrea Allen

            U stupid if u think those were natural born women. U missed the dick jump out

          • Chris Ott

            No, kid, it’s a result of cultural programming. We chose into this experience. And no one really knows why. Can you actually go back into time long before the religious experiment started and tell me you saw the same thing you just quoted to us? Were you there, or do you have a time machine that can take us there? Man created inequality, man created religion, man created limited science.

          • BARB

            FAG FUCKER

          • Edward Moore

            Why u got to say some racist shit like that u fuckin prejudice bitch i wish u was in my face an said nigger i beat your ass like a man an shoot any mexican that wanna stand up for u

          • hector

            Why you got to put Mexican in it.. she alone said it so she alone needs to be threatened. Just cuz she has a Spanish name does not mean she is Mexican and even if she is. You shouldn’t put Mexicans on. Blast like that, your doing the same thing being racist too. We live in 2014 black white Asian Mexican don’t matter your skin most Americans no a days are mix no more room for racism anymore

          • duh duh

            Actually, statistically, “mixed” people make up a small percentage of america.

          • Donnie Nickerson

            you cant go by that cause most people who are mixed will just pick a race. For example someone who is mixed with white/black will consider themselves black. Trust and beleave mix people are definitly a large percentage of america

          • john Possum

            who cares

          • Sanny
          • Sirius A

            Sounds good in theory but when the entire world puts you in a bucket based off the actions of a very small minority – one which is equivalent to the bad apples in any other sub group of the human family – you tend to be on the defensive. I agree it wasn’t right – but it’s life.

          • Sirius A

            And don’t be fooled – there is nothing POST racial about the America you live in.

          • Charlyn Viera

            Bitch I’m not mexican but i was raised with one.. Come shoot me hoe.. I’ll be waiting for you in the BX internet gangsta..

          • Charlyn Viera

            I am in no way defending who ever the hell u fighting w but I’ll be damned if someone is going to be so fucking ignorant and say dumb shit like i will shoot any mexican.. Sit yo ass down somewhere..

          • Chris Ott

            She didn’t say that word. You obviously didn’t read it.

          • Chris Ott

            And even if that’s your intent, that doesn’t make you superior to anyone.

          • cOnCrEtE rOsE

            Ignorance isn’t blind its blond…. With blue eyes…

          • Ryan Thompson

            Grow up. But at the same time as black people shit like this cant happen in public. This pure embarrassment to our race. 4 men fighing on a train. In front of children. We as a people have to do better. We have to demand respect through actions. This shit right here isnt even remotely near civilized

          • Rock Lee Johnsen

            I absolutely agree with this statement. Because of the way we are already viewed my society,
            we need to make it a point to have more decorum than any of our racial counterparts. Yes the point of the comment section is to get feed back, but look at the way you talk to one another. None of this language or name calling is needed to make a sound argument. Please for the sake of all of us stop letting the world view us like this.

          • Sirius A

            Your privilege has apparently made you retarded.

          • just me

            Really!?!? Fucking nigs!?!? Someone might want to tell you your living in a changing where white people(or crackers as someone of your standards might say it) also take offense to this type of bull shit. Grow up!!!!

        • Matt Peake

          wow your misogyny is as ugly as you bitch!

        • ManaWei

          Just for facts – T-girls have less muscle than men because we get some fucking drugs that supress the Tesosterone in our bodies, so if you get your ass kicked by a T-girl you’re a fucking looser.. period.. hell sometimes we have less muscle than bio-girls..

          • Stacey Edenfield

            Spoken like a true bitch nigga

          • BAR


          • Stacey Edenfield

            Sounds like a job for you

          • Nardia

            That’s your job to suck ass since eating shit is your specialty

          • Chaotic

            Spoken like a true ignorant bitch. Can’t believe a female like you is so fucking stupid. These bad as T-girls are definitely better women than you are.

          • Nardia

            Ha ha something you wish you could be eating shit nigga at the end of the day u could say what the fuck u want to say but u know the real deal u could never be a reallll woman no matter how much hormone shots u get or even fucked in the ass or the amount of dick u suck so shut the fuck up what I was born with u have to pay for and it’s still not real ha ha you wish u was me don’t you hahaha whooo

          • tnm

            Say it again! Funny how people hate on you for carrying a counterfeit bag, but praise you for being a counterfeit gender.

          • toure

            Probably because we look more like women than your bag looks real!…#cheap ass knockoff lol#

          • Jessica

            Man that statement is as real as its gonna get ,lights out everyone….. I love you for that how could there be a come back. It’s not possible it won’t even make sense smh I want to laugh but its not even funny

          • jay

            All you fags on here shut the fuck up, cause you all will be punished by God for your wrong doings you dumb fucks……

          • woman

            lucifer is the goddess of love and yaweh/jehova/whatever u call the god u worship is actually the god of war. i choose venus over aries any day. you are a simple being with a simple mind who does not understand shit about dick

          • allHAILme

            And you do??

          • woman

            really? it sounds like you are the one doing the punishing, you feral, unconscious animal.

          • woman

            the idea that i am more contrived being how i am when i wake up in the morning than when i try to impersonate someone like you is pretty insane.

          • toure

            Actually you dumb bitch…a pussy is nothing more than an inverted dick…your lips are ball skin..and ur ovaries are nuts…the only difference is the fact that we produce different hormones which dictates our sex physically and nothing or no obe is perfect including you #should have went to college and learned something#

          • Mrs. Somebody

            No, it’s all about ovaries and uterus’, lol, how lame of you… YOU COULD NEVER BE A WOMAN!!!! God did NOT make it that way as much as you wanna fight it!!!

          • Jessie The LESBIAN

            Really??stfu! First off,we are human and have OPTIONS to be WHATEVER TF WE WANT. Who tf are you to limit someone on what they want to be. Im glad everyone can fucking quote the bible,but cant take a page out of the book for themselves. Your big ass is over there wearing a two-fabric mixed shirt. GOD said, women should NOT wear cloth made from 2 different fabrics. Its a SIN. A man looking at a woman with LUST in his eyes, is a SIN. So dont say shit, if you arent living on the right path your damn self.

          • Mrs. Somebody

            Lol, whatever… Instead of trying to insult me, you need to be worried about yourself… Your insults don’t matter to me cause when I’m living eternal life in Heaven, It’s all good…. Obviously I’m not the only one who feels this way….

          • whyhate

            Y are we arguing about ppl choices to be whoever they choose to be…not one of us hv a heaven or he’ll to put someone in. God is a loving God..he hates sin whether it be lying, fornication, gluttony, judging others..we hv to remember that we can’t force our opinions on others. What we find in life and after is that the same judgements we have against others, when I say this I mean not just quoting scriptures, but when we do it with NO LOVE and as a means to ridicule or demean others, it’s of no benefit. Again those holier than thou folk with their noses down on other who we all know are imperfect with a non exhaustivelist of skeletons in their own closet, will be the most surprised on judgement day..stop with the hatred and putting God in the mix

          • Mrs. Somebody

            I see what you’re saying, and when I comment on God and His Word, I do it from a place of Love for everyone…. I don’t want anyone to go to Hell, and it’s kind of frustrating when people disrespect you when all your trying to do is drop knowledge.. I agree that we’re supposed to treat everyone with love and respect, but Scripture is the most important because it gives us the wisdom and knowledge we need to try and help others…. But, I understand where you’re coming from… And what do you mean about putting God in the mix? He is everything, so He’s always in the mix….

          • Carla

            Notice how you get a lot of negative feedback once God is mentioned? Also the sensitivity on gays and lesbians. Smh ain’t it ashame how ppl completely throws every small thing on the bible out of context and interpret it in their own understanding. Then again, true believers of Christ are not of this world. Light and darkness do not mix. So they will never understand the “truth” until they themselves start to seek Christ and live Christlike. Not that we are perfect but we should strive to be like Christ. You seem to know a bit of The Word. You are right, God is everything. I encourage we all brush up on the Bible and really study our scriptures, coz the devil can also quote scriptures, remember he was once an angel. Explains why these ppl are quoting scriptures, cussing, insulting and correcting each other all in one sentence. Because they don’t know better. For those who know The Word, there’s always more to learn. Knowing the Bible is not the same as living it. Amen?? God bless all.

          • woman

            jesus would call you a hypocrite. nothing you said is love, unless you consider regurgitating what the 700 club tells you to be pearls of wisdom, but anyone with half a brain knows better. idiot american, u dont have any smarts.

          • Mrs. Somebody

            You make me laugh… Please have a seat!

          • Christopher Cosper

            I’m sorry some of these gays are getting out of hand…they are super ignorant and arrogant. Do what you want it’s your body but I require respect…I don’t car what you are….I’m not a believer but that’s not my issue. Do you just respect me

          • proverbs31wm

            I agree with you, and just to add to it you never know what happened to a person, we as people should get to know someone before we judge. God is the only being that has a heaven or he’ll for use, so stop with the hatred.

          • Burgy

            It makes me laugh knowing that an ignorant piece of shit like urself, thinks she’s getting into heaven. if god is real, I highly dout he’s gana let in such a close-minded ignorant dumb ass like urself into his kingdom
            SMH HAHAHAHAHA

          • K

            If the insults didn’t offend you…then you wouldn’t be coming back at her…we all know who we got to answer to and he doesn’t treat anyone different from the other…so instead of trying to make feel little about themselves then how about uplift them in general…you don’t know that person story or anything…this could be the person to take you to the next level that God intended to be put in your life

          • Mrs. Somebody

            Just because I replied, doesn’t mean I’m offended… Just trying to open people’s mind up about God…. You shouldn’t act like you know me based on some comments I made… IJS

          • cmh716

            There is no heaven. It’s lights out when we die. Don’t defer life.

          • Mrs. Somebody

            That’s on you

          • Chris Ott

            Life is eternal. And it ain’t made possible with some omnipresent superhuman man in the clouds. We are simply spirit beings, all part of the same God consciousness, having a human experience. Deal with it.

          • Jada

            After all these negative comments back and forth. Does it make u feel good and right about yourself? Negativity will eat your soul and less postive things will come your way. Let’s just all be kind to one of another and learn to understand each other instead of bashing. In the end, we are all equal.

          • Chris Ott

            Have fun in La La Land with the omnipresent superhuman fictitious “He” that you call God. Jesus is laughing at your sheep ass for judging him based on a book that some other people wrote, that’s been changed hundreds of times since it was written. The bible was written by man. So you worship man. Fact. Lay off the TV and go out and connect with nature, since you think you’re so “natural”. Jesus was in a way like the people you’re belittling on here just to feel better about yourself. He was persecuted for being himself, and trying to spread the message of Love & power. LOVE is the answer. Unconditional! Not control. Just because you’re controlled by some religious money-grubbing war-mongering cult doesn’t mean you have the right to impose it on others. So get the fuck outta here with that hate shit.

          • Mrs. Somebody

            Lol, you can take that up with God…. Your insults are just your way of saying you know I’m right.. Lol, I';d rather be big than confused.. YOU have to answer to God about this, not me… Good luck with that.. Oh and bringing up Old Testament shi* doesn’t really impress me…. Good luck

          • James

            That’s true let him without sin cast the first stone

          • cmh716

            There is no God. Biology loves diversity.

          • whoeveriwanttobe

            If your preaching god you shouldn’t have watched this video you sinner you.

          • Mrs. Somebody

            What? I never said I wasn’t a sinner. Lol, wow…

          • woman

            it might be about that when you are being autopsied, but in real life where we actually interact with each other, its not about ovaries or any other internal organs that are invisible and irrelivant outside of biology. biology is not womanhood, it is a cold calculated study of organismal matter.

          • Mrs. Somebody

            I was talking in terms of spirituality.. I definitely don’t nee a science lesson… Take it up with God, not me.. I believe what I believe and you believe what you believe…. It’s really simple

          • Paula Bethea

            We all start out female in the womb. You’re absolutly correct. A mind is a tertible thing to waste. Biology 101.

          • Andreu Storme

            “actually you dumb bitch…” lmao

          • La’Tasha Johnson

            GOD said be fruitful and multiply.
            Two men cannot multiply.

          • Sheema Gordon


          • La’Tasha Johnson

            ha you funny you told me to shut up, that made my day thank you

          • Roberto Jayare Cortez

            Yes I love it !!!!

          • cmh716

            No, someone said that God said to be fruitful….
            Its all nonsense.

          • woman

            god did not say anything. the bible was written by men who would view you as property. also, dont give me this 2 men cant multiply tripe, humans dont have sex just to multiply. reproduction is a side effect of humanity having sex. humans did not connect sex with pregnancy for thousands of years. people fuck because its fun and its intimate and it feels good. if not, then u should hate sex and only use a syringe with cum in it when u want to get pregnant. no orgasms allowed or else you will make “god” upset

          • Honey

            God also wrote in a loophole for your men fucking eunuchs, which trannies most certainly qualify as. GO reread your scripture. When your man is out fucking my sweet ass, know he’s both in heaven and still going to heaven. ;)

          • six3darky

            How educated must you be to know if you change your sex you are a unnatural abomination

          • hell_raizah

            And 40 other fags liked this bullshit. Your whole comment is a contradiction. It can’t be the same if there’s a difference, that’s like an oxymoron that doest make sense. You also forgot to mention that there are two totally different reproductive systems in the male and female anatomy. Dumb ass fag.

          • Shaun

            Holy Fuck, go back to school or shut the fuck up!

          • d.biggins

            So not true read up on the anatomy of the human body

          • Jonah

            To be honest, that os not what makes a woman, a woman.

            A woman carries a special thing called eggs, and is born with a special housing called a womb.

            No matter how much we all as humans try to choose some tthings, of the survival of our species is not the priority, we fail to grasp the gift that GOD has given us.

            We all do have free will, true.
            And we can all do whatever we wish with our lives.
            But, in the end, there will be a final tally that will conclude our lives.

            Did we choose to add to our species, Or take away from it?

            I don’t hate anyone, but love everyone.

            I just want my sons to have a fair chance in life.

          • Ashley Marie #Leo

            and with all that said u still cant truly make a baby with a man, you cannot make a baby out of love.. you can not breed a child that is half yours and half your lovers. You can not look at your child and see your man features and yours at the same time.. your child will never have your DNA and your lovers DNA… you can get fake breast but the soul purpose of breast are to nurse a baby you just gave birth to, for milk to flow from it freely… THIS is the true essence of a woman… on the surface you can play the role, but the underlying components will always give you away

          • woman

            if you isolate a man on a tropical island alone with an infant, the man will begin to lactate. every human has nipples. u are wrong. womanhood is not about making babies unless you live somewhere that considers you your husband’s property, and u dont live there since u are commenting here,

          • Chris Ott

            Every fetus in the womb starts out as a female. Fact.

          • James

            This is true

          • Velma Pickett

            This is not what God made us for. what u please. ..

          • bbc

            Look like one guy tried to get his freak on with the naked one

          • La’Tasha Johnson

            Good tell im girl, they mad. They ain’t a real woman.

          • Sirius A

            A man who is so insecure with whatever the fuck happened with his crazy ass and decides to emulate the lowest class of women – a street walking overdone loud mouth maniacal attention whore is better than the natural XX queen of the earth? Ha – nice try shit wipe.

          • Mrs. Somebody

            Trannies will NEVER IN EVER of EVERS be a woman…. Can you carry a baby and deliver one? Get yo life sir….

          • Guest

            Not all women can can carry or deliver a child so does that make them less female? Did you not see the guy that was pregnant? Just trying to get a clear point to what you are asking.

          • LaughingLikeShit

            That was a female who acted as the male roll… Smh

          • Jessie The LESBIAN

            Stfu..ugh!!its spelled ROLE. And there was a recent showing of a MAN that was pregnant. The WOMAN that was a TRANSGENDER,virtually a damn male,had a baby in the early 90s.Do your research while you think you can shake your head!

          • Andreu Storme

            I wouldnt fight one if I were you

          • James

            I agree with u all day they r

          • James

            Some tgirls are better woman then woman now a days not all but some for the fact that some womem wanna be the man act like a man r is just too mean when most t girls are sweet compassionante submissive and patient some women are to but not all

          • James

            I agree with u they are

          • remedy

            A man who is uncomfortable with himself and tries to belittle another person because if their choice of living is weak resulting to violence because u are unsure of yourself or threatened by another human lifestyle is wack they are still human nobody should be judged

          • hell_raizah

            Shut tha fuck up with that weak ass speech! U either part of problem or part of the solution, sound like people like u only adds fuel to the problem dumb ass fag!

          • Janice Freemaan

            Ur so right!!

          • Niky-Nelz

            Or secretly attracted to them and don’t want to be clowned for it… things to make you go hmmm….

          • Flee


          • Marcus Roberts


          • Treats Threads


          • Marcell Jamal

            This just fucked me up

          • Treats Threads


          • Ashley Marie #Leo

            you dont have less muscles than a bio girl naturally..If you and a bio girl were exercising the same amount u would always be bigger.. and of course when u let nature takes it course then u can never compare the 2.. just keep the comparison between men.. Bc if thats the case then theres bio girls who have bigger muscles then straight men with testosterone, but still even that’s by choice. A woman is never more muscular than a man naturally, she has to work out twice as hard to get half the definition he gets. This goes for trannies too bc even if your testosterone is suppressed u can miss 1 or 2 pills and instantly start looking like a man again.. Bc its suppressed NOT non existent

          • Chris Ott

            *Applause* Bravo, spoken like a true fanatic spectator! Because you’ve been there so you know everything, don’t you??

          • Stunaboy

            Bitch Nigga

          • Niky-Nelz


        • DEE


        • Fuck you

          Kill yourself you fucking whore

        • Twentyfour

          “AT” the end of the day people are who the say they are. If you can’t respect that then why should anyone respect you…

          • Donnie Nickerson

            You say people are who they are. But people are steady trying to change themselves from one sex to another. Sounds to me they never respected themselves from the start. So how can you expect other people to respect them.

          • Charlyn Viera

            You are extremely ignorant. Transgendered ppl transition because they want their bodies to match who they really are. How dare you judge another human being for living their own life the way they see fit.. Why don’t you mind your business and get a life of your own..

          • fastcars77ub

            Either your a man or woman. When you was born, that’s what you were.More or less chromosomes, it’s not rocket science. When altered your body to create what your not is wrong. Your living a lie to yourself and others. First off how can I respect you when you living a lie..

          • Donnie Nickerson

            Your totally wrong, more like they are transitioning to who they want to be. How am I judging someone i just stating the facts. If your not happy with the sex you were born with and you feel the need to change it. Then obviously you dont respect yourself. People always try and find ways to justifiy their wrong doings in order for it to fit their life styles. As for minding my own business, the whole point of having a comment section at the end of a article is to gather peoples opinions whether its positive or negative. You have your thoughts and I have mines.

          • Jessie The LESBIAN

            Im sorry, you must have had a hand in creating everyone. Otherwise, how the hell can you say what is wrong or right?? Oh, I see…you must be God’s right hand man huh?? Just stop, you sound ridiculously ignorant. And the people liking what you said are as ignorant and have the SMALLEST minds known to mankind. I am betting that everyone who liked your comment,including yourself, all have something SERIOUSLY wrong in your own damn household and/or life and you feel like VOICING your opinion when it definitely wasnt needed, is a way to make your situation seem/look like isnt worse by comparison. You should all meet up and drink the poison spiked punch together. You sound like you belong to a damn cult.

          • pj

            Well said darlin, I’m straight white male, and believe EVERYONE has the right to do whatever the fuck they want without be judged by anyone. Be yourself, fuck haters

          • Mrs. Somebody

            Nope, if that was the case, there would be no prisons and murder would be okay…. It’s about pleasing God and NOT our flesh….. Ya’ll gon learn to watch your mouths…. If it was okay, God would have made Adam and Adam…. God created a woman specifically for man…. You don’t have to have a college degree to know that…

          • Anti-ignorant

            god is not real!

          • weedie

            Oh see now, you done went too damn far. God is real!! And you’re gonna find out the hard way. Watch what I tell ya!!!

          • woman

            god does not exist you vapid waste of space.

          • Mrs. Somebody

            Lol, so you think this will stop me from believing?

          • woman

            i don’t care what you choose to believe. i do care if you think imposing those beliefs on others via politics, hatred, or violence is somehow ok to do.

          • weedie

            Seems like you’re the vapid waste of space. GOD IS GONNA GET YO DUMB FUCKIN ASS FOR THAT 1.

          • Chris Ott

            Jeez, it was one fucking couple. Adam and Eve don’t speak for all creations. How hard is that to comprehend? All these events you’re referring to supposedly “happened” 2000-3000 years ago. Humanity is 200,000 years old missy!! When you gonna figure that out?

          • Mrs. Somebody

            Think what you will, when my Father returns, you’ll see… Just like I can’t change your mind, you’ll NEVER change mine so just STOP commenting…

          • Chris Ott

            Girl, when you gonna learn that our spirits created our bodies and knew what we were going to experience. Trans folk are here for a purpose just like everyone else is. 7 billion different humans on earth right now with a different path, yet not a damn one of them is separate.

          • Mrs. Somebody

            Don’t know about you, but God created me…

          • Mrs. Somebody

            How does this possibly make any sense? Who they really are? You sound so ridiculous!!!!! And you have the nerve to call some one else ignorant…. It’s not about judgment, it’s about right and wrong.. And being a Transgender is definitely wrong!!! DOn’t believe me just watch….

          • Mrs. Key

            You cannot push your beliefs onto someone who clearly does not want them. I believe in God but at the same time I don’t argue my beliefs. Now that’s not cool. That’s my 2 cents for the day.

          • Mrs. Somebody

            Thanks for the two cents…. It doesn’t matter to me, but thanks..

          • woman

            transsexual women are a real thing. get over it you weak hearted bigot. you are sitting here basically saying that the woman being stripped of all her clothes and beaten in front of everyone is somehow fine because her genitalia did not match what your tunnel-visioned reality thinks it should? people like you are the reason that suffering exists. go wake up early on the sabbath and drink the blood of an archetype that represents the suffering of peacemakers, you evil disgusting hypocrite.

          • Mrs. Somebody


          • Chris Ott

            See what religion does to you people? It divides, it tears people apart, it promotes war, it feeds hate, it destroys love. All in the name of a storybook of man-written, and man-altered, prophecies. And that goes for any religion that believes they’re the only ones who are ‘right’, or that they’re somehow superior to others.

          • Mrs. Somebody

            I’m going by what the Bible says… Get off my feed, your advice is useless to me…

          • Mrs. Somebody


          • Chris Ott

            That’s all you “Christians” got?? A bunch of empty threats and man worshipping? Please stop degrading yourself by speaking for the awesome guy known as Jesus Christ, who came here to show people can be just as powerful and ever-loving as he. He’ll do just fine speaking for himself.

          • woman

            the fact that you think you actually believe in hell is not an excuse to create hell for people who are smart enough to know what a masochistic idea it is to worship the fear of death.

          • James

            Can i have your phone number

          • Barry organ

            Never thought about that way I agree .

          • Chris Ott

            No, you just don’t know anything else, so you’re participating in the act of sideline judging & a little brown nosing.

          • Jessie The LESBIAN

            Ignorant. Period point blank![

          • Twentyfour

            You’re either trolling or fucking stupid. You go right ahead and disrespect trans-women out there like these dumb suspect niggaz did and see how that works out for you.

        • lovehate


        • Vanessa Victoria

          Actually that’s not true, ice been on hormones for 8 years & half of my strength is gone. But that’s if ur on estrogen

          • James

            Hey im james

          • James

            Can I have your number

        • Mrs. Somebody

          Lol, exactly… They were all men fighting…..

        • Renada MsKnocka Warren


        • woman

          thats literally not true… maybe for the one talking shit, but for the one who got stripped naked and beaten, she actually takes estrogen and probably has less testosterone in her blood than YOU. like literally…. science bitch.

      • toya b.

        Yes..idk why people think a gay mam is not a man…youll FUCC round nd go nite nite nigga …im a real woman..but i Absolutely luv me sum gay men as friends. .their way more loyal nd real then your real female associates nd you will have a ball partyin wit em….my opinion

      • donzo

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        • Charlyn Viera

          Please learn correct grammer before you try and insult people..

      • C Brad Sco

        Latif, how are you doing? Wow its been quite a few years. Are you still with BOE?

    • Mr. J Rothschild


    • BeBe

      Not the one who clothes came off. He can’t fight. I know real females that whip niggas from left to right. I’m sorry.

      • Roberto Jayare Cortez

        Well She didn’t have to do much And AS WE BOTH SAW. . SHE TOSSED HIS ASSS AND THATS A FOR EFFORT

        • killem softly

          Yo bitch ass must be gay to cause you doing a lot of dick riding for them trannies lmfao

          • Roberto Jayare Cortez

            Nigga Fuck youuuuu…. not ur bizNess if I am or not.. why don’t you stop dick riding my comments hoe…. check the main comment.281 LIKES AND COUNTING… you are politically incorrect cause hundreds approved my message bitch…HATE AND MOVE ON

          • killem softly

            Eat a dick you like whore lol

          • theonewhoknows

            dude you got #1 because you were the first to post, thats how this shit works on the internet brother. Sheep follow the leader, which is not hard to be online, just have to snap that comment up first. No one has any clue what the fuck your talking about anyways so it does not matter. Seriously man, where the fuck did you learn how to type and string together words? I mean I get that its ghetto slang bullshit but none of that shit matters unless you are stuck in the ghetto. Peace.

          • Roberto Jayare Cortez


          • Turlepowered


          • Jason Murdoch

            Gem em!

          • Jason Murdoch

            You’re the type to suck dick behind close doors… and then you run around calling people gay this that and the other… compensating much?

          • Bob Richfield

            “takes one to know one”
            and sight one and spot one. like J. Edgar Hoover. If anybody could spot a queer it’d be you, my friend.

          • Jason Murdoch

            Please leave your “I know you are but what am I” insults back in kindergarten where they belong you pathetic pleb.

          • Matt Peake

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    • jacob lay

      Nigga,,that bitch was grabbing that guy dreads,,he was beating that tanny bitch ass.the other dude was throwing hands just as good as that dam tranny

      • Roberto Jayare Cortez


        • jacob lay

          Yea alright…Looking at your picture you have dreads too nigga,,when the day come for you to fight a tranny and a bitch grabbing your dam dreads we will see,,,we will see who winning lmfao…

          • Chris Ott

            No, Roberto doesn’t start shit with people for no reason, so I don’t see that fight as likely.

        • d

          Ctfu yall bath sound like some bitches

          • Roberto Jayare Cortez


          • CeCe

            lmao <3

          • Chris Ott

            Y’all bath sound like some bitches? How does that work? Is this some new gadget I need to know about? :3

        • kiddPrince

          Yess u be going off I ❤️ it

        • dollbabii

          yes like they was fucking the straight men up for real ….but of course the straight men on here want to prove they straight so they going say the straight men beat lol

        • bigheaven

          Man you are right,,,,,,,I dont care who it is every body need to be showed respect,,,,,,We as people in

      • Eric LoBianco

        I’m pretty sure the dude through a kick at the start and they had their hair too tho…. so not really relevant big one beat up the little black dude though after talking all the gay shyt they just look like punks itd be sad if they got into a fight with someone who could actually fight cause they had no hands either of the straight dudes they were wack talking shyt he was mad when he said what u got lmfao broke ass nigga aint got anything thats why he was mad =/. They were throwing hands just as good as the trannys (not better) lol they got rekt considering everyone wants to point out the tranny part.

      • Adiya Queen

        I agree them faggots got they ass whooped

        • And what.

          You should be grateful he didn’t snatch your wig off baby.

        • Curt

          You are a fucking idiot.

        • Matt Peake

          ugly whore shut your nigger mouth

          • Cammi Smith

            Okay that’s uncalled for. She may be ignorant as hell but that doesn’t give you the right to be a racist.

          • Chris Ott

            Well, you know what, her comment was as racist as his….

          • girltotallydisgusted

            Was the nigger comment necessary?? All this is bull. It was disgusting to say the least. Why the fuck you working hard to be a woman and still got a dick in between your legs?? Thats disgusting. Dude in the dreads should have choke that dude out!! Small dude got beat up by fat dude. At the end of the day this was 4 dudes fighting, in costumes!! I dgaf what pill you take you still a man… not WOMAN

          • Chris Ott

            You have a problem with being called a nigger, but you think it’s okay for you to call a woman a man, or vice versa? Is this karma running its course or is it?

          • MATTEATSDICK


          • Chris Ott

            And so what if he did eat a dick. It wasn’t yours. What’s it to you?

          • donald

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          • Chris Ott

            That’s right. The only thing that matters about people are their price tags, right? How much money is someone worth? Seems to me like that mentality would actually make everyone a slave. You really care about someone’s net worth over how much love someone has to share with the world? Smh, you’re no different than the “cracka”.

          • just me

            On your page you clearly like to call people ignorant when in fact you are the ignorant one in this case. While I do not agree with what she said that still does not justify you calling her or anyone else a “nigger”

          • Chris Ott

            And while you don’t agree with what he said, that doesn’t give her the right to call someone the opposite gender of who they are, with disrespect fully intended. Neither pun was worse than the other.

        • fdc

          What fight you watched? Cause them trannies lay the smack down on the subway

          • dollbabii

            they did and all these mutha fucckas on here mad lol

          • Mark

            The faggot that took his clothes off lost, we can clearly see that at the end apparently, but the bigger faggot beat the small dude by a little bit. Plus yall trying to boost of the faggots like this fight was really something. One lost. One won…. It was whack as hell and disgusting either way……

        • al jones

          i disagree nig

      • Bianca Wilson

        No he wasnt. Your wrong.

      • James Holiday

        He swung and hit that girl first…!!

        • Trey B DaMuzik

          What girl?

          • Sarah

            Just because they are transsexual men don’t mean they cant be woman. Its called respect and if you don’t have it you are no better then the guy who started the fight and sexually assaulted the other tranny there :/

          • U r ridiculous

            um.. EXCUSE ME..They are NOT WOMEN!!! PERIOD!!!

          • Macprincess

            They are transgendered women. People are disrespectful. Let those two be who they are! If this was my brother or dad or whoever I would want someone to help them instead of recording it. Somewhere down the line we have lost the most basic instinct for humanity. Somethig is wrong when we see other people being hurt and the first thing we do is pull out a camera. Smh.

          • Twentyfour

            Who gives a fuck what you think! Get a fuckin job, jackass!

          • Chris Ott

            Says who? You don’t own them. Nor does anyone else. You own you, and that’s it. Deal with it.

          • jarie

            They aren’t women. I’m not a homophobe nor do I discriminate but just because they have boobs and a vagina, that doesn’t make them women. Women have, a uterus, fallopian tubes, and a XX chromosome. Let not disregard common sense in the sake of equality.

          • Rock Lee Johnsen

            That isnt true, many women are born without female reproductive organs, and we still call them women. Or women who must have them removed, we still call them women. and an increasing part of the population is being born gender normative which means they are women who are born with an X and Y Chromosome, and they are still women.

          • RasheemaPriddygalMcClain

            You seem like a smart guy but you are wrong, women who are born gender normative are born with an extra chromosome “XXY” thus still making them of an “XX” chromosome, there are also no medical cases of a woman born without female reproductive organs however there have been cases where women had both male and female internal organs (XXY) and also women with female reproductive organs but no clear vagina, either it never fully developed or they had an extra chromosome which caused them to develop a penis. Women who have had there organs removed still at some point was naturally born with female reproductive organs thus still making them a female, it’s actually quite ignorant of you to bring up that comparison especially given that most women who had to have some sort of hysterectomy was due to a medical condition, not by choice.(ps. I am currently in school studying this particular subject)

          • Rock Lee Johnsen

            it isnt ignorant for me to bring that up based on the content of what I was replying to. I was making the point that there is more to the story than just being one way or another, and further more it isnt anyones place to make judgements based on perceptions. so thanks.

          • Rock Lee Johnsen

            And when you study more youll find that I am right, some women are born without specific reproductive organs. which to applies to the content of what I was replying too.

          • RasheemaPriddygalMcClain

            Being born without some of the reproductive system is not the same as not being born without any at all. It is in fact true that some women were born without certain parts of the female reproductive system but there has never been a case of a woman being born without the female reproductive system, therefore if you chose to use an example don’t pick and chose to make it seem as though it is possible for a female to be born without the reproductive system because that is in fact untrue. The most common defect is being born without a vagina but there has not been a case of a female biologically born without a female reproductive system. The most unique however was the woman born without a uterus but she still have fallopian tubes, ovaries and a vagina. It hasn’t happened biologically with a female born without the reproductive system

          • Rock Lee Johnsen

            And again your spouting doesnt change the context of my reply or the reason for me stating it. I dont care! the point is that some women are born without the necessary parts for reproduction and they are still women, so someone who is transitioning or has it still considered a woman. It doesnt matter if it is biological in nature or not. Because nature doesnt always get it right. People would be transitioning in such number if nature did.

          • RasheemaPriddygalMcClain

            Nope sorry, a women will always have some or all her reproductive parts biologically intact. You either have male, female or a bit of both (in this case, hell biologically you’re entitled to choose) Someone who is transitioning can only have a vagina recreated therefore still limiting them to a vast majority of the female reproductive system. What makes a woman genetically a woman is what her internal organs says about her, which is why there have been cases where someone appeared physically a male but internally (biologically, internal organs) they were female, rather you want to accept that or not, women have reproductive parts that can not be duplicated because that’s the way God intended for things to be, I don’t want to change your opinion I’m simply stating scientific readily facts that are available to anyone who chose to learn. Don’t try to use science to back up why they should be considered women because science does not support. The humane factor of the situation however should be taken into consideration if they feel female then perhaps that’s what they should be referred to as but biologically they will still be male, so just because there are women who had to have parts removed for health reason, or because there are some females who don’t have the complete reproductive system does not mean they are not female, their DNA says and always will speak that they are just as the same applies to a female transitioning to a male..women have parts that can not be duplicated, the vagina is not what makes a woman a woman, her internal (reproductive parts) are..sorry to throw knowledge out there but this is a touchy subject when it boils down to science

          • Rock Lee Johnsen

            Ok now I think your trying to make a different arguemet, not all persons considered to be women are born with all the necessary part for female reproduction. God has nothing to do with anything were talking about science and god has no place InThe discussion. But mental state absolutely does. No one is claiming that reproductive parts can be reproduced. So you’re trying to take the discussion to somewhere else. After you have a viginia whether born with or man made you are a woman. You may have a Y chromosome in you DNA but some women do to from a biological stand point. But I do have to say it’s been fun debating.

          • Rock Lee Johnsen

            Ok now I think your trying to make a different arguemet, not all persons considered to be women are born with all the necessary part for female reproduction. God has nothing to do with anything were talking about science and god has no place InThe discussion. But mental state absolutely does. No one is claiming that reproductive parts can be reproduced. So you’re trying to take the discussion to somewhere else. After you have a viginia whether born with or man made you are a woman. You may have a Y chromosome in you DNA but some women do to from a biological stand point. But I do have to say it’s been fun debating.

          • RasheemaPriddygalMcClain

            It is fun debating because you are actually intelligent, I can tell by your replies. It’s fun when you can debate with someone who has a little bit of knowledge but perhaps we are arguing two different debates. Mine is to be considered female biologically you have to have more than just a vagina. So to say a Trangender woman is a woman because they have a vagina is oversimplification of the female anatomy. Typically those who are normative have both testes as well as ovaries and either a penis or a vagina physically present. I believe a Transgender woman should be considered woman because mentally they feel that way, the psyche plays a huge part of who someone is, I just don’t like it when people try to use science to explain it because scientifically it can’t be explained. Women are born with more than just a vagina, the vagina is only a small and I mean very small part of the female reproductive system, to be considered female, a vagina doesn’t even have to be present however one of the primary internal reproductive parts must be. Those are the parts that can not be duplicated, those are the parts that makes you a woman.

          • Nope

            OMG it’s a pointless argument, because he’s looking for any kind of silly, unjustifiable excuse to support his unintelligent claims. You have made your point very clear and I agree with you. Transgender men were not born with any natural female reproductive organs, not a single one. Consequently, they are perpetrators, not real women. They are wannabes. He needs to get over it and stop arguing that nonsense. He is probably in the process of having a sex change and wants to continue lying to himself because it makes him feel better about himself and insecurities. That’s why he’s pushing a pointless argument. I like when people argue and use legitimate, intelligent answers to support their particular stance in a debate. I loathe when people use all kinds of ridiculous, nonsensical answers to back a debate. Everything he keeps bringing up as an argument to sound right, you’ve already covered in your last three responses. However, he refuses to see it, because he wants to be right regardless but lacks intellect.

          • Nope

            It’s very simple, but in modern society people choose to make certain things complicated for no dang reason. If you were born with male reproductive organs you’re a man. If you’re born with female reproductive organs, you’re a female. If you’re born with both, you’re inter-sexed and have the right to chose which role you would like to play in society. If you kill 30 people you’re a serial killer, even if you now have a brain transplant and said it was you’re original brain that made you do it, not your new brain. If you went to medical school and graduated – you’re a doctor, even if you don’t practice, etc. If you pay and have a sex change, you are still what ever sex you were biologically born as. I don’t care what lies you tell yourself, what lies other people tell you and what contemporary corrupted society says. However, I’m not going to judge you and treat you as lesser than, if you’re gay or have had a sex change I have better things to do with my life than treat someone like trash unless you’ve done something terrible to me in life. Carry on.

          • RasheemaPriddygalMcClain

            It is fun debating because you are actually intelligent, I can tell by your replies. It’s fun when you can debate with someone who has a little bit of knowledge but perhaps we are arguing two different debates. Mine is to be considered female biologically you have to have more than just a vagina. So to say a Trangender woman is a woman because they have a vagina is oversimplification of the female anatomy. Typically those who are normative have both testes as well as ovaries and either a penis or a vagina physically present. I believe a Transgender woman should be considered woman because mentally they feel that way, the psyche plays a huge part of who someone is, I just don’t like it when people try to use science to explain it because scientifically it can’t be explained. Women are born with more than just a vagina, the vagina is only a small and I mean very small part of the female reproductive system, to be considered female, a vagina doesn’t even have to be present however one of the primary internal reproductive parts must be. Those are the parts that can not be duplicated, those are the parts that makes you a woman.

          • Rock Lee Johnsen

            And further more, some normative women have testies although inverted but they are still women, and considered so by science.

          • Devedre That’s Daved Slaughter

            Not being funny or anything but are you a doctor?

          • RasheemaPriddygalMcClain

            No I am not but as I previously stated this is my particular field of study meaning I am college educated about this particular subject. Currently writing a research paper about it. The information that I have stated is currently available information. You don’t have to be a “doctor” to be educated on this subject matter, it’s called going to school and learning.

          • Chris Ott

            Oh, okay, well some transsexuals have male genitals and female chromosomes. There are also intersexed, where people are born with both parts. Just cuz you weren’t born like that don’t give you the right to judge others. Gtfo with yo chauvinist bullshit. Let’s not disregard equality for the sake of man.

          • 671crs

            So what about when women have histerectomies? They remove their fallopian tubes, uterus and ovaries. Does that automatically mean theyre not women anymore? Close-minded much. Just saying.

          • Donnie Nickerson

            If you were born a man no matter what you do, you will always be a man. You may can change your outside appearence but inside your still a man.

          • Rachel B

            They are not women! God gives you the sex member he wants you to have and that’s it! You can’t manufacture not having a uterus or ovaries! Period! No Pun intended.

          • Grant Baumgardner

            are you blind??? would a woman to man transgender look like a flat-chested woman if they were in the same situation? no, they aren’t as accepted as they should be, but they should and are supposed to be considered what it says on their license. parts are all that matter, huh?

          • Suck me

            Take a razor blade and cutt long ways you worthless narrow minded dick

          • Suck me

            Take a razor blade and cutt long ways you narrow minded cunt

          • Chris Ott

            Careful. In some cultures, ‘cunt’ is considered a compliment, or term of endearment, believe it or not, lol.

        • Stacey Edenfield

          What girl, …..thats a fag with shots

      • Lenny L Boogie Harris

        What fight were YOU watching? The beat the snot outta those dudes. The guy talking stuff at the end was just trying to hype the crowd

      • Awkwardness

        Yup the guy held his own against the naked abomination, had him/er choked out in the ground. Fat fuck did whoop the skinny loud mouth up tho.

    • Patti Cake

      Lmao!!! They sure did!!!

    • lisa


    • tyshancoleman

      Yo that shit true u good in my book bro

    • Bianca Wilson

      I agree! U said it!

    • EBB


    • emma

      It’s really funny to humiliate and dehumanize someone isn’t it? Your lack of empathy for another member of the human race (because they’re different and it terrifies you) is shocking. Same reaction white people had to black people “they’re not like us, so let’s degrade them”.
      Wake the fuck up people! It’s 2014, we need to evolve through education and tolerance. We love to make divisions and label people, but at the end of the day whether you like it or not, we’re all the same. If you think beating someone is the way to prove you’re better you’ve already lost. All that proves is that you’re pig ignorant and proud.

      • Roberto Jayare Cortez

        Ummmm what are u talking about? ?? Are u talking to me???

        • theonewhoknows

          of course he/she is, it has YOUR NAME in the correspondence…

          • Roberto Jayare Cortez

            Well first of all doll… you sound real dumb because they are transsexuals and I’m gay so if you don’t know our lingo.. then do us a favor for OUR GENERAL POPULATION.. AND SHUT THE FUCK UP!BOTH OF YOU… STAY THE FUCK OFF MY COMMENTS

          • Chris Ott

            Obviously this “theonewhoknows” (who doesn’t) guy was trying to stir the pot.

        • Chris Ott

          For the sake of peace & love, give that girl the benefit of the doubt here, please. Her statement looks more like an addendum to yours, she’s certainly not countering what you said, boo. I applaud what both of you said, but when I got to her comment, I’d read so much bullshit, it was like a sigh of relief to see that.

      • Nisa T.

        Emma, are you sure you’ve got the right person? *rsises brow*

      • Bob Richfield

        shut the fuck up. IT NEVER GETS BETTER. ever! stuff some goddamn bible shit up inside your heart. It’s the women and their uncontrollable men I tell you!

      • Chris Ott

        THIS^^ THANK YOU!! <3

    • Sebuh


    • Al Love Lee

      Lol I so argree

    • ManaWei

      You need to fucking stop useing the word “Trannie” WE dont fucking like it.. Im not calling you a nigger so dont call us trannies..

      Anyway, just for facts – T-girls have less muscle than men because we get some fucking drugs that supress the Tesosterone in our bodies, so if you get your ass kicked by a T-girl you’re a fucking looser.. period.. hell sometimes we have less muscle than bio-girls..

      • Roberto Jayare Cortez


        • Bob Richfield

          com… comm… union? unity! com… WHAT.
          social security and welfare checks?
          WHAT! shit

          • Roberto Jayare Cortez

            Eat A Fat Dick…… Welfare check Dat bitch!!

          • Bob Richfield

            ewwwww. please hang. fall dead in a swamp like on that movie. squeel.

          • Roberto Jayare Cortez

            With a name like Bob… your momma hung you at birth with that dry ass name bitch

      • Tranny McTranny

        Ummm “trannie/ tranny” is NOT a derogatory word just because you and a VERY VERY FEW others decided it was. And it does not have deep roots in slavery like the word n**ger does, so stop comparing the 2 words because they are NOT from similar repressive, murderous origins.

        • Chris Ott

          It is often used to describe porn stars and sex workers. It would be a false generalization to assume that all transsexuals are sex workers. Just like it ain’t cool to call every woman a ‘ho’. I personally am not offended by it, by I prefer to not be called it. It often comes out as sounding like a joke, and I can tell you my life is not a joke…

    • dafd

      don’t get why the straight was talking like he won that fight at the end…lmao

    • Beautifull

      Ha!..u said that

    • DEE


      • Roberto Jayare Cortez


        • Bob Richfield

          my Dad sold tricked out Nissans on Peach Orchard and Washington road in Augusta, Georgia.

    • Christine Chrissy Hatcher


    • tj

      Idk….P OK like big boy handle him…

    • nardia

      Those are nigga’s too them fagots got what they deserve they did not beat no body the straight guys faced them up nasty mother fuckers

      • Roberto Jayare Cortez


    • Jorge Caicedo

      I have to agree..I was rolling when they started handling up…

    • Virgo K

      Right I agree. They thought they were about to whoop those trannies. They forgot that they are biologically MEN too. Lol they tried it and got they ass beat

    • Cal ReShelle Ochoa

      Hell yeah they was! It just made it 1,000,000,000 times worse that he got his ass whooped by a naked gay dude. But whatever

    • justme

      Shit no…that trannie got his beat..balls n all hanging out..with them fake tits..eww…but shit they all niggas so wtf..but eww

    • Shell

      Trannies are still mans at the end of the day but they most definitely got off

    • Sheema Gordon

      lol right………………….LMFAO

    • Ebony Hunt

      I agree Roberto

    • malik

      Lmao you funny is hell

    • Darren


      • Roberto Jayare Cortez


    • Takelia

      Exactly! Who are we took look down on another; regardless of what gender they claim. Thats none of our damn business. Which is why those Queens mopped the floor with his ass!!! #niggasmindurbusiness

  • lmaoatfools

    there is a reason why the one in the green is gay smh why his pee pee so tiny lol

    • Seemingly Random Penguin

      you would like it bigger right? Why you analyzing his dick for?

    • A N

      Science is Awesome! Due to the hormones that create homosexual males in the uterus, homosexual men experience larger penile sizes then hetero-sexual men.

      • D. Devine

        A N is right.

      • Mike Surreal

        Oh HELL no! STOP saying DUMB ass BULLSHIT, FAIRYTAILS, FICTION…and downright LIES…and tryin to pass them off as “science” and “science facts”. CUT that BULLSHIT OUT!!!

        Its AMAIZING how mentally ill, SICK, and DELUDED homosexuals and their supporters are!! Look at you, you sat right there and CREATED and TOLD a BLATANT lie, tried to pass it off as facts…with a STRAIGHT FACE.

        NO homosexual is born that way, and THAT is SCIENCE/ SCIENITIFIC FACT! AND I can prove that. And whats worse is, when you DELUSIONAL ASS SICKOS do that….other BRAINDEAD, CLUELESS baffoons, beleive you, without checking to see it its true. CUT THAT DUMB SHIT OUT CLOWN!

  • Dee

    I have this feeling that the guy that came at them might be on the DL…

    • bg


  • James Morris

    Miss thing did what she had to do. Take it all off. lol I bet they want fuck wit another trans woman…

    • D. Devine

      James is beautiful.

      • angel

        No you are lol

  • eddie cain

    Mmmmm tht booty tho

  • Eric Evans Dejuan

    kinda video player is this. Shit keeps buffering like Real Player in 1998

    • Roger Wall

      IKR? Had to keep pulling the circle back to the beginning for it to play all the way through without buffering . . . what I am doing now anyways. Haven’t seen the full video yet. Might be Verizon “high speed” internet that’s the problem also.

    • kellis

      not real player tho…

  • NonyaBiz

    I know there are mad DL niggas in ATL… They all wanted to suck that trannies titties lol … Ill never date a man from ATL lol im sorry.

    • janay

      Yess Im not messing with no ATL dudes … They gotta be on the DL

    • foulmouth

      & you sitting there just looking at em…

    • Mike Surreal

      smart…if i was a female, i wouldnt either. 4real

  • DaRuddest


    How he talking shit after her got that ass whooped?

  • nickname101

    but why is a grown ass man pulling hair though???lmao

    • iight

      Wow I know one of them use to live in apartment complex I managed. …lol

  • Dany

    I bet them niggas want try no other opposite gender again

  • noah samuels

    I hate, hate, hate fighting but not too long ago I ended up fight a transgender person who I didn’t actually know was transgender until after we had already thrown some blows….there seems to be a pattern with transgender people wanting to strip down mid-fight for the sake of it.

  • justbeingme

    its not funny to me…I think its a shame and a disgrace all around. its sad that the world will not allow people to live their lives as they please without prejudices. I am a 26 year old intersexual. meaning I was born with a vagina and a penis… I walk, talk, and live as a girl every day.. I have natural breasts and have never taken hormones of any kind. I am fit, petite, and a law school graduate. I have naturally long curly hair.. yet, I am always cautious of my surrounding. I don’t reveal my condition to no one because this is the type of hatred that I fear. my heart goes out to the two transsexuals in the video. I just don’t understand why 2 supposedly straight men would be so concern with these 2 strangers. it doesn’t ad up to me, at all… we all need the grace of God

    • Tee Tee

      Amen…may god continue to bless you and love you live your life as you do you’re strong person.

    • Lashanda Tilmon

      Dont let no one or nothing deny you of your self. You and only God knows how he made you… there just insecure. About themselves. Do you… behind ya 100%

    • jon

      Please contact me. I have been searching for someone like you my whole life. Don’t ask me why I just have. Jon6927 at gmail .

    • Billy

      Sweet heart you were born like that with no choice but they made a choice the bible destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah for the choices they made for wanting to sleep with other men. That is not natural God specifically made man and woman to reproduce and to replenish the earth

      • realtalk

        Please tell me when you decided to be straight?

      • dompyrite

        The bible can’t destroy a place, dumb ass.

      • =rites

        Shut up, ho.

    • Andy Salas

      The moment you bring “god” into the equation, things go to shit. Why? Because imaginary entities can be hateful or loving depending on how the person who imagines them is or feels. You were born that way because of a little evolutionary glitch in the system, which may or may not have its perks. There is nothing intrinsically bad about people who don’t fit the gender or sexual binary, but religion brainwashes people into thinking the opposite. You have to fit their little model or you’re an abomination in the eyes of their “god.” Only knowledge and understanding of the real world can and will make society better for everyone.

      • Real American

        More hypocrisy. You condemn those who show their religion, but celebrate faggots showing off their homosexuality. You’re an ignorant dumb ass and you’re also part of the problem with the world today. Less people like you “will make society better for everyone.”

      • JahisLove

        Please stop dude. You are not helping your cause by striking down another. God loves you and everyone. He does not hate anyone, it is the people that interpret his word for their own selfish reasons that spread hate. You clearly have not had a personal relationship with God so why are you talking ill of our creator? I dont care if you believe in God or not but don’t turn into the oppressor that you are trying to fight against by attacking our beliefs. If you must, attack THEM because not everyone who believes in God thinks that anyone from the LGBT community is sinful because of who they are attracted to or how they identify with their gender and/or sexuality. It seems as though you have dealt with people in your life who use God’s name to justify their hate towards you but don’t spread even more hate. Love is the key to everything!

        • Andy Salas

          I can’t have a personal relationship with something that doesn’t exist.

          • JahisLove

            hahaha well I hope you see through your misguided ideas and find happiness. Hating on others and your creator is definitely not the key to happiness. Peace and Love.

          • Andy Salas

            Read the comments here and you’ll see that those who are hating are the ones who think their “creator” doesn’t like gays or transgenders. I base my opinions on science and reality, not myth and superstition. That leaves me with no reason to hate others whose sexual orientation or gender identity is different from mine, whereas all these people hate on others because their imaginary sky daddy gets butthurt when men like to take it up the ass.

          • Real American

            We’ll see what’s “imaginary” when your ass is roasting in hell, faggot. You’ll wish you didn’t do all this showing off in this comment section when your ass is dammed.

          • Andy Salas

            You’re hilarious. Who is sending me to hell, by the way? Is that the god who lets children starve but is too busy hooking people up on Christian mingle?

          • hahaurgay

            I wish all these fags would just stfu and go finish sucking and fucking that aids infected dick u riding

    • Destro Williams

      What u have is a condition,not a choice.thays a huge diffetence;however judge not & be judged not,thats their life do what u want wit it…..this world is getting more & mor fucked up by the minute,yall worried bout righys but look at whats happening to our black men,but thats ok right?

    • sully cosmo

      haters gonna hate

    • marry me pls


  • justbeingme

    Noah, did you think it was a female?.. are you a male?

  • Rudeboy

    Whats up with this flash player? Before this video finishes buffering I would have jerked off had a shower cooked me a meal, done the dishes fallen asleep and still have to wait for the last twenty seconds.

  • justbeingme

    I agree, that was crazy.. It was frustrating


    whats sad is i know one person in this video

    • justbeingme

      are you serious/

  • Sexy

    Follow me on ig @_tattedbeautii

  • Dre78

    That naked transsexual could get the cock.

  • beingmyself

    again wow

  • DatBus

    People are way too mean to tranny’s. It’s the worst prejudice.

    • Bobby Mclaurin

      Not just them but any gay person

  • Bobby Mclaurin

    Us gay people go thru so much n take so much when I get into with who ever I take all what they said n others said out on who ass I kick. I let niggas no I’m still a man try it if you won’t to. For the young lady that said they got. a lot of DL niggas in the atl. Its where ever you go. They got them in your city to. Them so call niggas played pussy n got fuck. N she was wrong for taking her shit off. No class at all but they done they thing. You better work BITCH!!!! YES!!!!! HONEY

    • Mike Surreal

      no…youre NOT still a man. Youre a MALE…not a man. All men are males…..but not all males….are men. Understand that. It takes more than just bein a male with a dick, to be a man. UNDERSTAND that. And what ur doing, how ur living, how ur THINKING and caring yourself, along with the morals that you DONT have, the ones you SHOULD have……….are ALL opposite of and conflicting with, being a MAN. Understand that. And thats what YOU chose.

      Also understand……you say “us gay peopel go thru so much and blah blah blah” SHUT da FUCK….UP!! with that dumb shit! Again..YOU and OTHER GAY PEOPLE….CHOOSE to be GAY, and you CHOOSE that lifestyle and you CHOOSE to live it!! You are NOT a race of people who were born that way, and you can ALSO hide what youre thinking and who/ what ur sexually attracted to, but you CHOOSE to show/ display it! WAKE the fuck up! How in the FUCK can you be upset about CHOOSING something that is BEYOND wrong, harmful and destructive, that you KNOW people dont like (when even if you wanted to be involved it but just conceal it, but instead CHOOSE to display it)….and then get MAD that you get flack for it??? See THAT is a prime example of the ILLOGICAL NATURE and THOUGHT PROCESSES of a homosexual mind, and is just 1 more HARMFUL part of that mental state. Do you understand?

      And i did say you CHOOSE to be gay, you know why? Because you can/ could have..also CHOSEN to go and get HELP, PROFESSIONAL help to address, treat and FIX…the mental issues that you (and all other gay people) suffer from, the mental issues that came FIRST that inturn CAUSED you to then become gay as a result, and also the mental issues that you suffer from AFTER becomming gay, while living that gay lifestyle (which also ALWAYS comes with more confusion, mental and emotional issues, pains, discomforts, etc etc). And you still CAN CHOOSE to go get that help. But you dont….you listen to the GAY AGENDA and OTHER lost and mentally ill gay people who tell you the bullshit youre doing is normal and okay and harmless and good, when its not..and its KILLING you.

      Ontop of that, even if you WERE born gay, you STILL COULD get professional help to FIX that, but you and noone else WAS born gay, because THAT is scientifically impossible, when you actually understand psychology, biology, genetics and etc…and actuallly understand the truth and REALTIES behind homosexualy, what causes it and what it consists of. So you and the rest of yall seriously need to wake up…and FAST.

      • Jens Holvoet

        lol “professional help to fix that”, no one has ever “fixed” someone who is gay because there’s nothing to fix, what I don’t understand is that you are talking about “fixing it”… look, if a transgender woman feels like a woman trapped inside a male body… and they try to fix this… you think it’s wrong while you’re the one claiming that gay people should get help to fix themselves, you’re contradicting yourself

    • pink lady

      Bobby help me to understand something. Why do gay men act like a woman or want to be like a woman BUT hate or dislike women?? I would think you all would be more manly, and not be ACTING LIKE A WOMAN. Hell, it’s a lot of freaky women that would have anal/oral sex !! If I was a gay male, I WOULD NOT WANT TO BE A WOMAN !! We are the enemies. But dressing like us & talking like us…….this is Totally Confusing.

  • peek-a-boo

    Niggas like that r the ones on the downlow!! Glad those trainees whooped there ass

  • just looking

    An that’s what.happens when u fuck wit trannies don’t forget their dumb asses they.mopped y’all ctfu should be even more embarrassed it’s one thing tlkn about gays but when get u ass whooped its even worse

  • Khamani Kane


  • Justin Miskin

    just so everyone on this thread knows…”Trannie” is a very terrible slur againts transexual people.

    • hahaurgay

      Who really gives a fuck ijs….

      • Justin Miskin

        the people that give a fuck are in the minority because humanity does not love itself; I am not a person who will sit idly by and watch us tumble off a cliff. I give huge fucks. join the real party, homie.

  • landmarkcm

    I still want to believe there is more good in the world.. & of course this ghettoness at it’s finest is just nothing but sad..

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  • Martin Johnson

    God created male and female any other thing outside of this is Anti-Sex!

    • KianteWench

      I assure you, they have sex and like it. Or if you mean it another way, they dont hate their born sex. They just don’t identify as that sex. There is no Anti-Sex.

      • Mike Surreal

        you too sound like a dam fool. Yea…how bout i say…”i dont hate my born Species as a Human…..i just dont identify as it………im an a tree…from the Amazon rainforest, not a human” <~~ and we would call THAT person UTTERLY INSANE!!!

        CUT the bullshit, illogical, irrational, DELUSIONAL talk and thinking. Gay people are INSANE. JUST like a human who "doesnt identify as being a human……….but identifes with/ thinks he/ she is a Tree, and wants to look like, live like, reproduce like a tree". WAKE UP.

        • KianteWench

          They are not insane. Obviously you are a hateful, bigoted and prejudiced person.God must be ashamed of you. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  • Sneaky snake

    If she has a car why is she riding Marta? That’s why I don’t ride Marta

    • KianteWench

      People ride marta to avoid long commutes. If she lives outside the city, its easier and cheaper. If she lives inside the city it can be easier to get around if they are going to an event.

  • Vivian Thompson

    That’s why I don’t ride public transportation.. sad but #comical

  • KianteWench

    That man and his friends are just bigoted assholes who want to bully someone because they are different. They are an example of the bad parts of humanity: self entitled and hateful.

  • Mr. J Rothschild

    Look Like the Tranny’s Did a Helluva Job!!! You Boys is weeeek getting handled by some tranyy’s

  • Bella91

    That shit was funny and nasty af as well. I could of gone the rest of my life with out seeing that. Deff signs of our last days. When you can’t tell a woman from a man.. Smh

  • speaksthetruth

    It doesn’t matter if people think it’s right or wrong. You don’t touch anyone! Point, blank and the period.

    • Mike Surreal

      does that also apply to pedophiles? and the 100s of other sexualities? So if it was instead a PEDOPHILE who got into a fight here…would you STILL say the same thing?………NO?…thats cuz ur a hypocrite.

      And thats probably not your fault, because its probably a result of you being BRANNWASHED by the GAY AGENDA, and beleive that 1- Homosexuality is the ONLY other sexuality. 2- that ALL of the other non-hetero sexualiies ARENT equal (when they are). 3- got you thinkin that homosexuality is harmless and should be protected. When in reality homosexualy is more damaging and destructive to the person and society than pedophilia and almost as destructive as down right MURDER. WAKE UP./



  • Destro Williams

    Kara fox shut tha fuck up,that’s not a woman in the first place so what the hell do women & theire rights have to do with a man trying to be a woman? U can do whatever tha hell please wit tha one life u got,but jus cause dude said he at tha end of his statement dont make him ignorant,its amazing muthafucka stay talkin bout dont judge people but be tha main damn ones doin it..practice what tha fuck u preach or jus shut tha fuck up

  • ty

    Was this a fight over them being TS? So who cares, as a heterosexual female i feel that men with issues over someone else’s sexuality have deeper issues with their own. As long as they weren’t being disrespect,which is clear they weren’t because TS by the window states the male was trying to make a show. Who am i tho judge Anyone, shit I have my own,sins. ………this is just another reason why we wont advance as a people

  • BeBe

    He isn’t a transsexual woman because he hasn’t have the surgery. I seen a penis. Thats still a man & he got his ass whipped lol

  • DJ_Jivin_Johnny

    That naked tranny got fucked up. I’m gonna share this video on a predominantly white page and see what white folks have to say about this.

    • Real American

      Keep your nigger ass away from good Christian white people. We don’t have time for any “monkey” business you spook.

      • dompyrite

        Apparently you have all the time in the world. You keep commenting about it.

        • Real American

          Damn right, bitch.

      • DJ_Jivin_Johnny

        Listen at this black guy pretending to be white. ha ha ha

        • Real American

          Don’t insult me be calling me a nigger, nigger. I’m actually a dirty spic if you were wondering though.

  • DJ_Jivin_Johnny

    Gonna share this video with the white folks.

  • TankGrrrl20

    All you stupid fucking ignorant fucks should just kill yourselves. Go be with your fucked up DEAD imaginary asshole “god”. Fools, you’ll be doing us all a favor. I shit on your fucking bible. Fuck all religions.

    I’m glad those chicks kicked their dumb, disrespectful, hating asses.


  • Daryl Washington

    One was an actual transsexual, the other was a nasty fat transvestite, the TRANSSEXUAL was fine as hell, I’d tear that ass up!! ♥

  • Andrew Lingley-Zeiler

    Wow ppl such harsh comments what’s with all the labels let ppl be who they are.

  • tyra

    I woulda whooped that ashy public transportation riding looser so hard them two trannies woulda needed to call security to hold me back from em….I’m a proud transsexual female and I invite all you people to Hawaii and try and act like that here with us…

  • Rik Harper

    All these fucked up opinions about God and sexual preference is nothing but the same prejudice bullshit that has been killing mankind for centuries on top of centuries. Why the hell does a straight man or woman even give a damn about how guy another person is or what gender one prefers to be? I mean really think about it. How does a single opinion you may have on the subject, as a straight person, affect your growth as a person, or even make your life better at all? A it does is feed that ridiculous need to ridicule those that are different. And for the gays that disrespect the belief in God because he Denys your sexual beliefs. I pray for you. Out of all the things in the world that we cannot see but believe to exist God is the one thing that’s fairy tail you?? Belief in God isn’t any more Ludacris than the belief that a man born a man can take a few pills , develope lady parts and “transform” in to a woman. Ignorance and fear is why you get treated how you do but your disrespect of your own creator no matter which god your family comes from, is just plan ignorance and limited thinking

    • Ms.B

      Thank u I see it the same way

    • Mike Surreal

      you sound like a dam fool.

  • Chocolate

    Did I see swords flying!! ?! Ewww!

  • toojuicey lovinglife

    Whts this some gay ,fag boy , trani site ???????????? I just watched a fight between 2 straight guys and 2 dudes dressed like women and all the comments is very very funny all the men on here r in thy feelings like bitches over a social network fight……………. WHO gives a FUCK

  • Davon!

    I respect those niggas for saying that shit wasn’t right! Black men are not suppose to be GAY! READ THE BIBLE MORE AND YOU’LL SEE THAT WE CAN JUDGE PEOPLE!

  • nobody

    It is very sad of such things you see these days. Leave them alone. They don’t harm nobody. Don’t judge nobody. Guys get mad cause they are at least doing it.

  • PeachesNy

    You ass going to jail , ass dont know its against the law to fight someone for they way they choose to live their life…smh ignorance

  • Ms.B

    Ok I’m not one to judge anyone but people should have the right to express their sexuality either straight or gay. But sometimes from experience transsexual men being doing the most and not to say they deserve that treatment but!! U get treated on how u act and if u wanna be portray as a women have some type of class about yourself and u can easily ignore stupidity if u hold yourself to a certain limitation.

    • Real

      not all women are classy though.. some women wanna be ghetto porch smoking bitches

  • Tony

    The Chick who got naked ass was phat….shit I’d hit that in a new york minute. She could fight me all day long and I’d still suck her off…her sexy ass. Aint nothing like a chick with a fat ass and thick dick

  • Real American

    Between niggers and damn faggots, I barely recognize my beloved America and I wanna hear the dumbass responses to this. At the end of the day, you faggot and nigger lovin hypocrites know I’m right.

    • Phil J.

      OH nevermind, i see you just need your meds lol

      • Real Amercian

        No I just need my country to be nigger and faggot free.

        • Phil J.

          i think the 1st step is eliminating yourself lol I bet you get f*cked by black trannies on the low lol

          • Real American

            Niggers and faggots are nothing to joke about, son. I’m tired of this bullshit existing in America. Niggers can go back to Africa and faggots can go to mars for all I care

          • dompyrite

            Yep. Closet homo that likes chocolate pipe.

            Go on over to the darkside, babe. They’ve got cake. And it didn’t come from the grocer.

          • Real American

            I’m not a fan of big nostrils or big lips so I don’t think so, nigger.

          • Phil J.

            i realize that due to the 3 day weekend your psychologist might be out on vacation but early early tuesday morning make sure you have that appointment set up…k buddy?

        • hahaurgay

          U must be Native American huh? No? Didn’t think so….so when ever u find out what country your people originated from do US all a favor and return back to it….in the meantime return back to your trailer and continue the inbreeding with your mom, sister, and grandma

  • trixie


    • Real American

      Wrong. God made men to be men and women to be women. Faggots are always trying to be something they’re not because they’re running from the truth of what gender they really are. To all transgenders: Face facts and live as the gender you were born as. Thank you.

      • Phil J.

        you’re christian?

        • dompyrite

          I’ve got money on closet homo.

          • Real American

            Then you’re about to lose your money. I’m open about my heterosexuality just like these faggots are open about their homosexuality. The difference is my sexuality isn’t a sin, unlike the freaks in this video.

          • whogivesafuck


        • Real American

          And proud.

  • Hamidah

    This is just plain WRONG! Gay or straight, no one deserves that type of treatment! If u don’t agree with their lifestyle …fine..but don’t attack them! It was just WRONG!!!

  • p

    That was the funniest fight I ever seen in my life, cant stop laughinh!!! I kno yhem niggas wished they would of just left those bitches or whatever alone.. the lil nigga got fucked up and the dread got dragged all over the place lmaooooooooo omg toooo funny.


    Confusing the hell out of our young children. Wow!

  • Rissa Williams

    This was stomach turning big guy/girl got that wig pushed back literally…lol and the 1 that lost its clothes was hella triflin how yo punkass got ya lil dick and balls uncovered? ?? Lol nasty ass… should have spit on them nasty mf’s…

  • Justin

    Lol. Awesome camera work, jk.

  • ToCute Blount

    That was the nastiest thing I ever seen and they think that’s normal. Lol

  • KC

    Wow….once that dick touch you during the fight you gotta off yourself. Those are the rules.

  • TreAnthony

    If this had happened in DC, somebody would have gotten shot or cut…Nobody would have left that train without being taken out by DC ERT…lol

  • cc1yaheard .

    So very sad this is how my people act..we are acting out just how most of white America sees us and most of the world.This behavior must respect for self or others with no regards to having dignity.The people watching and filming are no better.the end is near..we keep,lowering the bar ..beam me up,Scottie

  • lisalyrics

    Why does the LGBT supporters have SUCH an issue with ANYONE who doesn’t support their cause or has an opposing opinion. It’s almost as if the Nation is afraid to speak their mind about how they feel without backlash or labeled as “politically incorrect” or “anti-this/that”

    • blackalaureate

      all those trans women were doing is riding the train. that not “cause.”

    • blackalaureate

      if a person gets beaten down for being who they are, it’s a problem.

  • Africanman_2000

    This is sad and sick! I may not agree with their life style; but these 2 Transgender people are human beings, and should not have been harassed, abused or attacked like that on the Atlanta MARTA train. I say to the attackers, only Allah (God) is the final judge!!!!

  • blackalaureate

    the transwomen were just defending themselves from the homophobic dudes. i think it’s really interesting how the homophobic dude started ripping her clothes off. shows that men who hate queers really have an interest in the queer life.

  • eddie


  • Africanman_2000

    So So Sad. These 2 Transgender are human beings! I may not agree with their life styles; but they should not have been harassed, abused, or attacked on the Atlanta Georgia, MARTA Train. I say to the attackers, “only Almighty Allah (God) is the final judge”!

    • foulmouth

      oh wow,,,now this is real…a Muslim is saying this was wrong…? & we all know they do not play that gay or trans shit period. ya’ll better leave these trans-women alone.,..

  • jagoff

    Evolution is a process of constant branching and expansion, what I witnessed here is a process of ignorance and shameful actions.

  • Bonita Applebum

    OBVIOUSLYYY trannies fight even more crazy than a straight man, its fighting with the force of a man and the rage of a woman like that shit is lethal son lmao

    • Mike Surreal

      NONE of that was shown in this video…….STOP bein DELIUSIONAL idiot.

  • Jewboy

    As real as it gets 4 men fighting. End of discussion

  • weezy

    w t f

  • JahisLove

    It is ridiculous that people are glorifying hatred for one other by posting videos of this nonsense. People come in all shapes, sizes and forms. Lets not put them up on that auction block or in a zoo to watch, ridicule and critique them as if they are less than human. Not too long ago, Africans were on these blocks and in these zoos but now I see some of their descendants are doing this to others. Watch this because it is a crazy fight not because of the sexual identity of the individual parties. Even then we shouldn’t be watching people fight in the first place but one step at a time.

  • BlackBarbie2000

    This is disgusting !! way to add to the stereotypes guys !! people do way too much. people need to be MATURE. IGNORE comments, ride the train journey. get OFF and keep it moving !! people love getting on camera for worldstar. and people need to stop worrying about what other people are doing. people judge others too much

  • Blah

    Funny? Wow. Looks like animals with uncontrollable anger. Welcome to Atlanta

    • BlackBarbie2000

      sadly, yes

  • Charlie Brown

    The whole thing is who are we to judge, they have to explain that to God not me or you. But no one has the right to bully a person or physical harm them. Unless that person has harm them or their love one’s. I’m just saying, but everyone also has a right to their opinion too it’s whether you choose to listen to or read it.

  • rahrah

    I was gaggin

  • Walter Thompson III

    This was a violent scene that says more about certain segments of our society and perhaps a lot about the progress of civilization. I was appalled but at the same time I felt I was witnessing justice in a since of divine right as it was expressed in the film “Thunderdome!” This was a regression without the science ficition of the fall of humanity, after the end of the modern world! Wow!

  • People Please

    All yall talking about who got beat, it was wrong on both ends. What about the kids that had to see this stuff. And ppl wonder why kids mess up in the mind now. Smh!!!!

  • stacygalore

    So sad! This is part of the reason why I can’t be in certain public locations, I don’t fight, I tie up ignorant guys in the basement with shit pans underneath for months, on webcam and collect my coins, and yes I’m a tranny, Ts Stacy Galore

  • Shaunda Amomfirst Harris

    All I got to say is that dick was small super tiny small

  • Tosh

    Those were men not women just because you want to be a man and have sex with men and idolize women that does not make you a women have a period every month then you tell me your a women. That was disturbing those gays could have walked away. They didn’t have to fight. They choose to argue and stay. ewhhhhh…..


    If this was white rednecks attacking trannies and calling them “gay” in a negative way, it would have been all over the news.

  • Mon’kesia D Butler


  • lisa

    Them fools got beat down and they deserved it! TEAM TRANSGENDERS!!!!!!

  • Author Marcus Tyrell Jones

    All I have to say is dont test people out. thats how hell breaks loose.

  • Ramona

    Four men fighting so what’s the big deal? With everything else going on in the world and this is what makes news.

  • Top


  • Kim

    It was discusting and very sickening, andd their was nothing funny about that, especially having their business all up in the air.

  • HO


  • HO

    cant be a true human. be a nigger. get an education

  • SweetGrandma

    I am seeing so many misspelled words… My God!!! Does anyone knows what a Dictionary Is At All?! IJS!!!! Have a Blessed Night!!!

  • Christopher Sanders

    This should be an easy court case to prosecute.

    • foulmouth


  • carmen

    They are still men, it wasn’t like it was women fighting men and they got beat by women.. them men got they ass beat by men lol

  • C G

    Personally I don’t find this funny. I find it disappointing and unnecessary. People need to respect each other and let others live their life in peace.

  • atombmb

    The 4 men fought, one group won the fight and all was quiet afterward. Just like how your are supposed to do. There were no guns or knives involved and no one lost their life.

    • foulmouth

      2 men & 2 trans-women …shit for brains

  • James Holiday

    Why all the straight men can’t spell on this mothafuckka

  • carlos smith

    these nikkas fukkin with them trannies and then be tryna have sex with dem lol

  • whogivesafuck

    These comments is something else.

  • whogivesafuck

    Hell The LGBT Community just want to have the same respect as a straight person does.

    If a straight male has to fuck with a tranny it’s not because the tranny said something to him,.its because the straight male is covering his own ass because he feeling type of way.

  • whogivesafuck

    I’m not taking up for NO SIDE..



  • whogivesafuck



  • Frankie Saturn Nicholson

    Well, me being a proud gay man, I feel that neither party was right. This world has become so damn ignorant. Even though I’m gay, I have a VERY close relationship with God, and I do feel if you were born a man or woman, that’s what you need to remain because God made us in his image. I won’t judge them, because I don’t have any right to judge anyone. None of us do. Those guys should’ve minded their business. I’m from the projects and I have gotten nothing but respect in my life. Those transgenders should’ve handled themselves with more respect, also. If they had a car, them why not drive if you knew you would deal with ignorant ass people? We live in a world where people judge as if they are God, and we are not. I love by respect, so most importantly, they should have just respected overyone on the train in general. The argument was petty and the fight was petty. I understand they were defended themselves, who wouldn’t buck when disrespected? I just shake my head to this because as time goes by, the world gets more fucking stupid. That was petty as fuck from both parties, in general.

    • whogivesafuck


  • Repajo1

    I can’t believe what I am seeing. I am ashamed, apalled, hurt, the list can keep going. Why can’t we respect one another? WE are all equal and have no right to judge eachother. This is why black people can’t come together. We are too busy worrying about what the person on the bus is wearing and how they are choosing to live THEIR life. Worry about your own shit before you start feeling the need to beat another person’s ass. Who are you to judge?!?

    • Anita Justice

      It’s because of politics; that’s why the ALL WHITE , TAX EXEMPT, NON PROFIT GROUP (Buckhead Baseball) is allowed to KICK MINORITIES OUT OF A CITY OF ATLANTA PUBLIC PARK simply for walking on the public sidewalk. It’s all politics; cause Buckhead is the ‘rich, white’ area of Atlanta.

  • Anita Justice

    Had those 2 ‘ladies’ even walked on the public sidewalk in Frankie Allen park, (a Atlanta public park, in Buckhead) King & Spalding partner RAYMOND E. BALTZ JR. & his all white, tax exempt, non profit ‘gang’ would of done a LEO FRANK LYNCH MOB BEATING on them! And Coca-Cola is a “pround major sponsor” of Buckhead Baseball????!!! Why is that civil rights violator still allowed to practice law???

  • Gothere

    Nasty ass niggas!!! I think I just threw up in my mouth and shitted on myself at the same time!!

    • foulmouth

      might want to go get checked”

  • Jé Be (Here but Gone)

    YES ! LOL too silly. Not he started off with a bum ass kick though LMAO

    I digress

    Playa haters ery minute wanna stop my dough (uh-huh)

    And every other minute wanna rock my flow (you know)

    And every third minute, y’all wanna swerve in it

    Come quick like a virgin in it… aowwww!

    Player haters ery minute
    wanna see your clothes (uh-huh)

    Then every other
    minute wanna know what you drove (uhhh)

    Then every third
    minute, wanna know if the fur’s rented

    That’s why I got no
    time for hoes

    Playa haters ery minute wanna shit on wax (uh-huh)

    Then every other
    minute talk behind your back (uh-huh)

    Then every third
    minute wanna rock you Venice and Bourbon

    Nah I ain’t got
    time for dat…

    Love yourself, put no one above thee

    ain’t nobody gon’ fuck me like me, it’s on

  • msdeeva007

    The saddest thing is people won’t let other people live THEIR LIVES and do and be what and who they are. Stopping judging and putting people down stop picking on others cause they are different than you. This is a prime case of bulling that got them to fighting cause they refused to be bullied. I don’t blame them for fighting but when
    (how old we have to be) will it stop?

  • D Rollack

    -yall gay for taking any side just watch the dam gay ass video and keep it moving, the fuck yall arguing over a tranny video for? Lol weirdos #JERSEY!

    • foulmouth

      shut your ignorant ass up …tf you watching for ?

  • meemee

    The tranies was beating some ass.


    That is AWEFUL ! NIGGERS! THAT IS ALL THAT I CAN SAY. I AM SHOCKED. It was very disturbing to see this and the way that people bully others because of their differences. Those guys who picked on those Transgendered Women should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Too bad that their mothers did not consider abortion so that they would not be here to reek havoc in the world. NIGGERS.

  • Pingback: WHEN MI SI DI BUDDY JAP OUT I COULD NEVA…………… | Jamaican Matey & Groupie Pinkwall Talk Di Tings Dem()

  • Wisekingiii

    Bwwwwwwhhhhhaaaaa! Thats a mfkn male Gina! The fuck you talking about! Females dont have dicks unless they purchase one and even then its artificial! Smh at these wierd ass mfkn freak shows thinking its cool to confuse children by carrying thyself as such. And you mfkas wonder why the world is so caught up in fuck shit! Prime example right here!

  • Dagr8

    That’s a dam man period and nothing less nor more…..A man can’t be a woman never!

  • Mia P.

    I’m reading these comments and it doesn’t matter how those individuals felt about gays, transgenders, etc. The fact of the matter is that he was wrong for kicking her and starting the fight, and for even sharing his opinion when no one asked for it. He got his butt beat for it and he fully deserved it. Everyone has an opinion but that doesn’t mean that total strangers care to hear it.

  • Tiffany Denard

    I may not care to see or know certain things that’s not my biz. But nobody regardless of ANY situation deserves to be taunted and have someone put hands on them. And for the record wtf does this have to do with blacks it happens to all gay transgendered people. and for any man that wants to put they hands on a transgendered person do not forget it still a man and they have to fight to protect themselves so is not going to be easy.

  • Raphaloujo

    This is a display of total ignorance. I don’t understand why two straight men felt the need to harass two transgender woman. Or at least one alleged Transgender Woman, the naked one have truly been a woman, since she had her young child with her. I digress. This is sad, and a true display of insecurity from not only the straight men, but from the observers on the train, ranting and raving, and egging the straight men on to act ignorantly. No matter what your sexual preference is or sexual identity, what gives anyone the right to be vocally disrespectful just because you are prejudice towards something or someone. Secondly, trying to use Christian referencing or any religious referencing, only shows how blind, dumb, and unread and un-learned many are when it comes to showing Jesus’ teachings, and the Beatitudes. If some of you were truly saved and truly Christian believer, then I don’t believe Jesus would have tried reaching these transgender woman with the use of insult, degrade, and physical force. That behavior of condemning, is NOT an attribute of Jesus, nor a Believer. It is insecure, aggressive, violent, and unGodly on so many levels. You as a Christian, Rasta, Muslim, etc…. may not agree with a persons lifestyle, but it never gives you the right to be physical. It’s just wrong, pitiful, sad, and painful to watch.

    There is an abundance of hate from the above comments and just in general across the world. People have no compassion. And truly do not display the principles of their religious teaching. “Wicked” is what many people’s religion titles should be. Because that’s what’s being shown in this video by all.

    Real straight men are least concerned with Transgender, Homosexuals, and Lesbians. Straight men who are secure with their sexuality are NEVER threatened by the above individuals. Real Straight Men have no concern or interest. When your are secure with self, those around you can be engaged in whatever lifestyle they choose, because at the end of the day, straight Men and Women are not affected, moved, or swayed by the actions of Transgender, Homosexuals, and Lesbians.

    By showing your hate towards something, it only shows your insecurity with self. HOW DO these people affect your personal life is the questions. They dont! No matter how much you hate them, their lifestyle has NOTHING to do with any of you.

    Get your own happy lives, and stop hating and judging. SALVATION IS FRE, And EACH HUMAN HAS TO WORK OUT THIER OWN SOUL SALVATION.

    Jesus said, with loving and kindness have I drawn thee. Not with Hate, Not with hurtful slander, and surely not with physical abuse, did he Win souls. You Christians forget that. You are so caught up into judging, that you have forgotten God’s true messages on Salvation, and loving thy neighbors, regardless of Their so called “Sins”. Jesus did not come into the world to condemn it, but to bring it life, and life more abundantly! So instead of passing judgment, why not try loving people in order to win their hearts.

    This is so sad, painful, unfortunate, and just breaks my heart to watch this on so many levels.

  • Beau

    Blah blah blah shit ur no living there lifes so why fuckin worry about the next!! Lord u ppl need lifes!! They whooped ass n got my respect for it stand up for there selfs!!

  • Jazzii jay

    And I completely agree with yall on that an the only reason why they probably did it is because they want them or are even gay themselves but it still doesn’t give the rite to put their hands on anyone an I give that lady her props for taking on that other guy while everyone stood around an watched them fight it doesn’t pay to be that ignorant now a days

  • J.H

    It was a pretty good fight. I think the two young men got a surprise at the fighting skills of the transgender folks. They were not passive victims. Just one comment, can’t we all just get along on the Marta train

  • Sloppo

    These creatures should be in a zoo or a wildlife preserve. Seriously.

  • lynae

    I didn’t see four men fighting. I didn’t see 2 women
    fighting two men. I saw four people fighting and ignorance. And to think my job
    wanted me to move down to their Atlanta campus next year as a director. Please.
    I thought our African-Americans in Atlanta were civilized and educated. I have
    seen not with this video. What a darn shame.

  • Mary

    Note that the TG challenged the man’s possessions. The TG had a house, and asked the man– What do you have? Probably nothing but kicks. The TG challenged the very thing that man would NEVER have due to pattern of violent behavior and a vast trend of bad decisions. My questions to this low point of humanity are:

    Why is everyone here thinking this kind of squirmish is OK? Why is everyone here promoting this kind of behavior with debating who won or lost? Where was the MARTA police? Why did the train not stop? What if someone was armed? or pulled a knife? What if there were small children nearby? The environment in Black Run Atlanta is of the lowest I have every witnessed. It is like a perpetual Ghetto. Even the educated people there cannot be distinguished from the hood rat ones. The education of minorities is so poor they do not see any other way but to cheat. It is like they know they cannot do any better than this scene. It is deplorable.

  • Lixer

    Fight wasn’t funny but it was good to see the transgenders hold their own and make the foolish thugs back away……..

  • Mlynnt

    Bottom line Don’t throw stones when you live in a glass house. Obviously these Low Life men had an issue with transgenders. These TGs stood up for themselves and said at least I have things, “what do you have?” We’re the words that set the guy off. Obviously his best answer for that wasn’t better than hers and a punch was all he could throw back. Either way these man hit a woman and should have charges pressed. I hope this TG beat his ass and embarrassed him. If you know nothing about the struggle of TGs you really shouldn’t comment. These people feel they were born in the wrong body and do what makes them feel good who is anyone else to criticize their happiness

  • Patty Jones

    Wtf.. that was a good one….naked man with titis…

  • RUKidding

    so some of you judge and say it is about God, how do you have so much faith is someone you have never met, never touched or seen with your own eyes and never known for sure he/she exists then you judge who you can see, who you can touch. Sad for you people. God is NOT real but those people are.

  • Deon

    Them so call gangsta got their ass beat don’t think cause they are gay the are weak, I’ve seen my 2 friends run thru 6 niggas now what!!

  • MEoMY

    That was one of the most disturbing videos I’ve ever watched. The person that threw the first kick, in my opinion is to blame. Live and let live. You don’t have to agree but its not anyone’s place to judge either. Let everyone reap what they sow in the Eyes of God. Only HE can say whether or not he’s displeased with His children. Although I’m a bit disturbed by seeing a biological male with female breasts, I also don’t know how this person is feeling inside. I don’t what makes this person uncomfortable with the gender God gave. That’s for this person to answer to God when that time comes. Its not for me to worry about. Its not my story. I have no reason to offend or injure this person. Its not my place to judge. Why cant the violent gay-bashers and homophobes understand that? If you truly believe in God, then let Him handle HIS business!

  • Stephanie MsMarie Campisi

    Gay, Straight, Bisexual, Transgendered, whatever you want to call your own sexuality I could honestly care less…. Your still human. Doesn’t matter what you choose because we aren’t the one’s to judge. What’s going on in the video is wrong on so many levels. You shouldn’t have to fight because of your sexuality!

  • shelovesthepeople

    At the very least we as homosexuals deserve
    safety. Watching this makes me so sad and angry for my transgender
    allies. They have every right to take up space on this planet. Their
    safety is in a constant state of compromise. This healing takes a people
    process. I’m sickened by this black on black hetero-normative crime.
    And I loathe the caption of this video, ugh! It’s
    like the hate in these folks hearts are festered over by sores! To
    violently attack these people with no regard and to seek to blame these
    women, and to throw elbows to try and ‘correct them’. I keep thinking
    that world done change and I suppose it has-just has so many more steps
    to go.

  • Taylor

    that was genuinely disgusting…so fucking ratchet omg

  • justHonestlivin

    Just like they have freedom to be anything they want, ppl have freedom to like or dislike it as well, dont try to convert someones mindset just like u dnt want them converting ur lifestyle

  • justHonestlivin

    It would never be a woman it can not give birth, it can change whatever it wants and live however it chooses but dnt go calling it a woman smh

  • justHonestlivin

    At the end of the day, we are all human beings, we have to accept eachother even in our error’s of ways be they our own choice or powers greater then us…

  • justHonestlivin

    Accepting doesnt mean you have to like anything, just means being mature enough to set differences aside to coexist

  • big cheese

    I think the transgender stuff is gross but I respect all God’s creatures regardless of who or what they are. That being said this was 4 males fighting 4 males, 2 of them should be ashamed that they got punked then reacted like bitches and wanted to fight after they caused a scene.

  • Citizen of Austell Ga.

    I have heard that there would be undercover police officers on the Marta trains. Where are they when this is going on. And from what it looks like in the video the train did not stop. This could have been more violent than that, and other passengers could have been hurt.

  • kisha

    It doesn’t matter if a person is gay or straight no one has the right to be fighting over something so petty especially with kids, elders, etc. …… I never Underwood why people are so worried about other people’s lifes styles anyway. We all have to answer to god on a individual level so we need to be trying to get ourselves in order..

    Food for thought!!!! When you hate u take away from your blessings

  • Javis Chau Gantt

    So sad just let ppl be their self

  • DeepThinker

    This is sad. I was frightened to watch especially when all his clothes came off. I am glad he was not kicked down there.

  • The Sexy1

    Most of yall Men Confused Anyway whether Gay Straight or TG Stand Up For Yourself Point Blank Period!!

  • Trey B DaMuzik

    Ive spent too much of my time reading all these posts….I have no opinion about the fight, THE ONLY CRAZY THING TO ME IS there’s no such thing as trans women or men there are only men and women and gay men and women. No hate on anybody but the facts are the facts

    • winnona

      “Reading [education] is fundamental]”…enough said.

  • deuces

    Yea it was 4 niggas fighting….

  • deuces

    Lol all these butthurt ass mF…. lol Tamahu ass Mf…. if someone wants to call them a He-she or an “It” then let them.

    What you niggas dont Overstand is that NO ONE TOLD THESE FAGGOTS to Put on weave and wear make up and get aurgery to look like a Woman etc. If they were BORN that way its different.

    But no one told them to go around acting like how they perceive REAL WOMBMEN to act. Lol at Ye Foolish Mortals.

  • Lisa

    LESSON TO BE LEARNED! The best thing to do when someone is talking to you but not touching you is to be quiet and seek help. You ask for more trouble when you exchange words. Yes, you do have a right to defend for yourself but WHY because they are just hitting you with words. The transgender person kept running their mouth like they were looking for some action. Yes, the other guy shouldn’t have thrown the first kick, but that’s what happens when you start to insult someone who can’t take it. Guys tend to harass females when they are in a group and it doesn’t matter if you are transgender or heterosexual. I’m a female heterosexual and I have faced this issue several years ago when I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I just said I’m taken and kept on walking without entertaining the suggestions. There are laws
    in Georgia against hate crimes and acts so next time just seek assistance and don’t get on the train unless there is danger in the location that you are in. Take pictures and videos and seek the police. The nudity is unfortunate, but I’m glad it was old school fist fight rather than an exchange of weapons. Think smart people because things could have been worse if there would have been weapons involved! LOVE one another despite our differences!!

  • thevoiceofreason


  • yvonne martinez

    Gays are gross and trannies are abominations! Thats the truth! No matter how much any of you fucks, the media, entertainers, or politicians try and say its normal!! It never will be!!! I long for the days when they were shunned kept to themselves or were in the “closet!”

  • Cle’Shae Lachelle

    How do you start the whole mess and end up losing? You deserve to get that beating.

  • ken

    God destroyed a city because of this right? Nothing is normal about this including the violence. But one day all this will come to an end. Just have to teach my son’s more than my father taught me cause this world is getting worse.

  • Andrew Tucker

    I can honestly say that people can be so sarcastic and disrespectful, negative, and hateful but I have to say as a human being something people can’t help the way they are especially if they have psychological issues God is good and he don’t make mistakes people but he a God who loves all especially those who seek him because believe me he is real and Jesus is alive and soon to return If you are of the world be careful because satin is looking to set you up and destroy you yes people run away from the but the truth is we won’t be here forever Jesus christ is the way love you all god bless

  • Meeno

    4 men point blank period if you are born male your always gonna be a male i dont care how man sex changes they had

  • cat

    There is nothing funny about this it just goes to show how many people got to run there mouths when someone else just trying to mind there business on a commute somewhere its BS and discusting how people act!

  • Maria Michelle Baylor

    The Rasta had flashbacks, that’s why he went in on ol girl like that. Him was fightin 4 love…(and feelin on the booty and titties)

  • T dub

    It’s funny how in America were suppose to have freedom of speech but when you use that freedom it’s wrong. That she/he was born with a dick not a vagina and tits Rob you called it what it was a he that wants to be a she. We were born to procreate meaning women bare children for men. Fuck trans and lgtg.

  • Minister Pedro Benitez.

    The Devils constantly working trying to get people to fight with each other think if one person and that I will pull out a gun or knife I’ll stab somebody in the person would’ve died it would’ve been no longer funny at all people need to start realizing that the devil’s constantly working

  • chris

    that lil ass dick lmao

  • chris

    to funny lmao

  • Ejie Fernandez

    The fight was funny but when he she took his clothes off it went nasty and to be honest I cannot fight a naked man

  • Tee

    A ton of ignorant ass people commenting. Smh. Half of these ignorant people commenting are probably the same ones on the DL.

  • SamoanDiva

    TRY that in SAMOA and you’ll see who the real men is…LOL…bitchezzz…Guys who does that are the most stupidest people alive, and the ones who wants the T girls…Go T girls, stand up for yourselves, and kick some bloody ass…HA!!! we all have hands, booboo!!! if you don’t like what you see, shut your eyes, and try hard to shut your mouth. They are not out there to hurt anyone, so don’t try and hurt us!!! because you will get beat up some other time booboo!!! cheers

  • Greg & Sheryl

    That was unique. The RTD Light Rail in Denver is considerably less interesting.

  • rocknrollnigger

    FUCK YOU all ignorant people. trannies have the right to defend themselves,. I hate niggers, they have mental issues and I know a lot of them wanna fuck trannies behind the scenes

  • HiggsBoson

    TNB and monkeyshines. This is NORMAL behavior from these bootlipped 65 IQ savage asphalt apes. Welcome to Apelanta!

  • rocknrollnigger

    all niggers are disgusting, and they all fuck trannies. so why are u looking at this video? talking about god? bible? SHUT THE FUCK UP.u know y’ll go get your dick sucked by trannies or get some tranny pussy when your wife and kids are at church,,so cut the bullshit.

    • Real American

      I know brother. PREACH!

  • rocknrollnigger


  • Cazzii[di]3mprez88

    Was there something that i missed? Did she say somethin to him? Hit on him? Touch him in anyway?.. so y the fuck did he have something to say…. oh bc of course he must be insecure abt himself…fuck out of here its a vunch of ppl tlkn bullshit on here. To each its motherfucking own! I comoletely agree wen another man jus blatantly starts callin out a transgender etc they r insecure abt themselves…upset y bc they r comfortable in their skin n not afraid to sho it then you have the down low men who wont tell a soul…all you men need to sit yo ass down because as far as ive seen in 2014 there has been a massive increase of dowb low men…a bunch of you assholes throwing those punches and shots @ these trannies r on ya knees behind closed doors sucking dick the same way they sucking it ! …get over it !

    And all that the bible says being gay is a sin…so is killing bunch you have uncles brothers etc holdin a gun right now n ya not punchin them in the face tryna beat the thug out of them….wrld is full of a bunch of hypocrites!

  • Cazzii[di]3mprez88

    Ppl r truly stupid so a hermaphrodite deserves da same treatment as well i suppose…bc they should be categorized as disgusting a disgrace etc…n they r actually born dat way by defect….smh like i dnt understand r ppl on a mission …ok so u shout obscenities n thro punches @transgenders/gays n dat does wat exactly?!… bc u wake up the nxt day walk outside ur gunna see twenty more n da nxt day after dat doubke everytime …wat is dat doin except makin u look stupid all da time…nobody gives a fuck…all dat for wat seriously as if u take one down u destroy em all …life goes on …its senseless

    And alot of u r throwing jabs calling us niggers …apes..etc… like ur killing us omg!!! Grow up! Lol i laugh at these name callings..

    Random Racist: “Cazzii ur a nigger!”
    Cazzii: (takes deep breath) yup still alive…(keeps walkin) lol

  • DJ

    If gender isn’t determined by what genitals you have, what’s it determined by?

  • TT

    Dudes got they azz whoop’d by the trannies…just because they dress & look like women, they were dudes 1st…those trannies got a fucking set and they stood they ground…wow I bet dudes will watch who & wht they say 2 the nxt beyotch…wow…smdh

  • Mia

    Atlanta is full of black gay men, DL’s and tranny and their 3 letter friend Hiv.

  • Victoria

    All the god and Jesus people need to reflect on themselves. Let’s please take the bible (a very entertaining fable) for literal meaning. It was written by men for mankind. It is not the word of god as it was not written by god or jesus. It is a moral guide or compass of how to live your life in happiness and tranquility. Lets not take it too literally. If you believe that a great flood is coming so you need to build a giant boat to save all the animals, rods will magically become snakes, a great fog will sweep through to kill only your first born child unless you put lambs blood on your doorway then please by all means take the good book as LITERAL and live in fear. But please stone your cheating friends to death, don’t eat shellfish, pork or unclean things and flog yourself for unpure thoughts. GET OVER YOURSELF.

  • J’M.S

    Au début j’ai trouvé ça amusant… mais en fait ça ne l’est pas du tout. Qu’est ce qui différencie ces gens qui se battent, ceux qui les regardent, nous qui trouvons ça amusant, et les animaux. Très humains de s’en prendre à l’autre parce qu’elle est différente, très humain le réflexe de filmer une scène de violence plutôt que de chercher à calmer le jeu et à les séparer, très humain de s’amuser de scène de violence alors qu’il aurait pu s’agir d’une soeur, d’une amie, d’une voisine, alors qu’il s’agit tout simplement d’êtres humains qui se déchirent parce qu’ils ne se respectent pas.
    Pendant 5 secondes j’ai trouvé ça amusant mais c’était déjà trop.
    Il n’y a aucune différence entre cette scène et toute les tueries que nous êtres humains commettons au nom de la Différence. Aucune.

  • Vernon Alarcon

    dem jigs beez tryin to gets nekkid an sheeut so dey can get dey muh-dik on in public… reels. an why dey allais repeatin deyself ova and ova and ova and ova?

  • Bootlip

    Lawdy dem sheb00ns be l00kin for dem bucks fo sho. Obama daughters I bet.

  • DD

    fuck u gays.if u cant c sumting is wrong with u guys u r fucking blind by the propaganda u r getting n believing. Did the Lord in the Garden of Eden create “Adam n Steve”. Can gays procreate. U guys just fuck for the immoral lust u have for d same sex. But truly being gay is not right n its not ok.

  • mrjohnspeaks

    This was on hell of a fight but when shooting video PLEASE turn camera sideways. Thanks

  • Logical Citizen

    First off, everybody has the right to individuality including”STRAIGHT” people. Nowadays, the “Gay Community” has more “Power” than their counterparts did in the past which presently benefits their way of life despite the people who have chosen to oppose, reject and refuse the practices of homosexuality. For instance, Gay people today have the tendency to overstep their boundaries even when someone “Straight”clearly indicates their disinterest in the Homosexual/Transgender culture. As a young “Straight” male who is also an “Atlanta native” I cannot help but notice how bold homosexuals have gotten these days. Also, I ride the Marta transportation system often and whenever I do, I cannot help but notice the apparent gazes I get from homosexual males even when I am in the company of my “WIFE”….In conclusion, Gay People, Gay Rights Advocates, Etc Etc Etc… Nobody has an obligation to SUPPORT Gay/Transgender people simply because the dumbed down masses of society has been convinced by the “Eugenicist” to accept a way of life that was purposely designed to subtly decrease our BIRTHRATES. In conclusion, gay people hate to be OPPOSED for their way of life and so does STRAIGHT People. Isn’t it unfair to be BIAS against people that are straight? So if “Gay/Transgender people have a right to speak and to be HEARD, so does PEOPLE who have chosen to live a traditional way of life.

  • spanish whiteboy

    Live and let live. This why america is laughed at world wide. Only here can racial prejudice and sexual orientation be an issue. Good job. Im straight as an arrow but im on the glt side. If you have to resort to violence because youre not intelligent enough to find the words to defend yourself then u deserve to do time for a hate crime. Good job homophobes!
    – spanishwhite boy from the suburbs

  • Edwin Ortiz Jr.

    That was 4 guys fighting any idiot think to call them women are stupid. They were men I don’t think those 2 straight guys would not had swung on no real Woman like that. They knew they were swinging on men and not women. Ridiculous you calling them women and clearly they physique is that of a man and had a fucking dick. Dumbasses

  • massawhite

    I do believe that buck was trying to mudick the tranny on the floor at the 1:56 mark of the video.He was looking a little too comfortable in that spooning position. All in all TNB at its finest in Atlanta.

  • Nyesha Palmer

    Omg are u serious, what category is this. them trannys will do u, swinging like a chick.wit the power of a man, cold combo

  • Vanessa Originalbigflower Alle

    This is soooo sad. Someone should have had the decency to just walk away….This situation could lhave been much worse if someone would have pulled out a knife or a gun…. I say stop acting like a bunch of wild animals and get a grip people !!!!

  • sexbox

    I feel sooo bad for the woman who was stripped. really all because u were butt hurt about the choices two strangers made with their life. Come on ppl do better. This is what ppl do on the internet everyday. Its bbetter to deal with ur makes the world a better place

    • unpleasantfacts478

      I think he took his own clothes off. That’s why everyone was so amused. Didn’t look very shy about it. At least the others remembered to put underwear on.

  • Brian Johnson

    These are Obama’s core supporters – scum!

  • jdawg

    y’all so fucking dumb… a man is always a man and a woman always a woman you cannot change your genetic makeup. not humanly possible. you either xx or xy. no inbetween. Now i will not sit here and spew hate. but i saw a fight between four dudes two of em just had boobs.

  • James Worthy

    she had nice titis

  • John Barleycorn

    nothing but a bus load of useless fodder

  • doz

    what did i just witness?

    • doz

      gay people are retarded and they over do things. God hates this and there is no place with the most high with these sort of people. FIREBURNDEM and ashes will be the end result. Like the “man” with the penis hanging out he is totally embarrassed himself and completely out of it. This is why homosexuals are just strange species and that behavior will never be accepted no matter how much it is shoved down the throat

  • Ramirez

    Fuck all of you ignorant cunts.

  • ricky

    Once again another reason why the african american culture is looked down upon….especially here in Atlanta……Marta = Moving Africans Rapidly Through Atlanta…..its sad….but you cant expect anyone to respect that!!

  • randomtandem

    that fight was hilarious. those dudes were getting their asses beat! just cuz they got t*tties and weaves doesn’t mean they’re not still men! they had to find that out the hard way! rotfl

  • Sunniva

    The fight was funny? Since when is agression funny? Since when is it funny that people hit each other hoping they will hurt the other? I guess you think you just LOVE war too, right? Because fighting people are funny! Lemme tell you this, I’m a transgender woman and this video and your comment just makes me SICK!

  • Trip

    WOW…. I guess it’s safe to say that you guys don’t in God, since you’re defending these dudes by saying they’re trans-gender women. God created a helpmate for a man and it wasn’t a breast and penis combination. To change your body in any form, whether it’s plastic surgery or taking hormones pills for breast growth is like telling God he messed up. No worries though, cause you’re most likely not a believer in Christ.

  • Ava Talley

    Most of you dudes saw the first two words in the title and got excited. Point. Blank and the Period. Then, you post comments about how disgusted you are and how we’ll never be “real” women. Hahaha y’all busted a nut to that 10 sec nude clip because you’re too broke to Download Ts Porn like every other dude who idolizes US in the dark. Come out the closet booboo I see you peeking. Smh

  • real talk

    This is disturbing..not because of the gender discrimination crap..but because ppl in this generation still believe violence is the solution..the kick started it all..and it wasn’t even out of was just him being a little girl and not being able to brush words off his

  • Michelle
  • coolyfett

    Wait, how did the gay boy get female breast?? Was he born like that?

  • Missgee62

    it was sad because yes they are trans/gay what have you but when you flaunt yourselves in a situation that you know may get hot, you basically asking for it. i see trans dressing more provocatively than my hetero sistahs and it looks ridiculous. dont want it avoid it. theres too many crazies out here in this world. be safe and tuck it more securely and stop wearing bikini tops…you have to be prepared to fight or flight!

  • sosa

    Obviously God made man with a penis & woman with a vagina to procreate. its not normal nor is it right to change your genger because you suddenly want dick or clam lol. sorry nooo theres no way around it.smh but i dont judge i just speak the truth to eaches own…

    • sosa

      You will neverbe able to change this because men cannot bare children sooo stop it…

  • mike poinsette

    My opinion is that all this does have alot to do with GOD… He is our creator!!! :-D but at the same time He made all of us different and He gave us all choices to make in our life but the judgeing is totally up to HIM why is that? Because as humans we never know… What THE LORD has planed :-D we have to pray for others and love one another life could always continue in peace if there was more love and respect for all the different ppl and things that THE LORD created… That’s all we have to do RESPECT and LOVE GOD have FAITH and have the same love and respect for others as we do GOD WOW!! Imagine that ppl…. We all will have our judgment day bye the ONE who it will matter… Until then I love all of you BROTHER’S and SISTERS :-D PRAY PPL!!!!!!

  • T DeRon Sanders

    Fucking nasty tramp ass Nigga hoes or hoes Nigga

  • Camylia Williams

    Everyone up here sounds extremely retarded and slow except for a few…
    When God created us he made us so that we would have the ability to make our own choices and to be able to choose what’s right from wrong… He has also made it very clear that man is not suppose to be with man and women should not be with women as for the reason why he destroyed Sodom an Gomorrah back in Lot’s day… I know most of you have no clue what I am talking about because you refuse to acknowledge the fact that there is even a God and he has a name which is Jehovah… When the end comes WE will all be judged for the CHOICES that we have made in our life time not for birth defects such as being born with a penis and a vagina and usually only one of them work not both an the one that doesn’t work looks and is deformed… In saying all that I’m sick of people saying that your born gay… That was never God’s plan NO one is born gay even these little kids running around here saying there gay no there confused with no direction… Everyone wants to be gay now like it’s a fad just so they can fit in or they were molested when they were younger anything could have happened but NO one is born being gay… That’s stupid human thinking that stumbles us all

  • keith

    Dam shame nobody tried to stop the shit … but the nigga who kicked needed his ass whooped … dont no why the other 2 was fighting

  • Jeremy Pimpjuice Godfrey

    I was always taught “you was born a men you going to die a men ” ..that shit is nasty

  • Terrell MrTrouble Lorick

    The funny thing is, its gay men in the bible, but none of these so-called Christian even read the bible foreal. I hate how Christians are supposed to live this godly life, but judges everything in their path. No matter how much praying and going to church you do your still a sinner. Meaning your NO BETTER then anyone

  • Bubba Smith

    If you ain’t fighting him whatcha doing with him

  • Terrell MrTrouble Lorick

    Saul is angered by his son’s homosexual affair with David and says, “do not I know that thou has chosen the son of Jesse to thine own confusion of thy mother’s nakedness?” Samuel 1 20:30 so Christian just stop people been living thier life how they want to. You people are the bad ones, judging everyone to fit your agenda which is dumb. What are this people doing to your life where you got to bash them, tell them thier nothing and a abomination is the so -called devil’s work. Most of you people are brain wash and do not think for yourself you let man made things think for you. I would tell you to read a book but you will believe it, instead of researching it, you kno find out if its true or not. Most people think since its in a book it got to be true lol, i hope everyone is good doe foreal.

  • Devotee

    Lmaoooooo…. They held their own… I would have definitelyhelped them and iI’m a female….Those skinny Bama ass niggas were super weak…. Got FUCKED UP

  • Da Homey

    The problem is they were singled out for making a personal choice. I don’t sleep with them, so who am I to judge? Fifty years ago this would have been the Ku Klux Klan beating them because their skin was black. What was funny though is how the big one whupped that gangster’s ass. Who’s the bitch now?

  • Jay

    why y’all take things so serious…. don’t call them men they are women…like shut up please. Thanks!

  • Chela

    These trannies couldn’t lived in Africa they would have been goners!!! This was just ratchett!! Totally disgusting to see.. 4 dudes fighting!

  • Doesn’t matter

    What is horrible is no one stepped in to help break this up. That’s the problem with society, we accept being vouyers and watching injustices and things like this. I’ll be honest. I watched until about 30 seconds into the fight and was disgusted that all these onlookers just sat and stared. Hope everyone ended up ok, and I’m sad that shit like this happens daily in a world where we all know so much better.

  • Dan

    What I really want to know is….. Why is a straight man so concerned about another man’s penis and what/or who he is doing??? This is probably why some women are lesbians now. Ya’ll so damn focused on what another man is doing you can’t handle your own shit. Fighting a tranny is bitch-ass. How the hell you explain to your girl you was somewhere fighting a naked tranny. WTF? Mind your business and find a fucking hobby or a damn job. And if you find yourself that uncomfortable about another man’s body and what he’s doing with it, then maybe you should be questioning your own sexuality. Nobody’s sex life ever crosses my mind. I could care less! I’m not fucking them and they not paying my bills. What I do is my business and what other people do is theirs. When you have a life you don’t have time or energy to concern yourself with what others are doing, especially sexually. I mean come on. These dudes is some pussies, dude got his ass all out fighting WITH A TRANNY at that. LMFAO! Dumbass you look gay your damn self. This shit may as well been some gay porn. You mad at them but you rolling around on the ground with them while they naked. Gtfoh, you probably just mad you can’t be gay too!

  • Dan

    Every man I knew that has ever been THAT bothered by gay people or trans turned out to be gay they damn self. These dudes be some undercover/on the down low type niggas. Real Niggas don’t have time to worry about what gay people is doing. I’m not fucking them so why should I care. They don’t bother me and I don’t bother with them. That’s some simple logic. Even a kid can understand that shit. It’s called mind your own.

  • Stephon ephonteasley Teasley

    u kno the bible states that divorce and homosexuality is a sin. theres consequeces behind divorce and that’s death but there is none for homosexuality.. at all

  • Sammy Bond

    Even in animal world this is unacceptable: Seeing this alone is a big error is very sad, annoying, disgusting and anti-nature how girls parade their fake (USELESS) penis which they grow in error

  • KASH

    Them dudes got whooped by them trannies. Especially the big one,wailing in buddy till he couldnt even punch no more…lol!! Gotta leave folks alone no matter how they live they life…eventhough I dont agree with gay,tranny,etc



  • Troy Milton

    Wtf makes them women? NOTHING!!!! I DONT CARE IF YOU PUT “TRANSGENDER” in front of it. They have cocks and balls, therefore they are men. This is why I stay the fuck away from Atlanta. This kind of debauchery is too damned rampant down there.

    • TheTimeToStopPostingIsNow

      Get a life, transphobic asshole.

      You know nothing and are nothing.

  • d daa

    I would never harass someone or intentionally make them feel negative emotions, but don’t you dare label people as ignorant, hateful or stupid for defining gender by genitalia. If you have a penis, you are male…a man, if you have a vagina, you are female…a woman. If you wish to live in a world where not even gender has sacredness, fine, but do not label myself or others as hateful for not living with your worldview. Again, I do not wish to upset anyone with my comments, and I agree people have the freedom to do what hey wish, just don’t call me hateful for not agreeing with you, if you really think about it, surely you are being hateful for imposing this world view on others, do as you please and leave others alone.

    • Nicky Altieri

      So you feel your hate and prejudiced is justified. That does not make you any less hateful, your words betray you, and yes you are too ignorant or stupid to even know it.

      • d daa

        How can I explain this. I have no prejudice against these people, they can do as they please, but if you’re asking me to say these people are women, you are delusional, I define a woman as biological characteristics, such as…hmm, a womb, that’s a nice place to start. If you are saying I am hateful for claiming that a man in a dress does not have a womb so be it. I understand that these people have a desire to express and show characteristics which women present in our society, those ideas, such as housewife, wearing certain clothes, whatever dualism you wish to insert can fit here, they are completely made by us, I respect that. However, according to you, these men have the capacity to produce eggs and create new life through sexual union with MAN and somehow I am stupid and ignorant?

  • Jay

    OK first off they should be treated as woman if woman are who they feel they should be, secondly all you christians are not only ignorant and lets face it the definition of evil with the shit you are spouting, but what i would like to say is the crap you are quoting is from a fictional book written to keep desert rats ion like about 2000 years ago, grow the fuck up.

  • Jay

    OK first off they should be treated as woman if woman are who they feel they should be, secondly all you christians are not only ignorant and lets face it the definition of evil with the shit you are spouting, but what i would like to say is the crap you are quoting is from a fictional book written to keep desert rats in line about 2000 years ago, grow the fuck up, idios.

  • Kayla

    I love my LGBT family. Every body is a child of God. How dare Man think they can judge his creation??? Blows my mind.

  • Sharon Lovingallofme Cogdell

    Judge not or you will be judge!
    People need to mind there business. those wannabe thugs doesn’t have compassion for human life. Education solve must problems in the world. everyone be safe n love everybody

  • amber bellini

    well, i hear Georgia is a state where you can carry a gun anywhere state, and i am quite disappointed that neither of the ladies were packing any heat. Judging from the actions of those men, they are probably bums anyway, and that their demise would be godsend upon humanity. Seeing that makes me want to have a fire arm, and quite frankly would not have hesitated to shoot one of those scumbags. I believe that their demise would be a blessing upon the world.

  • remylabo

    Smfh and lmao y some of yall mad fuck all 4 of them idc what they r they all look stupid fighting bout nothing

  • Bella_trix

    The fact that “straight” men are recording this……

  • trollol

    train full of blacks, thats what happen.

  • Wilfred Dennis

    All I can say is Wow!!

  • can’t believe the hate

    All these men want to bash trannys but if you go on craigslist all you see is so called straight men looking to experiment with ts or fem boys…. bash all you wany but when it comes down to it your probably the first one to get in line in the bedroom.

  • Steve Lars

    I am happy they stood up for themselves

  • Arthur

    Question How can you tell the diffence between a Tranny and any other Black girl????? They all dress the same way. But Black girls usually dress them self with less respect for them self!

  • yall atl folks funny

    How is it that two dudes who acting all hard couldn’t stomp two tranny’s “obviously” the tranny’s should’ve been saying “westside” and “pick yo manhood up” bc the dude was lame.. “who kicks someone in the knee these days??”

  • number1bigdaddy

    wtf did i see……

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  • Ftz

    Niggers… Why you never see white people doing shit like that ? Every human being deserve respect (gay, trans, straight, or whatever) you degenerate punk asses

    • Guest

      “Why you never see white people doing shit like that?” We do. Lack of education and tolerance is what breeds intolerance in the modern age.

    • Jimmy_Sr…

      The term nigger does not mean black idiot. Newsflash dumbass white people do this all the time, have you not watched the news recently?

  • Tomz

    This is so sad…. there is so much hate and ignorance in this world. Transgendered people have a very difficult life right from when they were children…. and when they try to live their lives happily, some ignoramus comes along and starts this unnecessary violent shit.

  • peppa

    ooh please would yall gays, faggots, lesbians, homos, punks, morphodikes, or this new mess transgenders get over it be what u wanna be but truth be said yall wouldnt be going thru half the mess u go thru if didnt walk around with a chip on ur shoulder all flamboyant like u got something to prove or somebody owe yall something be u and u and half the people wouldnt be messed up about u……..stop getting in ur feelings everytime hell nowadays nobody knows what to call yall u talk about uneducated hell know ur history be4 u want to claim something 60-70 yall was homosexual…….late 70 to mid 90 yall was gays …..late 90 to now its transgenders( which the true meaning before gays/lesbians took it over meant someone both of both sex just like morphodikes) …….transgenders gonna last maybe another 5 to 7 yrs then what yall going back to gays( which is the only word that yall keep going back to) just like politics no matter how much to talk say or do u not going to change a person view nor is anybody going to change urs just because u running around in a skirt with a dick and think u know everything there to know about urself u better pick up a book and stop getting ur dumb knowledge off the net

    • Nicky Altieri

      Atlanta, Georgia you must be proud!
      Citizens cheer an assault. How proud Georgians must be to know that hate is still so inculcated in southern society and hidden under the false veil of “Southern Hospitality”.

      This was an assault on two people, no excuse.

    • Jimmy_Sr…

      The sad part is you bash them but you probably are one of them. Nothing worse than a self hating homosexual that wants to punish other homosexuals.

  • favewhore

    The small one is hot! I’d make sure she was ok.. And treat her to a nice dinner!

  • Dan

    Just another reason why I refuse to use the MARTA

  • cc423

    What the fuck is wrong with assholes in Atlanta?

  • Champangelifeoftheparty Mckelv


    • Jimmy_Sr…

      What? Learn to speak English dumbass.

      • Champangelifeoftheparty Mckelv


  • Champangelifeoftheparty Mckelv

    let me repeat if you fuking and you not married you have a sexual sin you or I am no better than a homosexual or transgender

    • Jimmy_Sr…

      You really need to go back to skool and learn to speak and type English.

  • TR Wright


  • jakeline

    The fuckin people straight sometimes Is ignorant and never know howmany guys in the family are gays im am transexual and never put attencion when guys said sonethin about me fuck Is my life

  • sea

    Thats messy pure mess thts all tht is

  • Ben

    The funny thing about this video is how gay that fight was. It’s understand the tranny gay dudes fight gay, but I was expecting those negros to at least do a real beat down, then it turns out if they’re fighting like a bunch of sissies. This must’ve taken place in a very gay section of Atlanta to even have that heshe practically go buttnaked and all those dudes stuck around. He could’ve farted and sprayed the entire train with HIV

    • Jimmy_Sr…

      Just like the HIV your father got from getting drilled in the ass by your Pastor?

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  • JBRIX717

    you people crack me da fuck up……if you were born wit a dick your a man…..go head wit all that she’s a woman shit……No you ain’t….your a man…..a bitch ass man but still a man……can you have babies……NO…..Than your not a woman……do you bleed once a month….NO …..your not a woman……

    • Jimmy_Sr…

      Do you know how to speak English? Must not because that made no fucking sense.

    • Anon

      Isn’t it funny, all of those who can’t understand the rights of others to live how they wish without attack are also illiterate.

      So many people here seem to be adults, but communicate so poorly would would think they were 8 years old.

      Go back to school and learn how to be a fucking decent Human.

  • Much often

    Nooooo she wasn’t ready lmao #thestruggle

  • Tammy

    I was simply going for the Trannies. I think that won they fight. It’s ashamed that people won’t stop and behave like adults. I bet they think twice when they step to another transgender! I loved the transgender. I wish I could meet them to give them a pat on the backs.

  • robbie

    Big Rob, you are a disgusting individual for doing what you did. She is a transsexual yes. But she is a SHE, and no real man would hit a woman. To think society is still against people who want to be themselves is rediculous. People really need to open their eyes and realise that times are changing. And life is completely different now. To be this was a disgusting attack on a poor woman. And I think you deserve to be truly punished for what you have done. And I think God would agree.

  • cstack

    its always bad to have your nuts step on during a fist fight

  • John

    So I am from the UK and I am confused by all this. In American you have the right to bare arms but not the right to chose your sexual orientation which by the way cannot shoot you to death.

    Sure gender reassignment isn’t for everybody if your never going to sleep with one or be friends with one why fight with one unless deep down u r confused about ur own sexual attraction.

  • shawnj

    All yall gay asses shut tha fuckup…that shit ain’t right period… Watch when y’all try to get into heaven? Fucking shit is wrong period.. If you wasn’t born like that god didn’t want you to be a woman.. Now them dudes had tha right to say what tha fuck they wanted hell..them are guys no matter how they customize their body to look..walking around dressed like women and got dicks between their legs..sovthats ok?gtfoh..mfs these dayz making it aite to be gay…in some country’s your ass will get killed for that shit.. Only in america will ppl let ppl get away with that shit..l don’t like that gay shit period…my opinion!!

    • Reality Check

      So you don’t like it? Nobody is asking you to like it. Does not give you the right to physically assault people. You are not god, you don’t have the right to judge and punish people on the damn train. If you have been to church then you know better that that.

    • Jimmy_Sr…

      Here’s a thought sparky, if you don’t like gay sex then don’t have gay sex. What two adults do in their bedroom is none of your fucking business. Why you jackasses are so obsessed with other people do in their own private lives is beyond me. People like you should be taken out back and beaten with a lead pipe by a bunch of queens.

    • Anon

      Go away, learn to speak English to an 8th grade level, then come back and try to present your thoughts like a normal Human.

      And people wonder why our community gets so much bad press? It’s fuckers like you who degrade our entire culture down to nothing but bottom feeders. You’re an embarrassment to proud men like MLK.

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  • Dewonshea

    Oh lort! You know shit done got real when a bitches weave and ear rangs done come off and a nigga done got his dreads ripped out!

  • Itellthetruthtoyourface

    I have read many comments and 99% of them have to do with God and religion, this is very insane, because I didn’t see God or a Demon in this video, but only human beings!… I’m happy not living in the States, because here in Europe, where people have everyday less concerns about gods, angels or demons, other people’s lives doen’t matter at all!… So, it’s not a European concern if someone is gay, transgender, a witch, a whore, and it’s not someone’s problem either if you’re a son of a bitch!… If someones want to be different here this uniquely his or her problem, not yours!

    Just ask yourself how can the fact of someone in a bus being gay have the power of changing in your life?! Hahaha you’re idiot to bother about gay or transgender or whatever, you know?!… I don’t believe in god, because there’s 0,000 prove of his existence, but I can see clearly the existence of these people in the video and I’m sure they’re bullied in their everyday life because of religious education in such a country of Christian extremists like the United States! It’s a shame…

    Please, people just analize: do you really think that if these guys where not brainwashed since their birth with teachings as it’s God’s commands man to woman, and all kind of people practicing homossexual relationship must be sent to fire, do you really think they’d do that?!come on…

    Let’s imagine religion or god don’t exist in this country, do you really think this scene would be the same? Or, let’s go farther and put this scene in Sweden ,where 85% of population declares itself non-religious, do you really think this scene would happen in the exact way?!

    Go to a prison in the States or Latin America where I come from, and when you’re inside just ask how many people there believe in God, I think you’ll have a problem to find an atheist among them, you know?!…

    Idiots in this country are so worried about gays, lesbians and transsexuals lives, when this same country is overpopulated one of reasons for most problems, and did you notice when same-sex people fuck they don’t bring OFFSPRING to worse this CHAOS!… Did you imagine if all of these people made children like you, how many millions more of human beings to be fed??? This chaos exists because in this extremist Christian country, GOD’S idiot LAWS like: GENESIS 1:28 “Be fruitful
    and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it; and rule over the fish
    of the sea and over the birds of the sky and over every living thing
    that moves on the earth.” must be respected because GOD said, and must be fulfilled, please don’t be ridiculous!!! Who’s god??? Did you see him,?? Did anyone of your family or someone you trust met him pesonally???, or do you just follow what most people do like sheep and never stopped to ask yourself about your god’s veracity??? Shame on you, you idiot! You’re a robot!…

    If you really have an imaginary friend, when you kneel ask him that most people become gays, lesbians and transgender because otherwise you would be so many but so many in number that you would be killing each other only for drinking water and food, and maybe you would have all shifted to cannibals!

  • ewewe

    niggers zoo

  • gofackyasef

    the only thing gross about this video is the fact it was filmed in portrait mode…eww.


    This is ridiculous. These two bum ass Niggas mad because these two transsexuals are living their lives. At the end of the day, those two being gay is not hurting anyone.

  • adolph

    jeszcze by wyruchał. O! KURFFa wyjebałem się z faktem ze tylko wlkepuje teksty

  • Gab Winter

    As a Christian I feel great joy seeing someone harassed and assaulted for being who they are. As Jesus said, let those without sin throw the first stone. We Christians are sinless and thus are free to throw stones since even if we sin daily, we repent at the end of the day and accepts Jesus Christ as our lord. Anyway, more people need to bring guns man!!! Shot it out in the packed train!!! YEEHAWW THE `MERICAN WAY!!

  • coco

    You are fucked big rob. There is nothing good about assault. I really hope you get beaten up some day to experience this horror and being without any help

  • Taan Maat

    such diversity

  • Reality Check

    If you don’t understand it, if you don’t agree with it, if you don’t like it, if you think god doesn’t like it… You are not on this earth to be the judge the jury and the disciplinarian and not on the damn train on the way home. Equal rights means leave people the hell alone. So what you think its sick? That doesn’t give you the RIGHT to assault. Shame on all of you.

  • Nicky Altieri

    So you stood by while two people were assaulted?
    Atlanta, Georgia you must be proud!
    Citizens cheer an assault. How proud Georgians must be to know that hate is still so inculcated in southern society and hidden under the false veil of “Southern Hospitality”.

  • Guest

    What the fuck is wrong with you?

  • J’Son

    so freakin ratchet ….. smh n dirty dony nobdy want too fight butt naked wth lik really

  • marty

    You have an incredibly sick and warped sense of what is funny and what it not. A train full of savages beating another human being. Sure doesn’t offer much hope for the city. I’d sue the officer who refused to take the report in addition to Marta if I were the victim.

  • Davetherave

    Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.

    Martin Luther King Jnr.

  • happycozy

    I can’t believe how many people think this video is funny. Those two women were fucking human beings. The only thing good to come out of that horrible attack is that those two assholes got their asses kicked.

    • Chino Gambino

      Yeah 2 human beings who talked a load of shit, started a fight and got their asses handed to them. This is what equality looks like.

      • Kenneth ‘k-dubs’ Williams

        No it was really a dude who couldn’t handle words (and probably the truth) and snapped. Bruh couldn’t keep his hands to himself. He could have been the bigger person and kept his mouth close. She didn’t touch him, so what gave him the right to touch her? That defense aint worth shit bruh

  • Kobi BossBaby Rozay

    Ain’t that the truth… they gone learn one day to stop fucking with us… honestly half of us fight harder then the *STRAIGHT * dudes anyway

  • Jaime

    Why is anyone bringing up the subject of gender? It is nothing more and nothing less that one person being tormented and/or abused by another. Every human being has the fundamental right to use public transportation without being harassed. Period. leave gender/sex/age/preferences out of it.

  • Truff

    Why do the “men” who have negative words never seem to have the balls to use their real names on their posts?

  • Cathryn C

    Hey, FLYVIDZ, for your edification, labeling a transsexual or transgendered person as a “tranny” is as derogatory and inflammatory as calling a black person the “N” word. It is a word based on hate and injury.
    Don’t do that.
    As for the ignorant comments on this page, you people are inhuman and sick. You should be locked up and removed from society to save us from having to put up with your crap. There is little hope for you and we should just put you down, now. I suggest we show you the same acceptance and humanity you show towards others.

  • Eric Kreitzer

    He spent a lot of money to get those breasts and wants to show them off.

    • Lauren Baker


      I can’t believe you used your real name to post this transphobic crap though. People like you are the reason the trans community has (depending on the study) somewhere around a 30-50% suicide rate.


    none these niggas know how to fight

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  • oaklandj

    So disgusting. I hope whoever threw the first blow is locked up for a very, very long time.

  • Aaron Hudson

    A train fulla trash!

  • Gowdy_The_Pinhead

    The south is a FILTHY SHITHOLE!

  • J John Styber

    What is more important, these to black trans guys provoked two black guys by talking trash. I think that nothing would have happened if the fat trans stopped his trash talking. On the other hand…none of the commuters on this train stopped the fight.
    What does it say about American public?
    A lot.

  • Alexis

    Those men who attacked those girls are fucking disgusting, the vilest pieces of scum ever. What gives them the right to attack these girls just because they’re trans? I’m sorry but they still got their asses beat. They can chant “gay ass fuck” all they like, but they still got theirs.

  • AndyB

    this is not funny and your use of “trannies” is disgusting. you fucking racist, sexist, bigots.

  • Anon

    Well done Flyvidz, you’re perpetuating a stereotype that all black people are thugs and animals. I know plenty of good, decent people where I live, so I know your stereotype of the black thug is not true, it’s a shame that sites like yours are all about the violence of black culture and the degrading nature of your communities.

    You create your own hell with this shit, and you deserve to live in that fucking ghetto.

    • alex

      how about blacks stop acting like ghetto thugs and lovong up to the stereotypes. even in suburban middle class nrighborhoods blacks wanna talk and act like lil niggers. im not racist but ANYONE who speaks with such ignoranc and acts like a thug so proudly deserves to be treated like a nigger. stop glorofying gangbangers and rapists. stop dressing like ur ready for prisons sex.

  • Traci

    1. You Shall not
    lie with a male as with a woman. It is an ABOMINATION. Leviticus 18:22

    2. If a man lies with a male as he lies with a woman, both of them
    have committed and ABOMINATION. They shall surely be PUT TO DEATH. Their blood
    shall be upon them. Leviticus 20:13

    And with all that GOD has SAID!!! He loves us so much that
    he still gave us the chance to choose to do right or wrong. No one was born gay, you choose to be!! Now I
    was brought up to choose life, to marry a male and have children; which I did,
    but living in the New Millennium people are so open with their sexuality. I don’t hate on people because I don’t agree,
    but we can share our point of views on things we as a people are so passionate
    about, without the name calling. We are
    all GOD’s creation. So let’s stop to think about this: Do you not know that the
    wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God?

    DO NOT BE DECEIVED: Neither the sexually
    immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual
    offenders nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers
    will inherit the kingdom of God. And that is what some of you were. But you
    were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord
    Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God. (1st Corinthians 6:9-11).

    Now that was straight from the bible. People be bless and pray for those who are in
    need of pray and those who think they don’t.

    One more thing before I dismiss, this is
    for the person who said science has proven that homosexuality IS genetic.
    Scientist has all so proven that God does exist!!! Peace and Love ya’ll…smooches.

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  • Lily

    People should be so ashamed! They only took videos and dit nothing to stop the fight.

  • Evinson

    Absolutely absurd . This is why people with (power=Money) dont give a fuck about the situations of people in an urban community. Fighting someone because they are angry because of something YOU started is Childish . We people in the urban society seem to have an issue with how people view us . we are so caught up with what others think (which we will never know or can determine) and we forget about the power within us to ignore or tolerate something we dont understand. This is due to generations of poor emotional and social education in the rural communities. We have to put our religion , personal feelings ,and ideas aside if we want to advance in society. This is not only a problem in the urban communities in America but is seen in the world where their is a lack of education. Becoming an adult means to set aside your personal feelings in a public setting. Failure to do so will lead to a video like this, or death.

  • Brittj

    It doesn’t matter if they are men or women. ITS THEIR DECISION! This was so wrong and ignorant. Nothing funny at all. Someone could’ve defended them, but clearly they could hold their own. Smh god will handle you all. Amazes me how ignorant blacks can be. And yes im black. People are people whether gay straight white blk transgender it doesn’t matter. Exactly why I chose not to raise my.son in the south when h was born. South is so ignorant

  • Darnell Shinholster

    Damn that was a interesting marta train ride,been on marta many times and never saw anything like that damn…..

  • ME

    what everyone is doing here is wrong WRONG WRONG!!!! Respect and open heartedness towards other humans should be a natural thing! My respects to the girl who took her clothes off and fought with all her nature and acceptance for her/his nature. That is acceptance and heart in all its beauty. Hope some people finally learn some respect.

  • Native New Yorker

    Nothing but ghetto trash!!!! Clearly, don’t dress like that and talk like that if you don’t want trouble. All of them, disgusting.

  • K Bitchie Richie

    You all are some of the most ignorant muthafuckers I ever heard speak… or fucking right. Trans women are WOMEN! They are not “trannies”… A fucking tranny is a person like me, a drag queen, a cross dresser, a MAN in a dress, a fuckimg fishy ass clown. If you’re going to have the balls to throw a fucking word, at least know what that muthafucker means… cause y’all sound straight up fucking stupid!

    I will say this, I’m damn proud of my trans* sisters in this film, they didn’t take your motherfucking lip…. They didn’t just set there and take your licks… They thumped your ass! Stupid hating fucking assholes… You ain’t men, youre goddamn Neanderthals… Stop dragging your knuckles, raise your IQ, or go back to the motherfucking cave you belong in.

  • Michael Olden

    Pure RELIGIOUS BIGOTRY! ……Too many buy the MASTERS religion! ..and protect ; RUDE , crude haters like these young BIGOTS!

  • Ernest T. Bass

    I can’t wait for the day when corpse molesters get the same heart-felt aggrandizement. After all, who has the right to tell someone who they can love? As Ms. Turner said, “What’s love got to do with it?”

  • mae

    Here’s my take on this mess. Its a sin under God to dress,marry,have sex with the same gender Period! All gay,transiants,and lesbos will be cast into hell! So was this fight worth it? No. They should not have judged those things,because God is the only judge. Mysay!

    • Alexandria

      Just because you don’t specifically condone violence doesn’t mean your nasty bigotry doesn’t promote the violence. It’s disgusting shit bags like you dehumanizing people that leads to this violence. God and Goddess made and love transgender women, and it’s pure blasphemy to spread hatred against other creatures of the earth.

  • Michael Cameron

    Saved by the baby

  • Pingback: Anonymous()

  • ehrhe

    I couldn’t live in a place that had foul mouthed weird ass fucking people like this on the public transport etc. So glad I don’t live in America.

  • Weezy

    Thanks for posting this video. You helped the police identify and arrest the pieces of shit that attacked the 2 transgendered ladies. Karma is vicious bitch! Too bad they can’t arrest you for being a horrible person and not stepping up to help.

  • alex

    apparently “west side niggers” in atlanta are a fucking joke. pick a fight with some transgenders and lose. you ghetto pieces of shit must feel real hard now. pulling hair and ripping tits out. every nigger in ATL should be ashamed of themselves and the image you portray.
    wonder why people are racist. u wonder why ppl think blacks especially from the south are stupid criminal pieces of shit. its because u all allow these lil cocky nigger pieces of shit to represent u. at the end of the video u hear these ignorant lil fucks bragging. “westside yeah”
    all ur bragging did was reinforce every stereotype about you ghetto pieces of shit

  • Pete Gill Lives With His Mum

    I bet the make up sex was incredible.

  • Sangye Choga Martin

    Every time I come across threads like these it is the same blatantly obvious thing. The difference in education between the posters who speak for tolerance and that of those who speak up for hatred. We are like apples and oranges here, and all that is obviously apparent is that the LGBTQ community and allies are made up of educated people. The hate camp appear to be from elementary school – if that in some cases. I am not criticizing them for their lack of intelligence or access to proper education. I realize in some cases it’s hereditary or systemic. It is however very telling and provides an excellent argument for promoting the voice of intelligence.

  • muszchef

    i am not surprised to see homophobic real faggots crowded here to try to be soooo funny while spilling out hatred against lgbtt

  • Sam Freedom

    Lot of stupid comments here. Nothing funny about this. Trannies do need to understand they’re going to be curiosities now and then and to not take it personally but this was way out of line to assault them.

    A good dose of pepper spray would’ve brought this to a quick end

  • CameronJones

    I think all 4 of the guys in this video were behaving badly. I feel like the first guy who was just repeating things over and over again WANTED a fight to happen. It wasn’t like he was sitting there, minding his own business and all of a sudden someone attacked him. It felt like he was ramping up, hoping for a fight.

    That being said, I don’t think any kind of violence like that is ok. The whole fight never should have happened and I’m disappointed no one tried to stop it or signal someone in charge on the train or something.

    Almost everyone in this video acted wrongly I feel.

  • Disappointed in humans

    First. The title of this video is tasteless and ignorant. And it only gets worse as one scrolls down. All of you should be ashamed by your hateful and ignorant, small minded comments. Regardless of anything, these are two HUMANS trying to live their lives. How dare you attack them physically and cyberly. This entire display is absolutely shameful and you are all pathetic. Do you not have a heart?

  • b

    I hope those fuckers die. This is terrible. No one should be harassed, beaten and stripped down. This is fucking disgusting and I’m sure more than half of these commenters would do this, you’re all fucking worthless shit go kill yourselves. I hope these women find justice and I hope those guys get raped in prison.

  • peewee

    i have no comments at all thats between them and God

  • WeRALLEQual

    Whether you are a Trans or real women, it is disrespectful for not wearing bra and having tight tops revealing … I personally find it quite obscene for public appearance, it is not nice for someone to degrade another guy by telling him ” I have a Big Home and a Big Car…. What do you have Bro said by the Trans? The fight started seconds later through this… Both are at wrong by not respecting each other and the Public. May God Bless them. If you watch the entire uncensored or censored video, you would feel the same way too….

  • RK

    Mr. Wang came flipping out the skirt.

  • lowd have mercy

    The only reason those boys picked a fight with those women was because they are insecure themselves whether it’s a same-sex attraction issue, or they felt threatened by how da women be expressin themselves/etc. (i can’t speak for them)… but when there is something you don’t like about yourself, you project. In this case, it’s onto these women. Fighting is exhaustive and defeating for everyone involved.. I just wish we could see each other as we really are… we are all a part of The Creator….. we sometimes forget that our culture, our behaviours, our conception of reality is heavily based on social conditioning.. this idea that it’s wrong to be gay or identify as another gender is so redundant… it doesn’t matter … guys….. these next few years are going to be phenomenal for everyone on planet earth… that statement may sound weird now.. but just give it some time… our whole idea of reality is going to be rattled to the very foundation.. and you wonder why beings from other planets/dimensions still haven’t revealed themselves to us on Earth yet (well some of us)…. it’s because of shit like this… we as a species, need to get our fucking shit together so we can actually advance as a race. It’s Time…. but the choice is up to you…….

  • Johannes W. Odijk

    Would have been a good movie had the camera man held his phone correctly.

  • frillbot

    The video seems to begin with the fat guy ‘running off at the mouth’. What was THAT all about? Is THAT what instigated this incident? It sounded like he was insulting the other guy about his social standing or something…( “I’ve got a car….I’ve got a house. What have YOU got??!!?” ) What exactly led up to this level of provocation? Them’s ‘fightin’ words’ as they say. I known & worked with many gays, lesbians AND even a few transsexuals over the years. They certainly didn’t go all ‘flamboyant’ in the workplace…….Not to excuse the obvious ‘straight’ ( I’m assuming they’re not gay themselves…) ASSHOLES that started the physical part of the altercation. Both sides should have simply refrained from even engaging in the first place. Act like f#@kin’ ADULTS. Sit down & STFU……and when the train comes to a stop, get off & go your separate ways. Nobody had to end up beaten, stripped or arrested.

    • Lina

      To my knowledge, the men were taking unwelcome photos of the trans women and asking them highly personal questions about whether they were male or female, treating the women like a freak show. The guy who started the physical fight was also threatening physical violence on the women. The “fat guy” you are referring to (aka Janell Crosby, a trans woman) was telling them to “stop it, stop it” and asserting her status as a human being. They were treating her as having lesser social status, so she turned the tables on them, listing her accomplishments.

  • Ernesto Miguel Corral

    I’d give anything to have been there. I would have beat the shit out of both those pathetic examples of men. I would have slammed each of their heads onto that dirty ass floor and had each of those brave women stomp the shit out of them. The people on that bus are as disrespectful , worthless and pathetic as the scum attacking the women. To stand there and not to help. To stand there and only video tape. Sick. Every last person on that shit who witnessed it and did nothing, I hope for your sake you’re never confronted on an issue in public or anywhere else.Karma is a bitch and I could only hope that you you feel it’s full wrath.

  • anonymous

    what the hell is wrong with people, why was no one arrested for this, this is terrible just terrible, I’m so sorry for those women that there are people in society who are so unsure of themselves that they have to take action like this….idiots (the men…not the women) and who stands around on a train and lets that continue to happen…or at least not call the police…

  • Ana


  • U Mad

    Niggers are the reason we can’t have nice things.

  • Graham

    Just really shocked. We need to fight these breeders

  • TheTimeToStopPostingIsNow

    Why are Black men so ignorant and violent? Those women weren’t doing anything until the men started harassing and insulting them.

  • kimmy k

    Damn that’s some sick shit. Then a damn child was on the train

  • Jack

    This video doesn’t seem to be anything about transgender. The woman was antagonizing the guy, kept running her mouth (we don’t know what was said before the video started) – and then a fight broke out. Why is this commentary trying to make it out that the two women were attacked without provocation?

  • Odetofear

    Look at that cheap weave, bitch got no class.

  • remrie

    Him calling them out initiated the conflict, her insistent yapping added fuel to the spark. Knowing what to say, and how much can be more important than how to fight. While I would have strangled one of those men to death, if not critically injuring them, I would have also slapped that bitch for not shutting up. Silence certainly won’t solve the cultural problems, but it will solve an immediate situation.

    – trans woman.

  • equal.love15

    Okay that was not alright:/ How was that even funny? Exactly… It wasn’t

  • Kerri Peek

    This is horrible! These poor women being assaulted like that. I hope the men who started it are in jail. No one bothered to call 911?

    • unpleasantfacts478

      Those were dudes! They wanted to prove who had the biggest balls.

  • Krystal

    Niggers, plain and simple.

  • SexyFeminineGoddess

    Notice how the filthy piece of shit who uploaded this video titles this as if though it were the trans women’s fault not to mention calling them trannies !!! The black American community is one of the filthiest communities I have ever seen !!! I feel sooooooooooooooooo Sorry for the FEW Respectful and decent Black People that aren’t TRASH and have to endure being associated with scum like these male attackers !!! The men who attacked these women should face death !!!

  • RBI

    First off, if a woman is transgendered, why does anyone need to know? What makes anyone’s genitals your business?

    It’s pretty obvious that these guys had been harassing these women a while before the video picked up, just to have an excuse to start hitting when the one woman started dishing it back, but what’s really ridiculous is the fact that the crowd just stood back like they were watching a football game while the guys attacked. Not only that, but filmed it and put it up on the web like violence, hate, and ripping clothes off women is perfectly acceptable. I guess Atlanta’s mostly assholes and perverts.

    For everyone who thinks transsexuals are diseased or the like: the world is not obligated to make sense in the way you want it to. The overwhelming majority of us have the benefit of being born into bodies that match the genders of the brains we’re given. Every now and again, that’s not the case, and the person born into the wrong gender body just has to deal with it. And of course these women are tough: they’ve no choice. I seriously doubt there was a length of time they weren’t harassed, hit, and hung to dry for not being whatever soothes assholes’ insecurities.

  • GypsyDanger

    Occurrences like this are a result LBJ’s “Great Society”, What a culture it has bred, a culture where personal responsibility not valued. To the contrary this culture focuses on blaming others, being a victim and highly volatile emotions in place of clear rational thinking.

  • Mrs.Toya

    They fail to realize that those trainees are men first.

  • Rosenberg

    WFT is wrong with people ! Putting this on cam, shaming others and cheering..instead of stopping it omg. And for those people who thinks it’s funny, shame on you! treating other people that way, you should be ashamed of your selves! Those two guy’s attacking the transgender women should be happy I wasn’t on that train, then they would have getting their ass kicked by a white girl with some serious karate skills…

    • Lando Nunyabiz

      Good for you, personally i wouldn’t get involved in a fight between 2 parties that are both talking crap to each other, seems like they were all asking for it. Also, you can either laugh at these animals or cry that this is our society. Gender be damned, all i saw where a bunch of idiots.

  • Amanda

    Ur..a bunch of .homophobics And have to die because everybody knows whos homophobic is.because is gay and have afraid to admit (:

  • Matt Peake

    wow stay classy Murica~ps all commenters PLEASE buy a dictionary learn some english #BUTCHERINGourLANGUAGE ugh(LY!)

  • lelanei

    yeah, they’re also known for some of the most malicious and vicious killings ever! but still when the men said they weren’t interested in ‘getting flipped’ so to speak. that should’ve been the end of it. you can have all the ‘play’ going on for you in the world and still be rejected or unwanted by somebody. some of these folks mothers have a hard time claiming them. and, after watching this I know good and well God is having a second thoughts about creating all things humans. probably thinking ‘I should’ve just stopped with the animals…’

  • Korresha Hampton

    This is a sad sick shame. I’m not sure why anyone thinks is ok to violently attack another person who is different from them. It’s not your place. Now if those women would have best them to unconsciousness they would’ve felt real stupid. What’s even more disheartening is all the people who stood around to watch this horrible episode of ignorance and disregard for humanity. Get it together people.

  • spacegod

    Well. Hate to see this kind of thing. But at least that little bitch who started everything with a sissy kick got his ass kicked several times.

  • Deshunda West

    I personally feel that a person has the right to be whom or whatever they want to be. It’s not my, yours or anybody else’s place to judge. The straight dudes got what they deserved. They thought just because trannies are who they are, they were some punks no no no fooled their asses. I promise they’ll think twice the next time they run up on some gay guys again. Plus the straight guys probably wanted to secretly f**k them cause one of the guys was on the floor spooning with the tranny.

  • amazed

    Do you people deliberately try to sound stupid? What are your schools teaching you? Is it cool to be dumb?

  • Ariel Larage

    my girls tapped dat assss

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  • Apryl

    Wow. Most of these comments are from extremely uneducated people. Ignorance is alive and well and there’s proof right here! These aren’t transsexuals or gay men dressed like women. These are women. Also, you have no respect for other humans and neither do the attackers.

  • Nathan Higgers

    At 1:56 the buck nigs little peanut brain got confused and almost tried to start a muh-dik session


    you all need JESUS….
    hell will be a very hot place…

  • Meemee

    Yasss bitch yasssss! Lol if I was a tranny and them niggas tried to fight me I’m coming right up out them clothes too! This gonna be the most uncomfortable fight you ever had! I would be purposely putting my dick on you while we on the ground tumbling! Lol they looked like they was on the train fuckin anyways sooo…! Oh and the fat tranny, you was handling yo shit bitch!

  • datboikane

    The one that took clothes off got whoop being tossed around don’t mean shithe put them hands on it

  • Izzy B Carter

    I hate all of you. lol. yall really all suck. All iseen here was human beings fighting. Dont care what they’re gender’s/gender re-assignments are. Nobody won. But ALOT of aggression was taken out. As for these “opinions/comments” … lmao, lots and lots of time and anger on your hands

  • Beatuup

    The dread beat that nigga ass the other one got smoke

  • SaintGhost

    Fuck that, any mothafuckus who can take dick & they ass and like it…. they aint nobody to be played with.

  • Harland_Sanderz

    Moolie Apes Rape Trannies in Atlanta.

  • Jay

    Im sick of discrimination against the LGBT community, they are no better than racist people its disgusting. All of these people need a god damn good education about life. So much hatred in the world. In the video he calls the tranny gay ass motherfucker, its no better than some saying you black motherfucker its fucking ridiculous.

  • Truth7508

    For those who don’t know transgender are both man and a woman that is why they are transgender the point of the matter is they gave two men more than they could handle don’t get it twisted I’m just saying what it is and if anyone has a problem with it owell it’s the truth look it up facts not opinion

    • truth-hurts

      Stfu you fagg bag

  • Binstead Gibson

    In other news,…

  • It’s bee yo

    Balls and titties swinging

  • n

    Tuck them tagged niggas

  • n

    Fuck them faggot niggas I can’t stand them motherfuckers

  • SeriousOne

    Abomination, that’s all I got to say.

  • perfectme

    Omg the dick thoooo titties and dick omg them hormone shots smh….

  • Brianna

    That is nastey she was showing her butt and everything

  • Nene

    You is not suppose to hit girls I hope you learn your lesson

  • Joy

    Forget the fight. Seriously, what is wrong with these people? Why did that girl with the white top have on a see through shirt with no bra? Why was that transexual so ready and willing to strip all his clothes off? And why wasn’t he wearing any underwear? Did they have any home training in public decency?

  • Justin Bradley Hall

    i saw that transsexual’s tities and i was like, damn i wanna fuck that prison bitch. that aint gay as fuck. some ya’ll are sexually repressed. it’s like yall are all frustrated with yalls’ own sexualperformance. caint we all just get alongt?

  • Barbara Codner

    The moment that transsexual basically told him that he was a bum a** ni**a, he flipped. He had nothing to clap back with so he resorted to violence. SMDH!

  • You fucking idiots

    You sick fucking cunts, what the fuck is wrong with you? Okay they were trans women, okay that’s fucking fantastic, regardless what your god damn red neck opinions are, two HUMANS were fucking humiliated in public for no fucking reason. Are you sick idiots to dumb to see that people of are own nature are being tortured. You guys should seriously fucking kill yourselves, you sick fucking scum. If you thing that a trans woman is not a woman, then go fucking die.

    • Chee Chee snotroller

      Ok so a couple Black ghetto dudes fight the trannies and you blame Rednecks? OK, whatever….

  • You fucking idiots

    Have you asshole shut the fuck up and looked up some facts on trans people yet? Bet not. People are people. Unless your full of hate. Kill yourselves cunts

  • Cuckoo Pop

    Not clear who started the fight..of course the libs will say it was the straight guys..I don’t know, but the fat tranny was in that guys face.

  • General Buttnaked

    I’m sorry, was there some sort of disturbance going on in this video?
    It just looked like a normal, everyday bus-ride with Blacks to me.
    What was the problem?

  • Lance Kemal

    The smaller tranny got fucked up the fat one manhandled that guy though

  • Vladimir Malkavian

    i got winners with 1 of the TRANNIES

  • unpleasantfacts478

    Short skirt and no drawers + schlong = recipe for disaster!

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  • taintme

    Dunno they had woman’s parts I think they Wuz real womenes that ain’t no real man gonna hit or beat on anyone with breastes that just weak I wouldn’t been standing around watching I been helping them womenes

  • mvn007

    Did the naked one got kicked “where it hurts”?..(s)he lays down,legs closed for sometime in the end..

  • Mesha Ann

    “I gotta car, a house, everything NIGGA” Why he/she on the bus if he/she gotta car tho?

    • swagtastic614

      there are thousands of people who park at the train station and ride the train or bus. It’s call saving gas

      • Mesha Ann

        Oh yeah, you’ve got a point there. Lol. I would just prefer to drive, public transit isn’t for me..and this video confirms all my fears of riding a bus/train.

  • Mesha Ann

    Or train, whatever tf it is.

  • jazzy

    what the fuck is this that she bitch took her clothes off all off and i saw her dick

  • Avery Montgomery

    Lmao you gotta remember she was a man she has the power of 10 women face ass lmao this shit make Ga look Grimy AF tho

  • Lisha Outcast Jones

    So this real cray cray and all… but I figured while watching the beginning, One of these trannies is gonna beat somebody ass. I was told when it comes to pain, Why challenge a gay man or transgendered man to a fight if they can take a big dick in the ass. At first I was dumbfounded but then they I thought about it and was like. WTF? So I also figured at some point these gay or transgendered men had to of been in a fight at some point so they obviously not gonna be too scared. So if you a man and you fighting a man with a pain threshold of a man AND a woman (cause women go through some pain to uphold beauty) I would hope you would atleast really think about the odds. That big Tranny beat the shit out of that dude. The other tranny not so sure I mean they got they licks but they weren’t the last man standing in that fight. Those are just my opinions and observations. I ain’t saying I’m right but you gotta admit I can’t completely be wrong either.

  • BabiGurl88

    Wwwwhhhaaattttt tha FFFUUCCKK !!!! I wish I could burn my eye balls out of my head because of what I just seen for ten seconds.

  • King Roderick Prettyboy Smith


  • true

    The transformed on their asses like megatron #decepticons

  • Ty

    All this is just gay ctfu. How do you argue with a mfer you don’t know? Lol niggers are just to ignorant for me smh

  • taylor

    Why is he talking like he won? He got his ass beat lmao

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  • transporter001

    Them faggots…? them trannies…? them niggaz…? what kind of people am I sharing this planet with?
    These were two PEOPLE, heavily outnumbered by a hostile group bravely sticking up for themselves.
    There are kids that like to pull the legs off spiders or poke animals in cages basically because they can’t defend themselves, this is what some of you people are doing, there is a word for people like you.. BULLIES! this is also what some of the people on the train were doing, aiding and abetting the protagonists to attack these transgendered women.
    It’s an absolute crime that one of these people was stripped naked but I’ll bet not much is done about it.
    Most of the commentators on this page will know absolutely nothing about the huge amount of research that has been done into transgenderism and most likely will not care but real bravery is being yourself no matter how difficult that is. It means deciding not to be a bully on a train or hiding yourself in a cowardly fashion as part of a baying, bloodthirsty mob. It means rising above the undignified crowd who post things on the internet using terms such as faggots, trannies or niggaz.
    Anyone who has joined this discussion to jeer and poke fun ought to be ashamed of themselves.

  • Luis Rodriguez

    Fuck them faggots

  • Bob Richfield

    THIS IS WHAT SETS AMERICA APART FROM EVERY OTHER COUNTRY. And this is what makes us great. This shit right here, I’m posting thisa fucked up shit that makes me hate thugged out little piece of shit mutherfuckers.
    ALL THESE goddamnewd spookes act like i’m invisable. Every single beautiful female treats me like a queer faggot boy cause I’m short and white. So ya know what, I’m gonna visit Atlanta and look for a fight like this. And I’m gonna get involved. And I’ll win. ya know why?
    cause I’m


  • Bob Richfield

    THIS IS WHAT SETS AMERICA APART FROM EVERY OTHER COUNTRY. And this is what makes us great. This shit right here, I’m posting thisa fucked up shit that makes me hate thugged out little piece of shit mutherfuckers.
    ALL THESE goddamnewd spookes act like i’m invisable. Every single beautiful female treats me like a queer faggot boy cause I’m short and white. So ya know what, I’m gonna visit Atlanta and look for a fight like this. And I’m gonna get involved. And I’ll win. ya know why?
    cause I’m…

    …white. right? gay? you gay. it’s true. i seen it.


    Lol, nasty as fuck. But all you niggers are fucking nasty. Only u niggers do this white people are better than your horrible sorry ape race. Can’t even get to heaven you dirty apes

  • Teh Kao

    Hoping this train jumps the tracks and falls off a cliff

  • dacumbackkid

    Wow that was un called for lol but them dam trannies was working they asses

  • Viper

    @some point I think the guy fighting the baked one wanted some booty lol

  • louie

    Naw the gay mothafucca who clothes came off got oiled straight up

  • Bobby Smith

    wtf is going on in them subways.

  • China

    First off yes they’re both all of them are born men but that’s two different lifestyles straight men are more rough and tough they grew up slap boxing jumping out of trees and most gay guys or trannys grew up fimanent that’s why…. In my opinion when a straight guy fights a gay guy they should get jumped by the gay guys because they grew up way rougher and tougher so gay guys jump they asses An keep jumpin they asses

  • Ogre

    Fuckin’ Orcs.

  • Rachel Ann Herd

    Niggas that act like that be gay on the inside & they like to pick on ppl that are comfortable with themselfs . And that’s fucked up & sad.

  • jack trade

    Time Magazine ” I am Jazz” author 14 year old boy who has always lived as a girl. I dont accept it but society has…good news I dont need society to enjoy my life. Gos bless you.

  • Andrea Allen

    U talking that sh#t “pick yo weave up” like u did something but nig u got yo ass whoopped!! Both y’all. Guess u forgot drag queens were born men too. From a real woman too all of u i’ll scrap wit them queen b#tches b4 u undercover gay nigs. I say this cuase what type of man kicks as his first definse. I tell u… a real fagot ass nig. GN know the truth u wannabe ganstas got whooped!

  • Zarinah Tavares

    This video is wrong on so many levels , i dont know where to start….God made us all different thats the beauty in life. This was clearly a hate crime,funny thing i bet the idiot who started this mess was in the closest..Marta is not always smarter

  • Sean PhotographyandDesign Webb

    just another way to separate, divide and conquer the black male and destroy the black family.

  • ashley

    Haha damn went through the comments and that escalated quickly Lol. But ha that was the best fight I’ve ever watched xD. But dumb ass white girls always gotta make a comment to be tough then run away I hate the majority of people on this damn planet.

  • paulie

    Beating on woman like its a normal everyday thing fucking bunch of gansta wannabe pussys

  • Magicheadhunta Allison

    Fuck dem punks.yeah they fought but they didnt win.dem hoes be starting shit,mad because they was born wit a dick,looking for attention. I aint got nothing against them,but dont nobody need that bullshit drama that they bring.

  • romeo

    What is wrong with us.why do we do that to each other then complain about how other races treat us.

  • Patrick

    Black people are so funny to watch!!!!

  • Andre Grady

    its just a disgrace how people behave unnecessary somebody have to be the mature one and walk away I don’t know how it started but we got to learn to respect each other that’s what it’s all about respecting each other.

  • labourforleader

    Bit crazy

  • poppy

    Not really look like guys was winning to me they was being petty pulling hair n clothes just like girls do instead of just fighting


    Lmao! oh lord i cant breathe …the tranny said it had a car why yo ass on subway r bus broke asd tranny lol

  • Phillip Ward

    I think that it makes no sense to argue with homosexuals unless you are homophobic seems to me it’s hard enough just trying to be a man why even bother to try and be a woman that is confused confusion at best at its best

  • Andrea Williams

    IT takes a strong person to go out in public and cross dress, point blank they still men pills or naww they still have the strength of a man they born with, the shits open its not gone change, its time to accept the bs get with it or get lost, coming from a female who gives nones a fuck about what a another motherfucker doin, shit wasn’t even funny, it’s stupid, but on the real I’ll get out there with a naked bitch wrapped in chocolate, no hoe in my blood….

  • Richard

    The women should beat those Nigga’s ass..


    lmaoooo the guy with the dreads was hot :) he was doin his thang !!!!

  • Richard

    Shit they’re guys oh fuck

  • John

    I’m so amazed at the level of intelligence displayed in these comments.

  • lmfao Im Done

    Lol idgaf about that hating going on in the post. At the the end of the day them trannys rock them weak ass niggas. Man I keep tellin people don’t let that gay shit fool you. Gayshave had to fight constantly for their respect and they not afraid to pull out them claws a

  • BMarie05

    The whole fight was sad. If they gay, they gay. What does that have to do with anyone? It hurt me to see this bullshit.

  • Sean nixon

    I don’t know what you MF was watching them two shit got there ass kick

  • TaSharia

    Them trannies whooped they assez lol & the nigga that started the fight must not have had shut for real cuz he sure as hell got heated and hit Big girl when she said that.

  • Cody

    Yall are dumb. Fucking ridiculous that you think it is okay for 2 people to get beat up because they are Transgender. Fucking ridiculous. Thinking that the bigger deal is the guy getting beat up by a Transgendered person. You guys are seriously fucked in the head and need to re-think your lives

  • gunz

    i would kick them trannies rght in the nuts and cut the shit out em

    treat em just a man cuz thas what they are

  • gunz


  • Sirius A

    Them trannies got fucked up. Got the shit kicked out of them weaves knocked off – laying on the floor titties out – good. Whoever think them MEN got they ass whooped is delusional too.

  • Rachel B

    Trannies remind everytime that there are in fact men when it is time to get to scrapping. Yuck

  • SMH

    Bacon on pan ? Mofo drama ? Bio girls ? All except sarea hurds dont make any damn sense. I believe that it doest matter if the gay or straight the underlying issue is they’re hood people jus like the commenters here. Yaa mean woof woof bird man prrrr. Do us the favor wipe yourselves out, so that we may have more air. Thank you

  • Te

    I would think they would know these trannies know how to fight. They have to be defensive their whole life because of people like them. Fighting is second nature to them, they been fighting since they came out the closet and progressed into what they are now. They know this is what comes with the territory of being who they are, so they come ready. Question is who ever jumps they way are they ready.

  • izy

    I have no fucks to give to people who are too pig headed and stubborn to go with science but is this supposed to be negative towards people who just want to be treated as people even if they changed their sex that isn’t your business like it isn’t mine if you get plastic surgery

  • just me

    Any guy that can take dick up his ass and smile you dont fuck with iv had cen checks and dan near cryed so fuck

  • Byrdmann909

    They should really feel bad!!! Just wait until their homies see this!!!!!!!!LFMAO

  • obamasucks

    nigahs – they are to civil society as a shit in a water well. It only takes a little to wreck the whole lot.

  • kimmie

    Lol….they got did in by them trannies….lol…dont think cuz they dress like females that they cant fight like a man….

  • Luvasia

    Thee always complain when a sudden death happens from violence , one complain about not achieving goals do to whatever. The judgment is what’s destroying oneself. The Devils face is visual in thee. One must be acceptance to thee. EACH ONE WILL NEVER TEACH ONE . HUMANITY IS GETTING WEAK by the seconds…..smh .. whomever always protect yourself . Smmfh . There are Sink wholes for god sake… watch your mf shadow

  • jj

    Black people act like animals.

  • Attilasog

    Kill all those fuckn homos!
    All you taken sides wit thos fags, ya muthafuckers are closet Fags! Fuck ya Too!!!

  • Attilasog

    Kill all those fuckn homos!
    All you taken sides wit thos fags, ya muthafuckers are closet Fags! Fuck ya Too!!!

  • Attilasog

    Kill all those fuckn homos!
    All you taken sides wit thos fags, ya muthafuckers are closet Fags! Fuck ya Too!!!

  • Michelle

    Power to my girls. Why such disrespect?

  • sunny

    That’s not far. Stop fucking with folks if they not fucking witg you. Get a life

  • BamaChick256

    Don’t. Mind me just here to read the comments *sips tea

  • Catrina Cunningham

    It is so sad how we as a people judge and hate one another having no respect For nothing nor anyone. We are suppose to treat one another as you would have or desire one to treat or be unto you ! If it had been men attacking two women / white races men attacking to black men / two white police officers attacking two black men simply because of their race We know it would be HE’LL to pay ! We are suppose to love and respect one another the Bible says that we are to love the person love the soul and hate the sin all sin we have to learn and know how to separate the two one from the other the Bible says who are we to judge another man’s servant and judge nothing before the time judge not for with the same judgement you shall be judge no matter how we look at it or how we look at ourselves sin is sin there is no such thing as big sin little sin all sin is sin the Bible says that we all have sin before the Lord and have falling short of his glory and at that great day we shall give count for all committed in this body of ours for our selves for all we done to ourselves and to others righteous are wicked God is the only judge let him be God and whenever you see someone living are doing extremely unseemly things in
    their life just look back at your own and remember that there are some imperfect things about yourself some things that are not right within your own self and work on you and pray for others as hopefully you are praying for yourself your sin in this life may not be what someone else sin maybe yet it is still sin live and let live no one is perfect….

  • Baub OneGod Bidon

    There’s a much bigger fight out here than picking on the LBGT communities, thinking they aint gonnah fight back. Stop this bullshit hate! #DividedWeFall “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” – Martin Luther King Jr.

  • tonya rolf

    I don’t see why they were fighting, to each his/her MF own. It’s no ones business what they do especially if it’s not directed towards you and yours.
    But that tranny put a whooping on that MF who kicked her

  • Candice Baker

    Tht shit was crazy, lol..tits an balls everywhere.

  • Jill

    Wtf did I just watch

  • Andreu Storme

    holy shit this is the wildest thing I have ever seen and he attacked him naked !!!! And that other guy was fat as hell tranny or not I aint fightin that heavy weight thing omg what the fucj did I just watch , the tranny fucked with his manhood with that “What you got ?” Speech,,,, lml he aint got shit so he popped off. Rule #83425 never fight a man who wants to dress up as a lady, they have had way more fights then you can think of lmaoooo

  • Mya Campbell Hodges-Snead

    This is what’s up like i forreal Trannies or not that’s who they want to be so dont get upset because you dont like love or understand who you are inside thats fucked up like them straight Ni99as need to go find them self before they get checked again picking on the wrong people again

  • Johanna Arias

    People as you know she took her clothes off her self crazy bitches……men r men I bet you those dudes where enjoying the fight lol..

  • ms.whatever


  • ms.whatever

    Everyone who has something against t-girls are haters. It is not your life nor your dick/pussy so it is not your problem. Learn to stay in your lane not anybody else. They do not have to expalin their life choices to anyone.And please don’t use God as an excuse for your hating ass needs. If God wants something to be done about it has damn show do not need you to help. You do not know what God wants nor his plans so keep him out of ths conversation.

  • Blaque Momba

    Why are we fighting our own skin color? I honestly dong care about who’s discretion. We as people need to be above the dumb shit!

  • stav

    thats a shame thing like this happends

  • chocolate

    How can u sit here and quote the bible and turn around a d break one of the 10 commandments. Who gives a fuck what sex someone wants to be. The sad part is some dikes, punks and trans end up being more of a man or woman them some of yall assholes on here bashing them.

  • chocolate

    How can u sit here and quote the bible and turn around a d break one of the 10 commandments. Who gives a fuck what sex someone wants to be. The sad part is some dikes, punks and trans end up being more of a man or woman them some of yall assholes on here bashing them.

  • Jerp

    Wtf is wrong with you ppl instead of commenting about the hate crime, or the fact those guys got rocked by trannies all I see are comments condoning them for being transgender. If watching this you have a bigger problem with them being transgender then the other guys assaulting them, you have a serious malfunction.

  • Chenny Puffs

    I feel that people are wrong for judging trannies, people need to learn to grow up, when u judge someone like that, I feel its childish! of course u have ur own opinions, but at the same time your no better then kids bullying each other, let people live they lives how they want, ur not doing shit for them they making It on their own with no help from who judge them, so why should anybody care of how they live or die…

  • Leta Calvert

    Wow this video is a reflection of our intelligence as a black people. The white man doesn’t have to hold us back or kill us. We are doing a good job of it ourselves. Live and in color!

  • Leta Calvert

    Wow this video is a reflection of our intelligence as a black people. The white man doesn’t have to hold us back or kill us. We are doing a good job of it ourselves. Live and in color!

  • Leta Calvert

    Wow this video is a reflection of our intelligence as a black people. The white man doesn’t have to hold us back or kill us. We are doing a good job of it ourselves. Live and in color!

  • Leta Calvert

    Wow this video is a reflection of our intelligence as a black people. The white man doesn’t have to hold us back or kill us. We are doing a good job of it ourselves. Live and in color!

  • Chelsea

    Lord I am so tired of this tranny shit smh like do that shit in your house don’t walk around with that circus shit … Got people confused not knowing your gender got on a dress with a dick hanging smh just disgusting and then dudes wanna start shit with these freaks and get they ass beat .. Smh getting beat up by a tranny is a disgrace touching them is disgusting I have no issue switch gay people but the tranny shit is too much yuck. What you do in your bedroom is your business but don’t think for a second you gone run around acting like you normal when you aren’t you look like a freak and it’s bad enough your. Gay black man

  • Brandy EgyptianGoddess Easley

    Lmmfao im confused if that really was a man

  • akeem leoanrd

    what tha fuck… mehn those niggas aint real niggas, because real niggas never lay a finger on women..

  • AnnMarie Rodriguez


  • Ron Raun Orpheus Sheridan

    and the fighting continue… there are a lot of ignorant comments about this bloody incident but my thing is; don’t judge someone for what they do and you has issues that others do not like too. black against black crime and violence is going to be the black people demise. people just cut it out

  • ALoveN

    So how do we explain hermaphrodites. How do you explain chemical imbalance? How do you explains thousands of kids who committ suicide because they’re not comfortable in their own skin. I am not transgender but I am a lesbian women who to this day has to put up with the bs of what straight people feel my life should look like. I didn’t ask to be this way like you didn’t ask to be straight. You think I wanted to lose friends and family because of the person I am. If you saw me walking down the street you wouldn’t know I was gay and you wouldn’t treat me any different. Until the second you knew I was with the same sex then it becomes a problem. Why? Why do you care who i’m in relations with and how does this make me any different then you. Shit you may like it in the butt I don’t. Does that give me the right to judge you as a person? What I’m getting at here…..we are all humans and I’m sorry but transgenders get ridiculed day in and day out just for wanted to be who they feel they should be. We’re not beating up celebrities when they change shit to look and feel like they want, so what’s the difference.So if your not comfortable with trans or gay people that’s fine, but please stop making our lives miserable because you can’t except change or you believe what you believe in. If you were to know the person as a whole you might not be so quick to judge. We all love to love and it shouldn’t matter with who. And I read someone stating that we can produce, but we can adopt and raise a family just as good as the next. As long as you child isafe and loved it shouldn’t matter.

  • Lydia

    So through all of this no one heard the man’s concern about a child be present?! Smh.

  • Arkeem T Dunson

    Lol damn

  • Treats Threads

    LOL That is so gross. Love it The straight dudes got served

  • Treats Threads

    What was he doing kicking

  • CJ

    wow all the hate in this discussion makes me sick. How about instead of judging others for believing they were born the opposite sex in the opposites body. Hating on someone for being gay or trans doesnt make you a better person. Bullying and HATE need to stop in this world in order to succeed as a successful world. Some people just gotta suck it up and deal with the fact that there are GLBT people in this world. We live in a time to where more people feel comfortable with being open about their sexuality and gender identity. This does not make it right to make fun of them. Those straight dudes had it coming talking shit on those girls. I probably wouldve done the same damn thing in that situation. Anyone who doesnt understand everything that goes on in a GLBT mind needs to not say shit!

  • happy p

    Is this another state prison scene. I’m confused. I tell u jail bird bitches.

  • Fred

    Don’t like fighting at all! Couldn’t work out what set it off

  • woman

    there is nothing acceptable about a crowd of people hooting while a member of the most marginalized minority in american society is being stripped of her clothing and beaten on a subway. the people trying to make this into a religious argument should be shot because they are stepping over the atrocity.

  • Ida Cookie Thomas-Cuevas

    OMG! I don’t know how to respond..LMAO, cause I can’t stop laughing..

  • Ms. CC

    This was so sad to see I don’t see why he felt the need to attack the trannie but that’s ignorance at its finest. I really feel bad for the other trannie I’m sure he felt pretty violated to end up naked in front of all of those people but I can say his boobs look great

  • Stephanie Jacobs

    Omg all you bible preaching fucktards are wrong I’m straight as an arrow but I hate when people try to discriminate don’t try using the bible because if your going the hell for being gay then fuck all of us are going to hell considering the bible states not to wear 2 woven materials at once e.g. Linen and wool and not to sow two seeds in one field….Leviticus 19:19 only two examples read the bible before you want to preach it and use it for your ow. benefits

  • Eric The Redhearted

    That’s it. We’re done as a society. Take down the tent, the shows over.

  • Eric The Redhearted

    That’s it. We’re done as a society. Take down the tent, the shows over.

  • HisBoopie

    It’s funny how some of you bringing God in this,and saying how it’s wrong in God’s eyes.Well no sin is greater than the other.So we are ALL sinners.Just because your sin is different,don’t make it any less.So stop judging others and look at yourself.We are all the same in God’s eyes,no matter what or who we are.

  • Darryl Springs

    This is for those who put GOD in this fight (which is utterly ridiculous)….To each his own…if it, (trans gendering one’s self) has to be answered for to GOD…they will have to answer for it..not the onlookers…let he who is without sin cast the first stone!!!!

  • Dollfuss

    Hey I think I saw security in there for a second!

  • Monica Kiley Hollings

    Funny fight, them girls held it down tho.

  • Justice

    Thou who is without sin cast the first stone. No sin is greater than another. I am straight but people thinking they are going to heaven because they are not gay is ludicrous. What about fornication, what about those lies, adultery, stealing,explicit thoughts…yea just the thought is a sin, drunkedness…just a lil weed..all of it, you have done it…or something. Stop being so seld righteous and realize that if you are perfect God cant use you. It is not about you! Its about him. It saddens me to read the lack of mankind on this page…and we want to be able to receive his grace and mercy. Shame on you. Shame on you.

  • Ordinary Sharon

    I kno that someone might feel some type of way about what ima say but it is what it is i dont care if u do whateva u do in ur life style im not the one who has to judge u but looking at this is crazy the men in this video made men look week and the trannies trying to be ladies made women look bad point blank tbis just makes black ppl look sad get it together ppl

  • Ordinary Sharon

    Plz lf u gonna say some dumb stuff plz dont let it be oh u fat and ugly that shit old ive heard it stop being offered by someone elses thoughts that why god gave us a brain if u dont like what ppl feel stop putting ur shit out there man woman tranny lesbian whateva u wanna be

  • Veronika Fimbres

    They were minding their own business, and the guy who started it should have minded his own business! He was wrong to kick a person; anybody! Those Trans women had every right to express themselves, and be who they are! There were families and children on that train, and they should have acted like adults in front of them! The instigators should be arrested, and charged with disturbing the peace, and sexual harassment; if not crimes of hate! Let people live!

    • woman

      yes. a voice of reason.

  • sugaschild

    This is so crazy and ive been sitting here reading the comments. I feel gay individuals are selfish in a way. I feel God doesnt make mistakes.. the lord put obsticles in our path to test our faith in knowing he will help us through anything. So when a person looks down and sees that they are female but they “want” to be male. If they thought outside of themselves if they were to reproduce they could have the child that changes the world or even saves them the
    person that initially had them because they figured out a cure for say Alzheimer’s… im just saying we dont live in the world by ourselves so attempt to think outside of yourself… js its sad…

    • woman

      yeah, just what the world needs – 7 billion humans all making babies. pfft. moron.

      • sugaschild

        That would come from someone named woman… lol your not a woman i am a woman and you MAD… LOLOLOL HAHAHAHAHAHA FUNNY ASS SHIT!!! GO GET YO ASS PLUGGED OR SUM… LEAVE ME OUT OF WHAT UR TALKING ABOUT..

        • woman

          get my ass plugged? if u want me to leave you out of what i am talking about, don’t publicly declare that the ignorance you are committed to for primate status reasons is the way for everyone else to be, otherwise its my business. i am a woman irregardless of what you call me, and i don’t need to speak in jive to get my point across because i am not a feral animal who is incapable of communication more complicated than a numb skulled ego war.

          • sugaschild

            Feral animal.. lol are you sure ur not?? Lol

      • sugaschild

        And its obvious that everyone is not going to be able to make babies who sounds like a fucking moron???? Once again GOD doesnt make mistakes… just on you hes probably kicking himself..

        • woman

          funny how religious people think they worship love but really all they do is use their religion as an excuse to hate anyone who does not conform to it.

        • woman

          also funny how “god and he” are the things you worship. u worship the existence of a penis. you worship patriarchy. the warmongering of humanity. you worship divine brutality. you worship something that demonizes the goddess of love and calls her the devil. you call god he and he implies a penis, so what you are really saying is that men who see women as property know best.

          • sugaschild

            Nope im excited about new life… you have to have a woman and a man to make a new life… duuhhh!! Im a woman i should love penis fool.. dont try to put your mental health disorder on me.. i believe as a woman im not too proud to let my husband lead our family… your opinions about me dont matter i just think its funny as hell that this “woman” and i are getting into it about this dumb shit…

    • woman

      anyways seeing gay as a mental disorder is classified as a mental disorder by the professionals.

  • dbiggins

    From what I just saw the Tgirl who got naked got her ass beat so what yall talking bout and no I have nothing against them I have one in my family.

  • larry

    They got off on them guy men

  • Samaria Tice

    Look like a female but hit like a man.. love my fabulous ones. Being disrespectful gets you nothing but a pass whooping.

  • Electra

    That bitch that swung first, got her ass handed to her by the fat tranny. And still wanted to act like she had won with all that lip at the end. SHE is an embarrassment to her “masculinity.” PS I’m not taking bout the trannies either!

  • Makeisha Young

    Lol he tried to say pick yo weave up at the end like he didnt just get his ass beat by the tranny lol n obviously he aint got nun after the big tranny said what you got he wanted to kick a bitch……lol im too done

  • Kathy Williams

    That video is some nasty ignorant disgraceful immortal “mess!”. Yet, black people want respect in society. Look at yourself and ask can this type of behavior advance me economically, spiritually, and mentally? You be the judge!

  • MzParker

    These niggas keep forget that’s these trannies are STILL MEN AND STILL HAVE TESTOSTERONE it may be mixed with estrogen but that’s none of my business tho… Nigga need to stop being bias… They didn’t bother them at all they are still human

    • woman

      actually, mz thing, transsexual women have less testosterone in their blood than biological female women. science bitch. the olympics even let trans women compete with other women now. i think its funny how these women who hate transsexual women irrationally want to invalidate any rage we feel by blaming it on testosterone. bitch you got more testosterone than me.

      if its none of your business then wtf are u doing talking like a self proclaimed expert about shit you know nothing about, you fucking cunt?

      • sugaschild


        • woman

          if you don’t like it, you can go to the handicapped bathroom, but i doubt you will notice.

          • sugaschild

            Ur handicapped thinking your a woman.. so maybe u should us the outhouse.. so no-one will have to try not to notice. .

        • woman

          did you know that in america, transsexual women experience more than 48% of all hate crimes? that is mathematically more hate crime than any other minority in the country, which is seriously fucked when you consider that we make up only about 1% of the population. this is a war. a very real, not figurative war. if you want to stand on your soap box and say eww at our fight to end the suffering against us, then you are a part of the problem and you deserve cancer. not only do you deserve cancer, but i sincerely hope you never reproduce, because people who believe that kind of shit do not have any business raising a child and polluting its mind of the future.

          • sugaschild

            I dont care about the pity party your trying to throw… i hope somebody fuck your gay ass up.. not because ur gay but because you talk a whole bunch of shit “woman”..

      • MzParker

        Bitch who the fuck are you coming off on first of all I didn’t say anything about me hating transsexuals second dumb ass idgaf if they have less testosterone THE ARE STILL MEN NO MATTER HOW MUCH TESTOSTERONE THEY HAVE.. Dumb ass talking bout science bitch sit yo goofy ass all the way the fuck down for I track yo ignorant ass down with that dumb SHIT… Smh don’t make no damn sense

        • woman

          lol. the pot calls the kettle black. track my ass down? u mean use violence against me? i dare you. resorting to violence as a solution to being confronted with scientific facts that disprove your ignorant hate-fueled biases is the same thing as a cave man smashing a computer for not knowing how it works. if u think science is dumb, then i doubt u can do something as advanced as track me down. transsexual women are not men.. you calling them men is ignorant, and its a joke that u called me ignorant when you are the one talking. u can do all the honkey jive ebonic talking u want, but you are still a territorial animal who does not know shit about dick. maybe if u throw a few more damns, shits, and fucks into your vitriol the world will suddenly conform to your dumb religion and believe your territorial and hate-fuled bias. transsexual women are not men. i am not a man. i never was a man. i transitioned before ever physically becoming one, and the woman who was stripped naked and beaten obviously did too. people like you are the reason all trans women need to have concealed carry licenses. you are a threat to our safety, and you rationalize the use of violence like a mad dog.

          • MzParker


          • woman

            aside from me not changing your opinion, you are wrong on all accounts. science.

        • woman

          if you call transsexual women men who have testosterone, A) you hate them and B) you are committed to an ignorance that there is lots of scientific evidence against. C) it literally makes you stupid….but im sure saying fuck, ass and bitch like a thousand times in a row between every other word you speak will get the point across… i am surprised they have not published your words in a double blind scientific essay, because you clearly know what you are talking about more than they do. lol.

          • MzParker

            WOW! and you have the nerve to say something about what i type when u called me a bitch first look i have my opinion you dont like by all means kill yourself that would be one less person to argue with

          • woman

            not going to kill myself. not going to die. will kill someone if they try to hurt me. get used to the fact that transsexual women exist unless you want to incite evil on all accounts.

  • K. D. Offor

    yeah i don’t think i’m going to take the marta ever again

  • Brit Butter

    They need some since knocked n to them by real men maybe they will come back to reality

    • woman

      thats bullshit. attitudes like that are the reason there is suffering in the world. you should be ashamed of yourself, but you are probably incapable of shame or compassion.

    • woman

      strangers do not need to knock sense into someone for belonging to a minority that is literally the most marginalized minority on the planet. if a stranger is going to “beat some sense into you” then that stranger literally deserves to die at the hands of the person defending themselves. it is not the place of strangers on the subway to strip someone naked and beat them. i can’t believe i am actually having to explain this remedial basic shit to a grown adult. wtf is wrong with this planet? people like you are the cause of suffering in the world. maybe try reading a book thats not the bible for a change you vacuous evil numb skull.

  • Adriana Marrero

    People are very ignorant. Now that we know they exist people treat them like trash…people don’t even understand what it means to be different. If you can except women being lesbian why not men being gay. I’m not lesbian or bisexual but I except what is happening. These people who are coming out the closet wasn’t part of society before and now that they have same sex marriage it’s coming out like the news. People need to think before they act because they are still human.

    • woman

      unfortunately men accept women being lesbian but not men being gay because men are brainwashed since birth by the heterosexist matrix of patriarchy that puts them at the top of the sexual hierarchy of conquest. they procure status among their other alpha male friends by showing off the women they sleep with. the gay male is not impressed by such a display, and that is a threat to the straight alpha male’s status. he might not know why, but it is. he resolves this threat to his alpha primate status by resorting to insults, taunts, and violence. it is the sad truth of the condition of existence on earth.

      it is also sad that both men and women both who are of the cisgender status commit themselves to understanding transsexualism as “gay”. that belief in and of itself is a result of the status hierarchy imposed on everyone at birth. the fact is, it is much more complicated than that. transsexual women are alienated not only by straight people, but also by gay people, because cisgender is not the same thing as transgender. if being trans was the same as being gay, what happens when someone changes genders, and is attracted to the gender they identify with? does THAT not make them gay also? these are rhetorical questions. the idea that biological sex not matching up with the gender you identify with determines your sexual orientation is just as oppressive as resorting to insults and violence, because it actually is insulting, invalidating of our existence in society, and its an idea that incites violence. everyone has to use the bathroom. i as a transsexual woman would NEVER step foot in a men’s restroom. calling me a gay man is not only ignorant and offensive and tells me that you are committed to not understanding more, it is also something that makes my life more dangerous.

  • karo

    It’s horrendous that no one reacted!!! Men who are afraid of their sexuality always hate gay or trans people. Attack is an attack no matter what !

  • yusef

    If gays want rights than fight for them. I think the tranny got beat up and was just holding. War is coming from within. Time for black people to find what side of this war we belong. Obama like gays but that don’t mean negros all do. Take that gay stuff to Israel and see. Gay belong to them as they are making it seen OK on tv

  • Albert Conner

    This sick ass two man need to have ass kick.

  • Farrahw78

    It was actually a hermapheodite she had a vagina and penis listen carefully and look carefully when she falls her breast R real and her body is more female Hormonal my she’s more female

    • woman

      hermaphradite is a politically incorrect word. the correct term is intersex, and no, she was transsexual, possibly post-orchiectomy, not intersex, although there is evidence to support the idea that 30% of all humans, including the people who’s gender identifys with the sex the doctor obsessively pronounced at birth actually have atypical chromosomes that are not fully male or female, and there is also evidence to suggest that transsexual women’s brains more closely resemble a biological female woman’s brain than a biological male man’s brain.

  • Darren

    Everyone stands around watching and filming. Animals nothing more.

  • allHAILme

    Them trannys wipped the niggaz ass. And no gay and straight men are not equal in strength…the presence of estrogen and the lack of testosterone gives them a disadvantage…but they held there self down

    • woman

      “trannys” are not “gay men” unless you are committed to enforcing the self-flattering ignorance of the heterosexist matrix of patriarchy, and judging by your self-flattering name, i think its safe to assume that you call them gay men because you actually believe that any woman who talks to you is thinking about sex. you numb skulled fool.

  • woman

    to the people talking about god and referring to trans women as “gay men” – stop imposing god on everyone. if you believe in god, let god do the judging and don’t expect people that use their brains to believe in your hateful superstition. we live in america. in america, we are allowed to do whatever we want, and it is not a christian nation, because anyone can be any religion they want. if you don’t like it, leave america. personally, i don’t care if u think i am a man or that i must like men for being a woman. this is america, so i can dress as i please, i can take whatever medicine i please if a doctor prescribes it, i don’t have to adopt a bashful personality to protect myself from people finding out that i am trans. i am allowed to shoot someone in the head if they physically threaten me. it does not matter that you believe in religion or that you think you know me better than i know myself without actually meeting me because this is america – the land of the free. i will continue to live my life as a woman, take estrogen, and dress however i want. some of you bigots would probably even call me “she”. whatever my genitalia is, is not your business. thats why your parents taught you that your junk is “your private parts”. its because you are not entitled to see other people’s junk without their permission and if you just ask someone that kind of stuff blatantly off the internet where you are actually called out on your spineless hypocrisy, then you probably have no friends. we exist. your religion is bullshit according to the majority. we are not going to just die or stop living our lives in a way that we see fit. if you try to stop us with violence, we will shoot because this is a free country that does not require anyone to be religious. if someone does not want to be religious, it is against civil and human rights to impose that tripe on others, and it is child abuse to raise a kid in an indoctrinating atmosphere.

    • sugaschild

      Yea God said be gay lol bla bla bla bla

      • woman

        it does not matter what you personally believe this “god” said. anything u think god said was really something territorial men from thousands of years ago said. the same men who view wives as property. if they view wives as property, then of corse they are going to be egotistical enough to think that their askew sense of morality must be divinely inspired. the confusing part is how idiots to this day still believe that shit.

    • sugaschild

      Aww poor you got ur feelings hurt your still talking to me.. regaurdless to anything you say however you want to put it YOU DONT HAVE A PUSSY AND YOU NEVER WILL YOU FUCKING FAGGOT!! ARE YOU SERIOUS.. STOP TALKING TO ME YOUR DISMISSED… ABOMINATION.. AND IM ONLY TALKING ABOUT YOU “woman”

      • woman

        LOL you responded to this a week later and YOU are talking to ME about “still responding”! what a joke. this is not an argument about what i do or don’t have between my legs, nobody is debating basic biological differences, but if you are going to use words like “faggot” then its clear that you are an ignorant hater who has no brain and its irrational to argue with you. last time i checked, this comment section is not your pee-spot, so you don’t get to tell me if and when i am dismissed. people like you are the reason there is so much suffering in the world. i can only imagine what kind of basic, vacuous, numb-skulled music you must think is good.

        • sugaschild

          What??? Ur stupid as fuck.. get yo life together WOMAN and yes that is my point you dont have a pussy and ur trying to portray that u do.. social media is not my life.. thats why im just responding i have more important things to do with my time.. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT MUSIC FOR THAT HAS SHIT TO DO WITH SHIT… YOUR EFFORTS TO MAKE ME FEEL SOME TYPE OF WAY IS SAD… MY LAST TIME TELLING YOU YOU ARE NOT A WOMAN AND IF YOU TRULY STILL HAVE A PROBLEM WITH ME U CAN MEET ME AT 5 POINTS AND TALK THAT SHIT FAGGOT MAGGOT!!!

          • woman

            whatever you think i am, you are clearly more disillusioned by testosterone in your blood than i am. this is not a christian nation, so if you want to impose your delusional christian beliefs on others with violence and political activism, then you aren’t any better than a terrorist.

  • john

    WORd! them trannys work those shit lock fucks

  • Cobra

    This weak ass nigga thrown a soft ass punch that big mf trapped his little ass in a corner. Then this nigga in the Bob Marley t shirt getting getting slung all over the train and the thing he does I’d start pulling hair. Damn shame nigga can’t box but talk a lot of shit.

  • woman

    if that was me being attacked, i would have busted out my spring loaded baton and beat those animals until the bystanders began screaming at me to stop bashing their brains in.

  • Ray DavisOf Oakford

    They tried ..lls thought it was a easy win… STOP IT!

  • Felicia

    They got in their asses If I was there I would’ve got in those straight men ass.

  • To Be Honest

    LOLOL…dude didn’t want to fight nomore after the clothes came off

    • woman

      the dude stripped her while he was beating her. he should be in prison with a bloody asshole right now.

  • Franklin

    This is a man’s world.

    • woman

      thats why we need to look at primate politics from a zoologist perspective and start castrating men who behave in a feral kind of way.

  • dirtydimond

    Hell naw brah! You got your ass whooped by a sissy. Lmao :-D :-D :-D

  • LisaMarie

    They got beat down lmao. That’s what Tom guys get lol.

  • Vernon Alarcon Jr.

    seal da doors an light dat beeyotch up – fire it up! It jussa trsh truck anyway an it full of niqqer trash so it serve it purpose. Dis species aint human an only thrive in captivity. But nobody want won cuz dey stink, is nasty, an make constant noise tryin to imitate human sounds!